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CategoryTiming Circuits => PLL (Phase locked loop)
Description16 Channel Parallel Input PLL
CompanyNippon_Precision_Circuits America
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SM5133D 16 Channel Parallel Input PLL
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SM5301AS Video Buffer W / Wideband Filters
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CF5009AH1 : DVD RAM Head Amp ic

CF5016SERIES : 4-50 Mhz, Fund

CF5073D : 10 to 55+ MHZ

CF5732 :

SM1350M : Melody Super-high Quality PCM Melody IC, Maximum of 16 Tune Selection (with up to 1024 Steps), 4 Simultaneous Sounds For 4 Tones, Effect Functions

SM5813A :

SM6610B : High Accuracy Temperature Sensor

CF5035ALC-1 : 1.8v, High-frequency Crystal Oscillator Module ICs

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8516EY : . 16 Differential LVDS outputs CLK, nCLK pair can accept the following differential input levels: LVPECL, LVDS, LVHSTL, HCSL, SSTL Maximum output frequency: 700MHz Translates any differential input signal (LVPECL, LVHSTL, SSTL, DCM) to LVDS levels without external bias networks Translates any single-ended input signal to LVDS with resistor bias on nCLK.

ACF21UACF45USeries : Crystal Oscillators. 11.05 X 4.65 X 13.5 MM 10.7MHz. STOPBAND kHz d B kHz RIPPLE LOSS TERMINATING PACKAGE d B IMPEDANCE* CONF. Mobile communication systems. Cellular and cordless phones. PASSBAND POLE d B kHz dB RIPPLE LOSS TERMINATING PACKAGE d B IMPEDANCE* CONF. Package Configuration: or M See page 78 for Package Configurations and Dimensions. NOTE: All s and markings subject to change without notice.

CDCF5801DBQ : PLL-Based Synthesizers. ti CDCF5801, Low Jitter PLL Based Multiplier/divider With Programmable Delay Lines Down to Sub 10ps.

CDCV857DGG : PLL-Based Clock Buffers (Zero-Delay). ti CDCV857, 1:10 DDR Phase-lock Loop Clock Driver.

CX-49L : Crystal Oscillators. Frequency: 3.227 MHZ. ¡Crystal Unit for Automotive Equipment ¡Metal package, gull-wing type. ¡A resistance weld completely sealed type. ¡Reflow is possible. Type Frequency Range Overtone Order Frequency Tolerance (at 25:) Frequency Tolerance (Over The Oper. Temp. Range) Operating Temp. Range Storage Temp. Range Motional Resistance Drive Level Load Capacitance Taping item.

CY2037 : High Accuracy EPROM Programmable PLL Die For Crystal Oscillators. High - Accuracy EPROM Programmable PLL Die for Crystal Oscillators EPROM-programmable die for in-package programming of crystal oscillators Benefits Enables quick turnaround of custom oscillators Lowers inventory costs through stocking of blank parts High resolution PLL with 12 bit multiplier and 10 bit di- Enables synthesis of highly accurate and stable.

DS1075K : Timekeeping, Timers, and Counters. DS1075K Oscillator Programming/evaluation Kit.

ICS502 : Clock Circuits. Loco (tm) PLL Clock Multiplier. The ICS502 LOCOTM is the most cost effective way to generate a high quality, high frequency clock output and a reference from a low frequency crystal or clock input. The name LOCO stands for LOw Cost Oscillator, it is designed to replace crystal oscillators in most electronic systems. Using Phase-Locked-Loop (PLL) techniques, the device uses a standard.

IDTCSP5940 : General Purpose/. Pci Controller PLL Clock Driver. 3.3V CMOS OCTAL TRANSPARENT D-TYPE LATCH WITH 3-STATE OUTPUTS, 5 VOLT TOLERANT I/O AND BUS-HOLD MICRON CMOS Technology ESD > 2000V per MIL-STD-883, Method > 200V using machine model 0) 1.27mm pitch SOIC, 0.65mm pitch SSOP, 0.635mm pitch QSOP, 0.65mm pitch TSSOP packages Extended commercial range to +85°C VCC 3.3V ±0.3V, Normal Range VCC to 3.6V,.

