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DescriptionNTE3047, Optoisolator Triac Driver Output
CompanyNTE Electronics, Inc.
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Features, Applications

Description: The NTE3047 optoisolator consists of a gallium arsenide infrared emitting diode, optically coupled to a silicon bilateral switch and is designed for applications requiring isolated TRIAC triggering, low current isolated AC switching, high electrical isolation (to 7500V peak), high detector standoff voltage, small size, and low cost. Applications: D Solenoid/Valve Controls D Lamp Ballasts D Motor Controls D Static AC Power Switch

D Solid State Relays D Incandescent lamp Dimmers D Interfacing Microprocessors to 115VAC Preipherals

Absolute Maximum Ratings: (TA = +25C unless otherwise specified) Infrared Emitting Diode Reverse Voltage, VR. 3V Continuous Forward Current, IF. 60mA Total Power Dissipation (TA = +25C, Negligible Power in Transistor), PD. 100mW Derate Above 25C. 1.33mW/C Output Driver OffState Output Terminal Voltage, VDRM. 250V Peak Repetitive Surge Current (PW 1ms, 120pps), ITSM. 1A Total Power Dissipation (TA = +25C), PD. 300mW Derate Above 25C. 4mW/C Total Device Isolation Surge Voltage (Peak AC Voltage, 60Hz, 5sec Duration, Note 1), VISO. 7500VAC Total Power Dissipation (TA = +25C), PD. 330mW Derate Above 25C. 4.4mW/C Junction Temperature Range, TJ. to +100C Operating Ambient Temperature Range, TA. to +85C Storage Temperature Range, Tstg. to +150C Lead Temperature (During Soldering, 10s), TL. +260C Note 1. Isolation surge voltage, VISO, is an internal device dielectric breakdown rating. For this test, Pin1 and Pin2 are common, and Pin4, Pin5, and Pin6 are common.

Parameter Input LED Reverse Leakage Current Forward Voltage Peak Blocking Current, Either Direction Peak OnState Voltage, Either Direction Critical Rate of Rise of OffState Voltage Coupled LED Trigger Current, Current Required to Latch Output Holding Current, Either Direction IFT IH Main Terminal Voltage = 3V, Note IR VF IDRM VTM dv/dt = 10mA Rated VDRM, Note 2 ITM = 100mA Peak Note nA V V/s Symbol Test Conditions Min Typ Max Unit

Note 2. Test voltage must be applied within dv/dt rating. Note 3. This is static dv/dt. Commutating dv/dt is a function of the loaddriving thyristor(s) only. Note 4. This device is guaranteed to trigger an IF value les than or equal to max. IFT. Therefore, recommended operating IF lies between max. IFT (15mA) and absolute max. IF (60mA).

6 Main Terminal TRIAC Driver 5 Substrate Do Not Connect 4 Main Terminal


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