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CategoryPower Management => Motor Controller/Drivers
Description2-Phase DC Brushless Motor Pre-driver ic
CompanyNJR Corporation
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Features, Applications

s GENERAL DESCRIPTION s PACKAGE OUTLINE The 2-phase DC brushless motor pre-driver IC. It incorporates Lock Detect and Auto Protection Circuit. The turn ON / turn OFF ratio at Auto Protection Release was set in 1:10 easy-to-use. Moreover, the pin is compatible with 48V pre-driver NJM2641E s FEATURES Operating Voltage to 14V Absolute Maximum Voltage 15V Internal Lock Detect / Auto Protection Release Circuit Lock Alarm Output Terminal Package Outline TVSP8 s BLOCK DIAGLAM s PIN FUNCTION

s ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS PARAMETER Supply Voltage Hall Input Voltage Range Output Current (Peak) Lock Alarm Output Voltage Hall Input Differential Voltage Lock Alarm Output Current Operating Temperature Range Operating Junction Temperature Range Storage Temperature Range Power Dissipation (Ta=25C) UNIT NOTE C mW Device itself


s RECOMMENDED OPERATING CONDITIONS PARAMETER SYMBOL Supply Voltage Hall Input Voltage Common Mode Voltage Junction Temperature Vcc VICM Tj

s ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS PARAMETER SYMBOL Operating Current Hall Input Hysterisis Range Hall Amplifier Input Bias Current Output Voltage Output Leak Current Lock Alarm Output Voltage Lock Alarm Leak Current Ct Charge Current Ct Discharge Current Charge / Discharge Current Ratio Ct H-level Cense Voltage Ct L-level Cense Voltage Auto Protection Release ON Time Auto Protection Release ON Time ICC VHYS IB VOUT ILEAK VLA ILA-LEAK ICHG IDCHG ICHG / IDCHG VCtH VCtL TON TOFF

The specifications on this data book are only given for information, without any guarantee as regards either mistakes or omissions. The application circuit in this data book are described only to show representative usages of the product and not intended for the guarantee or permission of any right including the industrial rights.


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