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CategoryDiscrete => Transistors => Bipolar => Power => Complementary
DescriptionSilicon Complementary Transistors Audio Amplifier, Driver
CompanyNTE Electronics, Inc.
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Features, Applications
NTE373 (NPN) & NTE374 (PNP) Silicon Complementary Transistors Audio Amplifier, Driver

Absolute Maximum Ratings: (TA = +25°C unless otherwise specified) Collector­Base Voltage, VCBO. 180V Collector­Emitter Voltage, VCEO. 160V Emitter­Base Voltage, VEBO. 5V Collector Current, IC Continuous. 1.5A Peak. 3A Collector Power Dissipation, +25°C. 20W Operating Junction Temperature, TJ. +150°C Storage Temperature Range, Tstg. to +150°C Electrical Characteristics: (TA = +25°C unless otherwise specified)

Parameter Collector­Base Breakdown Voltage Emitter­Base Breakdown Voltage Collector Cutoff Current DC Current Gain Collector­Emitter Saturation Voltage Base­Emitter Voltage Transistion Frequency Collector Output Capacitance Symbol Test Conditions Min Typ Max V MHz pF Unit V µA V(BR)CBO = 0 V(BR)EBO = 0 ICBO hFE1 hFE2 VCE(sat) VBE fT Cob VCB = 0 VCE = 150mA VCE = 50mA VCE = 150mA VCE = 500mA VCB = 1MHz


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NTE374 Silicon Complementary Transistors Audio Amplifier, Driver
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NTE38 Silicon Complementary Transistors High Voltage, Medium Power Switch
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NTE387 Silicon NPN Transistor. Power Amp, Switch
NTE388 Silicon Complementary(to NTE68) NPN Transistor. General Purpose High Power Audio, Disk Head Positioner For Linear Applications.
NTE388 Silicon Complementary Transistors General Purpose High Power Audio, Disk Head Positioner For Linear Applications
NTE3880 NTE3880, Integrated Circuit NMOS, 8 Bit Microprocessor (MPU), 4MHz
NTE3881 NTE3881, Integrated Circuit NMOS, Parallel I/o Interface (PIO), 4MHz
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