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Description<=40 Mhz, Fund
CompanyNippon_Precision_Circuits America
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Features, Applications

The SM5009 series are crystal oscillator module ICs, that incorporate circuits to limit oscillator-stage current, controlling total current consumption. High-frequency capacitors are built-in, eliminating the need for external components to make a stable fundamental-harmonic oscillator.


Capacitors CG, CD built-in Standby function 6A typ (VDD 5 V) low standby current (SM5009ALS) Power-save pull-up resistor built-in (SM5009ALS) Inverter amplifier feedback resistor built-in 16 mA (VDD 4.5 V) drive capability (SM5009AKS, ALS, ANS, CNS)

4 mA (VDD 4.5 V) drive capability (SM5009AHS) Output three-state function 5.5 V supply voltage 5.5 V supply voltage (SM5009AHS, ALS, ANS, CNS) Oscillator frequency output (fO, fO/16, fO/32 determined by internal connection) 8-pin SOP (SM5009S) Chip form (CF5009)

1. Chip form devices have designation CF5009 2. S: to 5.5V S: , AL S: +80 C S: , AL S: +80 C Note: Recommended operating frequency is not the guaranteed value but is measured using NPC's standard crystal.

D e vice S M S F P ackag e 8-pin SOP Chip form NIPPON PRECISION CIRCUITS--1
Chip size: 1.22 mm Chip thickness: 30 m Chip base: V D level

Number Name INH XT VSS Q NC VDD I/O Description Output state control input. High impedance when LOW. In the case of the S , the oscillator stops and Pow er-saving pull-up resistor built in. Amplifier input. Amplifier output. Ground Output. Output frequency O /32) determined by internal connection No connection No connection Supply voltage Cr ystal oscillator connection pins. Cr ystal oscillator connected between XT and P ad dimensions [m] X Y


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