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DescriptionNTE3102, Photon Coupled Interrupter Module NPN Transistor
CompanyNTE Electronics, Inc.
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Features, Applications

Description: The NTE3102 Interrupter Module is a gallium arsenide infrared emitting diode coupled to a silicon phototransistor in a plastic housing. The packaging system is designed to optimize the mechanical resolution, coupling efficiency, ambient light rejection, cost, and reliability. The gap in the housing provides a means of interrupting the signal with an opaque material, switching the output from an "ON" into an "OFF" state. Absolute Maximum Ratings: (TA = +25°C unless otherwise specified) Total Device Operating Temperature Range, TJ. to +100°C Storage Temperature Range, Tstg. to +100°C Lead Temperature (During Soldering, 5sec Max), TL. +260°C Infrared Emitting Diode Forward Current, IF Continuous. 60mA Peak (Pulse Width 1µs, PRR 300pps). 3A Reverse Voltage, VR. 6V Power Dissipation, PE. 100mW Derate Above 25°C. 1.33mW/°C Phototransistor Power Dissipation, PD. 150mW Derate Above 25°C. 2.0mW/°C Continuous Collector Current, IC. 100mA Collector­Emitter Voltage, VCEO. 55V Emitter­Collector Voltage, VECO. 6V Electrical Characteristics: (TA = +25°C, Note 1 unless otherwise specified)

Parameter Emitter Reverse Breakdown Voltage Forward Voltage Reverse Current Capacitance V(BR)R nA pF Symbol Test Conditions Min Typ Max Unit

Note 1. Stray irradiation can alter values of characteristics. Adequate shielding should be provided.

Electrical Characteristics (Cont'd): (TA = +25°C, Note 1 unless otherwise specified)

Parameter Detector Collector­Emitter Breakdown Voltage Emitter­Collector Breakdown Voltage Collector Dark Current Capacitance Coupled Photodiode Current ICE(on) VCE = 5mA VCE = 20mA VCE = 30mA Collector­Emitter Saturation Voltage Turn­On Time Turn­Off Time VCE(sat) ton toff = 30mA VCC V µs V(BR)CEO = 1mA V(BR)ECO = 100µA ICEO Cce VCE = 45V VCE nA pF Symbol Test Conditions Min Typ Max Unit


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