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The an 8-times oversampling (interpolation) digital filter for digital audio reproduction equipment. It accepts or 18-bit input data, and outputs data or 20-bit format, making a wide range of interfaces possible. It also features digital deemphasis for 3 sampling frequencies, a noise shaper to reduce quantization noise, a DC offset output and other circuits.


2-channel processing 8-times (8fs) oversampling (interpolation) Digital deemphasis (fs = 48/44.1/32 kHz) Serial input data 2s complement, MSB first, 16/18-bit Serial output data 2s complement, MSB first, 16/18/20-bit 1st-order noise shaper (for 16/18-bit output only) 256fs/384fs system clock selectable Output data DC offset (approximately 0.8%) ON/OFF control TTL-compatible input/outputs 5 V (standard) supply 3.2 V operating voltage Molybdenum-gate CMOS

3-stage DC FIR interpolation filter 1st stage (fs 69-tap 2nd stage 13-tap 3rd stage 8fs), 9-tap IIR deemphasis filter for gain and phase characteristics close to those of analog filters Overflow limiter built-in

Digital amplifiers CD players DAT players DBS systems PCM systems

Timing Controller Deemphasis Controler Input/output word length selector

SOP DIP Name I/O1 Input/output data select pins Ip WSL1 HIGH WSL2 Ip LOW CKI CKSL CKO VSS NC Ip System clock input System clock select input. 384fs when HIGH, and 256fs when LOW. System clock output. The CKI is first buffered before output on CKO. Ground No connection No connection Deemphasis select inputs Ip DSF1 LOW DSF2 Ip HIGH RST BCKO O DSF2 LOW HIGH LOW HIGH Deemphasis On Off On Sampling frequency 44.1 kHz 48.0 kHz 32.0 kHz WSL2 HIGH LOW HIGH LOW Noise shaper Off On Input bit length 18 bits 18 bits 16 bits 16 bits Output bit length 20 bits 18 bits 18 bits 16 bits Description

System reset. Reset and initialization when RST is LOW. Output bit clock


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