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The NJM2627 is a 3-phase DC brush less motor control
pre-driver IC.
Output pre-driver is optimized to work with external power
MOS FET for better power handling.
The NJM2627 can easily implement speed control by
input of PWM signal to ON/ OFF terminal.
CompanyNJR Corporation
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Features, Applications

I PACKAGE OUTLINE I GENERAL DESCRIPTION The 3-phase DC brush less motor control pre-driver IC. Output pre-driver is optimized to work with external power MOS FET for better power handling. The NJM2627 can easily implement speed control by input of PWM signal to ON/ OFF terminal. NJM2627D

NJM2627V I FEATURES Operating Voltage to 14V Pre-driver circuit Lower arm : Totem-pole Upper arm : Open-collector Forward or Reverse direction Internal ON/OFF Circuit (No-output is Verr pin to GND) Bipolar Technology Package Outline DIP16,DMP16,SSOP16 I PIN CONNECTION

I BABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS PARAMETER SYNBOL Maximum Supply Voltage Hall Input Differential Voltage Hall Input Voltage ON/OFF Terminal Input Voltage F/R Terminal Input Voltage Maximum Output Current Power Dissipation Operating Temperature Range Storage Temperature range VCC VIHD VIH VON/OFF VFR Iout PD Topr Tstg

RATINGS 50 700 (DIP device itself) 350 (DMP device itself) 300 (SSOP16 device itself)
Under Arm Source Current Upper Arm Sink Current Under Arm Sink Current

I ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS Total Device PARAMETER Operation Supply Voltage Supply Current Hall Amplifier Section PARAMETER Input Offset Voltage Input Common Mode Voltage Range Input Bias Voltage Output Section PARAMETER Under Arm Output Voltage 1 Under Arm Output Voltage 2 Under Arm Output Voltage 3 Upper Arm Output Voltage Output Leak Current ON/OFF Section PARAMETER Output ON Voltage Output OFF Voltage Output Voltage Undefined Area Source Current 1 Pull-Up Resistance SYMBOL VON VOFF Vo-undef ION1 Rpu-of TEST CONDITION ON/OFF terminal=GND MIN. 1/2Vcc+0.5 1/2Vcc-0.5 TYP. 250 50 SYMBOL VOL-D2 VOL-D3 VOL-U Io-LEAK TEST CONDITION Isink=50mA Isink=10mA MIN. 10 TYP. SYMBOL VID VICM IB TEST CONDITION MIN.

(VCC=12V, Ta=25C) TEST CONDITION RL= MIN. 4.5 TYP. 8.0 MAX. 14.0 10.0 UNIT V mA


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