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TitleOff-Line Controllers
DescriptionUp-to-250kHz Flyback PWM Voltage-mode Controller With Programmable Standby Mode, Package: Pdip, Pins=16
CompanyON Semiconductor
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Cross ref.Similar parts: UC1823A, UC1823A-SP, UC2823, UC3823, MC44604
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Features, Applications
MC44604 High Safety Pulsed Mode Standby GreenLineTM PWM Controller

The is an enhanced high performance controller that is specifically designed for off­line and dc­to­dc converter applications. Its high current totem pole output is ideally suited for driving a power MOSFET. The is an evolution of the MC44603A. Like the MC44603A, the MC44604 has been optimized to operate with universal ac mains voltage from V. It also offers enhanced safety and reliable power management thanks to its protection features (foldback, overvoltage detection, soft­start, accurate demagnetization detection). In addition, the MC44604 offers a new efficient way to reduce the standby operating power by means of a so­called pulsed mode standby operation of the converter, significantly reducing the converter consumption in standby mode.

Current Mode Controller MARKING DIAGRAM
A = Assembly Location WL, L = Wafer Lot YY, Y = Year WW, W = Work Week

Operation to 250 kHz Output Switching Frequency Inherent Feed Forward Compensation Latching PWM for Cycle­by­Cycle Current Limiting Oscillator with Precise Frequency Control Externally Programmable Reference Current Secondary or Primary Sensing High Current Totem Pole Output Undervoltage Lockout with Hysteresis Overvoltage Protection Facility Against Open Loop Protection Against Short Circuit on Oscillator Pin Fully Programmable Foldback Soft­Start Feature Accurate Maximum Duty Cycle Setting Demagnetization (Zero Current Detection) Protection Internally Trimmed Reference

VCC VC Output Gnd Foldback Input Overvoltage Protection Current Sense Input Demagnetization Detection Input

16 Rref 15 Standby Management 14 Error Amp Input 13 Error Amp Output 12 Clamp Error Amp Input

Low Start­Up and Operating Current Pulsed Mode Standby for Low Standby Losses Low dV/dT for Low EMI

R ref 16 V ref Demagnetization Detection 8 Demagnetization Management V stby i ref 4.7 V Oscillator T 10 Dis(stby­latched) Stand­by 15 Management Stand­by Management V stby I ref V ref CC 6 Overvoltage Protection (OVP) V ref V OSC Vosc prot Dis(stby) Set Q PWM Latch Reset Thermal Shutdown Buffer 3 OUTPUT V demag out Reference Block I ref V CC enable Supply Initialization Block UVLO2 V stby cc 1

Dis(stby) V ref Voltage Feedback 14 Input E/A Output 13 Stand­by (lpk)max Programmation 8 Stand­by Current Set 7 Current Sense Input + ­ Error AMP V cs Current Sense Dmax & Soft­Start Control V stby V stby 5 Foldback Input 11 Soft­Start (Css)/Dmax Voltage Mode Control i ref

Rating Total Power Supply and Zener Current Output Supply Voltage with Respect to Ground Output Current* Source Sink Output Energy (Capacitive Load per Cycle) Soft­Start Clamp Error Amp Input Foldback Input, Stand­by Management Overvoltage Protection, Current Sense Input, Rref, Error Amp Input, Error Amp Output, CT, Stand­by Current Set Demagnetization Detection Input Current Source Sink Error Amplifier Output Sink Current Power Dissipation and Thermal Characteristics Maximum Power Dissipation = 85°C Thermal Resistance, Junction­to­Air Operating Junction Temperature Operating Ambient Temperature *Maximum package power dissipation must be observed. 8 Idemag­ib (Source) Idemag­ib (Sink) 13 IE/A (Sink) PD RJA mA W °C/W °C Vin IO(Source) IO(Sink) W VSS VCLEA ­0.3 to VCC µJ mA Pin # Symbol (ICC + IZ) VC VCC Value 30 18 Unit V mA

ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (VCC and 12 V [Note 1], Rref = 820 pF, for typical values = 25°C,

for min/max values to +85°C [Note 2], unless otherwise noted.) Characteristic OUTPUT SECTION (Note 3) Output Voltage* Low Level Drop Voltage (ISink = 100 mA) (ISink = 500 mA) High Level Drop Voltage (ISource = 200 mA) (ISource = 500 mA) Output Out ut Voltage During Initialization Phase VCC 1.0 V, ISink 10 µA VCC 5.0 V, ISink 100 µA VCC V V, ISink mA A Output Voltage Rising Edge Slew­Rate (CL = 1.0 nF, = 25°C) Output Voltage Falling Edge Slew­Rate (CL = 1.0 nF, = 25°C) ERROR AMPLIFIER SECTION Voltage Feedback Input (VE/A out 2.5 V) Input Bias Current (VFB 2.5 V) Open Loop Voltage Gain (VE/A out 4.0 V) Unity Gain Bandwidth to +85°C Voltage Feedback Input Line Regulation (VCC V) 14 VFB IFB­ib AVOL BW ­ VFBline­reg µA dB MHz 3 VOL VOH 3 VOL dVo/dT V/µs V Pin # Symbol Min Typ Max Unit

*VC must be greater than V. 1. Adjust VCC above the start­up threshold before setting V. 2. Low duty cycle pulse techniques are used during test to maintain junction temperature as close to ambient as possible. 3. No output signal when the Error Amplifier is in Low State, i.e., VFB 2.7 V.


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