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CategoryPower Management => Regulators => Linear Voltage Regulators => LDO (Low Drop Out)
Description80mA, 2.8V Output Low Dropout Regulator With Enable And Ultra Low Voltage Noise, Package: SOT-23 / TSOP-5, Pins=5
CompanyON Semiconductor
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Features, Applications
MC33761 Ultra Low-Noise Low Dropout Voltage Regulator with 1.0 V ON/OFF Control

The is an Low DropOut (LDO) regulator featuring excellent noise performances. Thanks to its innovative design, the circuit reaches an impressive 40 mVRMS noise level without an external bypass capacitor. Housed in a small SOT-23 5 leads-like package, it represents the ideal designer's choice when space and noise are at premium. The absence of external bandgap capacitor accelerates the response time to a wake-up signal and keeps it within 40 ms (in repetitive mode), making the as a natural candidate for portable applications. The MC33761 also hosts a novel architecture which prevents excessive undershoots in the presence of fast transient bursts, as in any bursting systems. Finally, with a static line regulation better than -75 dB, it naturally shields the downstream electronics against choppy lines.

Vin GND ON/OFF 1 LxxYW 2 3 (Top View) xx = Version Y = Year W = Work Week 5 Vout

Ultra-Low Noise: 150 nV/Hz @ 100 Hz, 40 mVRMS Fast Response Time from OFF to ON: 40 ms Typical a 200 Hz

Repetition Rate Ready for 1.0 V Platforms: ON with 900 mV High Level Nominal Output Current 80 mA with 100 mA Peak Capability Typical Dropout @ 30 mA, 80 mA Ripple Rejection: @ 1.0 kHz 1.5% Output Precision @ 25C Thermal Shutdown Vout Available 5.0 V Operating Range from to +85C Dual Version is Available 100 Hz-100 kHz Typical, Iout = 60 mA, 1.0 mF

See detailed ordering and shipping information in the package dimensions section on page 13 of this data sheet.


Noise Sensitive Circuits: VCOs RF Stages, etc. Bursting Systems (TDMA Phones) All Battery Operated Devices

ON/ OFF 3 4 On/Off Band Gap Reference Vout 1 Thermal Shutdown Vin
5 *Current Limit *Antisaturation Protection *Load Transient Improvement

Pin Name Vin GND ON/OFF NC Vout Function Powers the IC The IC's ground Shuts or wakes-up the IC None Delivers the output voltage 900 mV level on this pin is sufficient to start the IC. 150 mV shuts it down. It makes no arm to connect the pin to a known potential, like in a pin-to-pin replacement case. This pin requires 1.0 mF output capacitor to be stable. Description A positive voltage 12 V can be applied upon this pin.

Value Rating Power Supply Voltage ESD Capability, HBM Model ESD Capability, Machine Model Maximum Power Dissipation NW Suffix, Plastic Package Thermal Resistance Junction-to-Air Operating Ambient Temperature Maximum Junction Temperature (Note 1) Maximum Operating Junction Temperature (Note 2) Storage Temperature Range Pin # 1 All Pins All Pins Symbol Vin PD RqJA TA TJmax TJ Tstg Min Max 1.0 200 Internally Limited to +150 Unit V W C/W C

(For typical values = 25C, for min/max values to +85C, max = 125C unless otherwise noted) Characteristics Logic Control Specifications Input Voltage Range ON/OFF Input Resistance (all versions) ON/OFF Control Voltages (Note 3) Logic Zero, OFF State, 50 mA Logic One, ON State, 50 mA Currents Parameters Current Consumption in OFF State (all versions) OFF Mode Current: Vin = Vout = 0, VOFF 150 mV Current Consumption in ON State (all versions) ON Mode Current: Vin = Vout = 0, VON 3.5 V Current Consumption in ON State (all versions), ON Mode Saturation Current: Vin = Vout V, No Output Load Current Limit Vin = Voutnom 1.0 V, Output is brought to Voutnom 0.3 V (all versions) 1. Internally limited by shutdown. 2. Specifications are guaranteed below this value. 3. Voltage slope should be greater than 2.0 mV/ms. IQOFF IQON IQSAT IMAX mA 3 VON/OFF RON/OFF VON/OFF Vin kW mV Pin # Symbol Min Typ Max Unit

(For typical values = 25C, for min/max values to +85C, max = 125C unless otherwise noted) Characteristics Pin # Symbol Min Typ Max Unit

Line Regulation (all versions) Vout V < Vin 12 V, Iout 80 mA Load Regulation (all versions) Vin = Vout 1.0 V, Cout = 1.0 mF, Iout 80 mA Dropout Voltage (all versions) (Note 4) Iout 30 mA Iout 60 mA Iout 5/1 5 Regline Regload mV 5 Vin-V out Vin-V out Vin-V out

Ripple Rejection (all versions) Vin = Vout + 1.0 kHz 100 mVpp Sinusoidal Signal Output Noise Density @ 1.0 kHz RMS Output Noise Voltage (all versions) Cout = 1.0 mF, Iout = 50 mA, to 1.0 MHz Output Rise Time (all versions) Cout = 1.0 mF, Iout = 50 mA, 10% of Rising ON Signal 90% of Nominal Vout Ripple Noise trise dB nV/ mV ms

Thermal Shutdown (all versions) 4. Vout is brought to Vout - 100 mV. 125 C


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