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TitleSample Rate Converters and System chips
DescriptionDigital Sample Rate Converter, 32/44.1/48 Khz, Optional Switching, Asynchronous, VDD=4.75V-5.5V
CompanyNippon_Precision_Circuits America
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Features, Applications


The is a digital audio signal, asynchronous sample rate converter LSI. It reads or 20-bit word length input data, and writes or 20-bit word length output data. It also features a built-in digital deemphasis filter and digital attenuator. The SM5844AF operates from 5 V supply, and is available in 44-pin QFPs.

Digital audio equipment, sample rate conversion (audiovisual amplifiers, CD-R, DAT, MD and 8 mm VTRs) Commercial recording/editing equipment, sample rate conversion Input data jitter elimination


Left/right-channel processing (stereo) Input sample rate (fsi) ranges to 48 kHz (256fsi mode) to 55 kHz (384fsi mode) Output sample rate (fso) range to 100 kHz Sample rate conversion ratio (fso/fsi) to 2.0 times Asynchronous input and output timing (clock inputs) System clock inputs (input and output clocks independent) or 384fsi input system clock or 384fso output system clock Deemphasis filter IIR-type filter or 32 kHz Digital attenuator 11-bit data for 1025 levels Smooth, incremental attenuation change +12 dB gain shift function Direct mute function Through mode operation Input to output direct Output data clocks (LRCO, BCKO) External input (slave mode) Output system clock generated internally (master mode) CMOS-level input/outputs 5 V (standard) single supply 44-pin QFP Molybdenum-gate CMOS process

20-bit internal data word length Deemphasis filter characteristics (IIR filter) 0.03 dB gain deviation from ideal filter characteristics Converter noise levels -110 dB internally-generated noise dB (16-bit output), dB (18-bit output) and dB (20-bit output) word rounding noise Anti-aliasing LPF characteristics (4 FIR filters) with automatic output/input sample rate conversion ratio selection Up converter LPF to 2.0 times) Down converter LPF to 44.1 kHz or 0.92 times) Down converter LPF to 32.0 kHz or 0.73 times) Down converter LPF to 32.0 kHz or 0.67 times) Output S/N ratio (theoretical values)

S/N ratio Output signal word length 16 bits 18 bits 20 bits 16-bit input word length dB 20-bit input word length 97 dB

Input data format 2s-complement, L/R alternating, serial Normal format (non IIS)

Mode bits Front Rear LSB first W ord length 16 bits Rear B fi rst Front/rear p a cking Data sequence

Output data format 2s-complement, MSB first, L/R alternating, serial Continuous bit clock

Mode W ord length 16 bits 18 bits 20 bits 20 bits 16 bits Front 18 bits 20 bits IIS 7 Nor mal (non IIS) Rear IIS selection Front/rear p a cking

TST1N TST2N Output operation timing controller Output operation
THRUN DMUTE Mute generator Direct mute


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