MK2727S : Low Cost 27MHz Vcxo. The MK2727 is MicroClock's lowest cost, low jitter, high performance VCXO and PLL clock synthesizer designed to replace expensive 27MHz VCXOs. The on-chip Voltage Controlled Crystal Oscillator accepts to 3V input voltage to cause the output clocks to vary by ±100 ppm. Using MicroClock's patented VCXO and analog PhaseLocked Loop (PLL) techniques, the device.

MK3732-09 : Vcxoand PLL. The MK3732-09 series of devices includes the original MK3732-09S and the new MK3732-09D. The is a drop-in replacement for the MK3732-09S device. Compared to the earlier device, the MK3732-09D offers improved power supply noise rejection, expanded pull range, and lower gain. The is a low cost, low jitter, high performance VCXO and PLL clock synthesizer.

MQF21.4-1500/42 : Monolithic Crystal Filter (MCF). Pole No. = 4 ;; Loss /dB = 2.0 ;; Passband /dB = 3.0 ;; Passband /±kHz = 7.50 ;; Ripple /dB = 1.0 ;; Ripple /±kHz = 6.0 ;; Stopband /dB = 40 ;; Stopband /±kHz = 25.00 ;; Stopband /dB = 60 ;; Stopband /±kHz = 50.00 ;; Impedance R/ohm = 1800 ;; Impedance C/pf = 1.00 ;; Remarks =   ;; Case.

NJU6306Series : Analog Clock ic.

OP4009B : Frequency = 672.163 ;; = Optical Timing Clock. Quartz SAW Stabilized and Filtered "Diff Sine" Technology Fundamental-Mode Oscillation at 672.163 MHz Voltage Tunable for Phase Lock Loop Operations Optical Timing Reference for Forward Error Correction Applications The output of this device is generated and filtered by narrowband quartz SAW elements at 672.163 MHz. The configuration of this clock is intended.

S497-10 : Precise 10 Tap Leading Edge Control, TTL Active. 10 TAP LEADING EDGE CONTROL PRECISE DELAY MODULES SMD S497-0200-10 S497-0250-10 Thru-Hole A497-0200-10 A497-0250-10 Total Delay ns Delay Rise per Tap Time 3 ns Ein Trin PW PP Iccl Vcc Pulse Voltage Rise Time Pulse Width Pulse Period Supply Current Supply Voltage 3.2 Volts 1.2 x Total Delay 4 x Pulse Width 80 ma Typical 5.0 Volts Vcc Vih Vil Ioh Iol Voh Vol Vik Iih Iil Ios Icch.

TFS244 : SAW Devices (Surface Acoustic Wave). Application = Gsm,dcs,pcs ;; Center Frequency = 244.0 MHZ ;; 3 DB = 160 KHZ ;; Pass Band Ripple =   ;; Insertion Loss = 8.0dB ;; Group Delay Ripple = 1.2µs ;; Package = 9 MM X 7 MM LCC.

TFS244A : SAW Devices (Surface Acoustic Wave). Application = Gsm,dcs,pcs ;; Center Frequency = 244.0 MHZ ;; 3 DB = 180 KHZ ;; Pass Band Ripple =   ;; Insertion Loss = 5.0dB ;; Group Delay Ripple = 1.2µs ;; Package = 9 MM X 7 MM LCC.

EM3027 : Real-Time Clock With I2C Or SPI Interface, Crystal Temperature Compensation, Battery Switchover And Trickle Charger he EM3027 is an Ultra Low Power CMOS real-time clock IC with possibility one of the serial interfaces: I2C or SPI . The choice of the interface is fixed according to the chip version. A clock is obtained from 32768 Hz crystal oscillator.

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