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CategoryAnalog & Mixed-Signal Processing => Amplifiers => Operational Amplifiers => General Purpose => Quad
DescriptionLow Input Offset, High Slew Rate, Wide Bandwidth, JFET Input op Amp
CompanyON Semiconductor
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Features, Applications

Low Input Offset, High Slew Rate, Wide Bandwidth, JFET Input Operational Amplifiers

The MC33282/284 series of high performance operational amplifiers are quality fabricated with innovative bipolar and JFET design concepts. This dual and quad amplifier series incorporates JFET inputs along with a patented ZIP R TRIMTM element for input offset voltage reduction. These devices exhibit low input offset voltage, low input bias current, high gain bandwidth and high slew rate. Dualdoublet frequency compensation is incorporated to produce high quality phase/gain performance. In addition, the MC33282/284 series exhibit low input noise characteristics for JFET input amplifiers. Its all NPN output stage exhibits no deadband crossover distortion and a large output voltage swing. They also provide a low open loop high frequency output impedance with symmetrical source and sink AC frequency performance. The MC33282/284 series are specified over to +85C and are available in plastic DIP and SOIC surface mount packages. Low Input Offset Voltage: Trimmed 200 V

Low Input Bias Current: 30 pA Low Input Offset Current: 6.0 pA High Input Resistance: 1012 Low Noise: @ 1.0 kHz High Gain Bandwidth Products: 35 MHz @ 100 kHz High Slew Rate: 15 V/s Power Bandwidth: 175 kHz Unity Gain Stable: w/Capacitance Loads 300 pF Large Output Voltage Swing: V/14.6 V Low Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.003% Power Supply Drain Current: 2.15 mA per Amplifier Dual Supply Operation: 18 V (Max)

Op Amp Function Dual Device MC33282P MC33284D Quad to +85C Operating Temperature Range Package SOP8 Plastic DIP SO14 Plastic DIP Inputs 1 Output 13 12 Inputs 4

Rating Supply Voltage (VCC to VEE) Input Differential Voltage Range Input Voltage Range Output Short Circuit Duration (Note 2) Maximum Junction Temperature Storage Temperature Maximum Power Dissipation Symbol VS VIDR VIR tSC TJ Tstg PD Value +36 (Note 1) (Note 1) Indefinite to +150 (Note 2) Unit V sec C mW

NOTES: 1. Either or both input voltages should not exceed VCC or VEE. 2. Power dissipation must be considered to ensure maximum junction temperature (TJ) is not exceeded (see Figure 2).

DC ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (VCC +15 V, VEE = 25C, unless otherwise noted.)

Characteristics Input Offset Voltage (RS 10 , VCM to +85C Average Temperature Coefficient of Input Offset Voltage 10 , VCM TA = Tlow to Thigh Input Bias Current (VCM to +85C Input Offset Current (VCM to +85C Common Mode Input Voltage Range (VIO = 5.0 mV, 0 V) Large Signal Voltage Gain (VO to +85C Output Voltage Swing (VID 10 k Common Mode Rejection (Vin 11 V) Power Supply Rejection VCC/VEE V/5.0 V Output Short Circuit Current (VID 1.0 V, output to ground) Source Sink Power Supply Current (VO 0 V, per amplifier) to +85C Symbol |VIO| Figure 3 |VIO|/T IIB IIO 100 1.0 VICR AVOL VO+ VO VO+ VO CMR PSR ISC nA V V/mV pA nA V/C Min Typ Max Unit mV

AC ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (VCC +15 V, VEE = 25C, unless otherwise noted.)

Characteristics Slew Rate (Vin = 100 pF, = +1.0) Gain Bandwidth Product = 100 kHz) AC Voltage Gain (RL = 20 kHz) Unity Gain Frequency (Open Loop) Gain Margin (RL = 0 pF) Phase Margin (RL = 0 pF) Channel Separation to 20 kHz) Power Bandwidth (VO = 20 Vpp, 2.0 k, THD 1.0%) Distortion (RL to 20 kHz, = 3.0 Vrms, = +1.0) Open Loop Output Impedance (VO = 9.0 MHz) Differential Input Resistance (VCM 0 V) Differential Input Capacitance (VCM 0 V) Equivalent Input Noise Voltage (RS = 1.0 kHz) Equivalent Input Noise Current = 1.0 kHz) Symbol SR GBW AVO m CS BWP THD |ZO| Rin Cin en in Figure Min 8.0 20 Typ Unit V/s MHz V/V MHz dB Degrees dB kHz % pF nV/ Hz pA/ Hz

Figure 1. Equivalent Circuit Schematic (Each Amplifier)


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