Details, datasheet, quote on part number: NAD2167
CategoryData Conversion => ADC (Analog to Digital Converters) => 10-14 bit
Description12-bit 20 MSPS Sampling Analog-to-digital Converter
CompanyNordic VLSI
Some Part number from the same manufacture Nordic VLSI
NAD8200 8-bit 200 MSPS Analog-to- Digital Converter
nDA1005-18 General Purpose Digital to Analog Converter
nDA10200-18 Digital to Analog Converter ip
nDA10200x2-18a Dual Digital to Analog Converter ip
nDA10400-13 Digital to Analog Converter ip
nDA10400x2-13a Dual Digital to Analog Converter ip
NDA2496 Stereo 24-bit, 96khz Sampling Digital-to-analog Converter For Audio
nRF0433 Single Chip 433MHz RF Transceiver
NRF0433 Single Chip 433mhz RF Transceiver
NRF0433-EVKIT Nrf0433 Evaluation Kit
nRF2401 Single Chip 2.4GHz Radio Transceiver
nRF2402 NRF2402 Single Chip 2.4GHz Radio Transmitter
nRF24E1 2.4Ghz RF Transceiver With Embedded 8051 Compatible Microcontroller And 9 Input, 10 Bit ADC
nRF24E2 Single Chip RF Transmitter + MCU + ADC NRF2402 2.4GHz RF Transmitter
nRF401 Single Chip RF Transceiver 433MHz
nRF402 Single Chip RF Transmitter 433MHz
nRF403 RF Transceiver 315/433MHz
nRF902 RF Transmitter 868MHz
nRF903 Multichannel RF Transceiver 433/868/915MHz
nRF904 RF Transmitter 902-928MHz
nRF9E5 Multiband Transceiver/MCU/ADC<<<>>>nRF9E5 is a True Single Chip System With Fully Integrated RF Transceiver, 8051 Compatible Microcontroller And a 4 Input 10bit 80ksps ad Converter. The Transceiver of The System
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