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DescriptionVery Low Dropout, Ultra Low Noise, 5 Outputs Voltage Regulator, Package: Tssop, Pins=16
CompanyON Semiconductor
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Very Low Dropout/ Ultra Low Noise 5 Outputs Voltage Regulator

The is an ultra low noise, very low dropout voltage regulator with five independent outputs which is available in TSSOP 16 surface mount package. The MC33765 is available 2.8 V. The output voltage is the same for all five outputs but each output is capable of supplying different currents 150 mA for output 4. The device features a very low dropout voltage (0.11 V typical for maximum output current), very low quiescent current (5.0 mA maximum in OFF mode, 130 mA typical in ON mode) and one of the output (output 3) exhibits a very low noise level which allows the driving of noise sensitive circuitry. Internal current and thermal limiting protections are provided. Additionally, the MC33765 has an independent Enable input pin for each output. It includes also a common Enable pin to shutdown the complete circuit when not used. The Common Enable pin has the highest priority over the five independent Enable input pins. The voltage regulators VR1, VR2 and VR3 have a common input voltage pin VCC1. The other voltage regulators VR4 and VR5 have a common input voltage pin VCC2. Five Independent Outputs at 2.8V Typical, based upon voltage version Internal Trimmed Voltage Reference Vout Tolerance ±3.0% over the Temperature Range to +85°C Enable Input Pin (Logic­Controlled Shutdown) for Each of the Five Outputs Common Enable Pin to Shutdown the Whole Circuit Very Low Dropout Voltage (0.11 V Typical for Output 2, 3 and 0.17 V Typical for Output 4 at Maximum Current) Very Low Quiescent Current (Maximum µA in OFF Mode, 130 µA Typical in ON Mode) Ultra Low Noise for (30 µV RMS Max, < 100 kHz) Internal Current and Thermal Limit 100 nF for VR2, VR4 and VR5 and 1.0 µF for VR3 for Stability Supply Voltage Rejection: 60 dB (Typical) = 1.0 kHz

A = Assembly Location WL, L = Wafer Lot YY, Y = Year WW, W = Work Week

Bypass Common Enable On/Off V­Reg. 1 On/Off V­Reg. 2 On/Off V­Reg. 3 On/Off V­Reg. 4 On/Off V­Reg. 5 GND (Top View) 16 Not Connected VCC1 14 Output V­Reg. 1 13 Output V­Reg. 2 12 Output V­Reg. 3 11 Output V­Reg. VCC2 9 Output V­Reg. 5

330 nF Common Enable (3) ON/OFF 1 Enable ­ BYPASS 100 nF Voltage Reference V + Temp. Shut. 100 nF Current Limit VCC1

(5) ON/OFF 3 Enable ­ + Temp. Shut. 1.0 mF Current Limit VCC1

Rating Symbol VCC Pin # Value 5.3 Unit V Power Supply Voltage Thermal Resistance Junction­to­Air Operating Ambient Temperature TJ 140 °C/W 125 150 Maximum Operating Junction Temperature Maximum Junction Temperature Storage Temperature Range TJmax Tstg to +150

ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (For typical values = 25°C, for min/max values to +85°C/ Max = 125°C)

Input Voltage Range Control Input Impedance VON/OFF(1­5) VCC 2.0 k Logic "0", i.e. OFF State Logic "1", i.e. ON State ­ V

Input Voltage Range VCE VCC ­ V Control Input Impedance 2.0 k Logic "0", i.e. OFF State Logic "1", i.e. ON State VCE ­ V

ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (For typical values = 25°C, for min/max values to +85°C/ Max = 125°C)

Current Consumption at Logic "0" for the complete device, i.e. Common Enable and All Independent Enable pins at OFF State IQOFF A Current Consumption at Logic "1" for the complete device, i.e. Common Enable and All Independents Enable pins at ON State Current Consumption at Logic "1", Common Enable at ON State and All Independents Enable pins at OFF State 470 130


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