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CategoryCommunication => Telephony => Caller ID
DescriptionCaller id Service ic With Call Waiting
CompanyNippon_Precision_Circuits America
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Features, Applications

The is a calling number identification (caller ID) and call waiting signal (dual tone signal) receiver decoder IC that conforms with the TRNWT-000030 and SR-TSV-002476 (Bellcore) dialer


Conforms to TR-NWT-000030 and SR-TSV002476 (Bellcore) standards Call waiting FSK demodulator Ring signal detect circuit built-in High input sensitivity Input gain adjust circuit built-in Power-down mode


Telephones that display dialer number before and during conversation Adapters to display dialer number before and during conversation

telephone number display standards. It is implemented in CMOS and incorporates a power-down function for low power operation.

Crystal oscillator circuit built-in Single supply operation Microcontroller I/O interface Molybdenum-gate CMOS process 24-pin SOP and 24-pin DIP packages to 3.3V operation to 5.5V operation

Answering machines Facsimile machines Computer peripheral devices

Amplifier Filter Carrier Detector Filter (2130Hz) Filter Bias Generator Filter (2750Hz) Oscillator OSCIN OSCOUT RDIN RDRC RDET

Level Detector Guard Time Control Data Detector (2750Hz)

Number Name TIP RING GS AGND CAP RDIN RDRC RDET MODE OSCIN OSCOUT GND IC PDWN I/O Description Tip input: Connected to the telephone through a protection circuit. Ring input: Connected to the telephone through a protection circuit. Input stage amplifier output: Used to select the input amplifier gain Analog ground: Internal reference voltage (VDD /2) output. Reference voltage capacitor connection. 0.1 F

Ring detect input: Line reversal and ring signal detect input. Connect to detect attenuated ring signals. Schmitt-trigger input.

Ring detect RC connection: RC network connection to set the ring detect delay time. Open-drain output and schmitt-trigger input. Ring detect output: RDRC schmitt-trigger buffer output. LOW when a ring signal is detected. FSK interface mode select: Demodulated FSK signal output method select. LOW [Mode = 0]: Demodulated data output and data sync clock output. HIGH [Mode = 1]: Data output in sync with an external clock.

Crystal oscillator element input: Oscillator element connection between OSCIN and OSCOUT.

Crystal oscillator element output: Oscillator element connection between OSCIN and OSCOUT. Ground: Connect to system ground.

Power-down control: LOW for normal operation. HIGH for device power-down state. When device is powered-down, AGND, OSCOUT, DCLK, DOUT, INT, CDET are all HIGH. DR also goes HIGH in mode 0 output. Schmitt-trigger input. FSK signal output control: Demodulated FSK signal output and carrier detect output control. Mode 0: DCLK, DOUT, DR, CDET control Mode 1: DCLK, DOUT, CDET control FSK signal reception enabled when HIGH. Signal pins (above) go HIGH when FSKEN is LOW. FSK interface clock: Demodulated FSK signal output clock. Mode 0: Clock output in sync with data Mode 1: Data read clock input Data output: Demodulated FSK signal output. HIGH-level output when PDWN is HIGH or FSKEN is LOW, or when CDET is HIGH in receive state.

Data output trigger: Demodulated FSK data timing output. Active-LOW. Becomes active when 8 bits of data are completed. Carrier (FSK signal) detect output: Goes LOW when a valid carrier signal is detected. Interrupt signal output: Goes LOW when either RDET is LOW, DR is LOW or STD is HIGH.

Dual tone indicator output: Goes HIGH if the dual tone detect signal is recognized after the external RC circuit time delay has elapsed.

Dual tone detect output: Goes HIGH when the dual tone is detected. Dual tone RC time constant circuit connection: External RC network connection for dual tone signal detection processing. Sets STD output.


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