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Features, Applications

The is a digital signal processor IC that performs DDBB (digital dynamic bass boost) processing for use in digital audio reproduction equipment. It is designed for use with a 44.1 kHz sampling frequency.


2-channel processing Improved DDBB mode channel separation 6 input-level dependent dynamic gain characteristics Serial input/output interface 2s complement, MSB first, 16-bit 384fs system clock 23-bit multiplier/30-bit high-precision accumulator TTL-compatible input/output 5.5 V operating voltage range 16-pin SOP Molybdenum-gate CMOS

Input data Interface DSP Block System Clock

Number Name LRCI BCKI DI CLK VSS RSTN TESTN MUTEN DOUT BCKO LRCO VDD OPT Ip Input data sample rate (fs) clock input Bit clock input Serial data input Clock input Ground System reset initialization. Reset when LOW. Test mode input. Testing when LOW. Mute input. Muting when LOW. Serial data output Bit clock output Output data sample rate (fs) clock output 5.5 V supply Not used. Tie HIGH for normal operation. Gain characteristics switch inputs. Ip MOD1 LOW MOD2 Ip LOW HIGH 16 DB/DS Ip HIGH MOD2 LOW HIGH LOW HIGH DB/DS LOW HIGH LOW HIGH LOW HIGH LOW HIGH Gain mode 6 dB Off Description

Ip = Input pin with pull-up resistor. Accordingly, they can be left open for HIGH-level input.


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