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TitleDC Motor Controller
DescriptionPWM Type 3-PHASE DC Brushless Motor Contorol ic
CompanyNJR Corporation
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Features, Applications

sGENERAL DESCRIPTION The a 3 phase DC brush-less motor driver IC with PWM control. It incorporates hall amplifiers, PWM control circuits, totem-pole pre drivers for external power MOS transistors. current limit and frequency generator circuit. The NJM2625 easily implements speed control and rotation direction control for DC motor application. sPACKAGE OUTLINE

sFEATURESOperating VoltagePre-Driver CircuitCurrent Limit Sense VoltageInternal OscillatorForward or Reverse DirectionFG Signal OutputInternal Soft StartInternal ON/OFF CircuitBipolar TechnologyPackage Outline

18V Iout=+50mA/-150mA MAX. Current limit=0.5V±10% Frequency control for external capacitor Output frequency to hall frequency External capacitor to Verr pin. No-output is Verr pin to GND. DIP20, DMP20

sABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS (Ta=25°C) PARAMETER SYMBOL Maximum Supply Voltage V+ Power Dissipation PD Operating Temperature Range Storage Temperature Range Topr Tstg

sELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS Cref=1µF, Ta=25°C) Total Device PARAMETER SYMBOL TEST CONDITIONS MIN. Supply Voltage Under Voltage Sense Voltage (Under Voltage Lock Out) Hysteresis Voltage (Under Voltage Lock Out) Supply Current V

Hall Sensor Section PARAMETER Hysteresis Voltage Input Common mode Voltage range Input Bias Current Output Section PARAMETER Output Voltage 1 Output Voltage 2 Over Current Sense Section PARAMETER Sense Voltage Input Voltage Range Input Bias Current Oscillator Section PARAMETER Oscillation Frequency Oscillate Fluctuations (Line Regulation) PWM0% Sense Voltage PWM100% Sense Voltage Saw Wave Peak Voltage Saw Wave Bottom Voltage


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