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TitleOff-Line Controllers
DescriptionFixed-40kHz Flyback PWM Voltage-mode Controller With 500V Maximum Startup And Programmable Burst-mode Standby, Package: Pdip, Pins=8
CompanyON Semiconductor
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Features, Applications
MC44608 Few External Components Reliable and Flexible SMPS Controller

The is a high performance voltage mode controller designed for off­line converters. This high voltage circuit that integrates the start­up current source and the oscillator capacitor, requires few external components while offering a high flexibility and reliability. The device also features a very high efficiency stand­by management consisting of an effective Pulsed Mode operation. This technique enables the reduction of the stand­by power consumption to approximately 1.0 W while delivering 150 W SMPS. Integrated Start­Up Current Source Lossless Off­Line Start­Up Direct Off­Line Operation Fast Start­Up

Flexibility Duty Cycle Control Undervoltage Lockout with Hysteresis On Chip Oscillator Switching Frequency or 100 kHz Secondary Control with Few External Components

Maximum Duty Cycle Limitation Cycle by Cycle Current Limitation Demagnetization (Zero Current Detection) Protection "Over VCC Protection" Against Open Loop Programmable Low Inertia Over Voltage Protection Against Open Loop Internal Thermal Protection

Device MC44608P75 MC44608P100 Switching Frequency Package Shipping 40 kHz 75 kHz 100 kHz Plastic DIP­8 Plastic DIP­8 Plastic DIP­8 50/Rail

Pulsed Mode Techniques for a Very High Efficiency
Low Power Mode Lossless Startup Low dV/dT for Low EMI Radiations

DMG m A Latched off Phase Start-up Phase Latched off Phase Start-up Phase OSC Enable Stand-by Management OC NOC Output 1V 4 kHz Filter OSC mS & Switching Phase OVP UVLO1 UVLO2 OUT Disable DMG & Thermal S Shutdown PWM Latch R Q Buffer V CC Management 9 mA

Demag Logic Output Start-up Phase m A Switching Phase 0 & Stand-by
Latched off Phase & Stand-by S2 S3 Regulation Block Switching Phase

Rating Total Power Supply Current Output Supply Voltage with Respect to Ground All Inputs except Vi Line Voltage Absolute Rating Recommended Line Voltage Operating Condition Power Dissipation and Thermal Characteristics Maximum Power Dissipation = 85°C Thermal Resistance, Junction­to­Air Operating Junction Temperature Operating Ambient Temperature Symbol ICC VCC Vinputs Vi PD RJA TJ TA Value to +85 Unit mA mW °C/W °C

Characteristic OUTPUT SECTION Output Resistor Sink Resistance Source Resistance Output Voltage Rise Time (from 9.0 V) (Note 1.) Output Voltage Falling Edge Slew­Rate (from 9.0 V down 3.0 V) (Note 1.) CONTROL INPUT SECTION Duty Cycle 2.5 mA Duty Cycle 1.0 mA Control Input Clamp Voltage (Switching Phase) ­1.0 mA Latched Phase Control Input Voltage (Stand­by) +500 mA Latched Phase Control Input Voltage (Stand­by) +1.0 mA CURRENT SENSE SECTION Maximum Current Sense Input Threshold Input Bias Current Stand­By Current Sense Input Current Start­up Phase Current Sense Input Current Propagation Delay (Current Sense Input to Output @ VTH T MOS 3.0 V) Leading Edge Blanking Duration Leading Edge Blanking Duration Leading Edge Blanking Duration Leading Edge Blanking + Propagation Delay Leading Edge Blanking + Propagation Delay Leading Edge Blanking + Propagation Delay OSCILLATOR SECTION Normal Operation Frequency MC44608P40 Normal Operation Frequency MC44608P75 Normal Operation Frequency MC44608P100 Maximum Duty Cycle f = fosc OVERVOLTAGE SECTION Quick OVP Input Filtering (Rdemag = 100 kW) Propagation Delay (Idemag > Iovp to output low) Quick OVP Current Threshold Protection Threshold Level on VCC Minimum Gap Between VCC­OVP and Vstup­th Tfilt TPHL(In/Out) IOVP VCC­OVP ­ Vstup µA V fosc dmax kHz MC44608P75 MC44608P100 VCS­th IB­cs ICS­stby ICS­stup TPLH(In/Out) TLEB TDLY mA ns VLP­stby d2mA d1mA ROL ROH tf ns Symbol Min Typ Max Unit

1. This parameter is measured using 1.0 nF connected between the output and the ground.


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PZT3906T1 : Transistor (bjt) - Single Discrete Semiconductor Product 200mA 40V 1.5W PNP; TRANS SS GP PNP 200MA 40V SOT223 Specifications: Transistor Type: PNP ; Voltage - Collector Emitter Breakdown (Max): 40V ; Current - Collector (Ic) (Max): 200mA ; Power - Max: 1.5W ; DC Current Gain (hFE) (Min) @ Ic, Vce: 100 @ 10mA, 1V ; Vce Saturation (Max) @ Ib, Ic: 400mV @ 5mA, 50mA ; Frequency - Transition: 250MHz ; Current -

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ISL6551 : broadband power. ZVS Full Bridge PWM Controller. The is a zero voltage switching (ZVS) full-bridge PWM controller designed for isolated power systems. This part implements a unique control algorithm, rather than the traditional phase-shifted control technique, for ZVS, fixed frequency and current mode control of a full-bridge DC-toDC converter to yield high efficiency and low EMI level performance.

KA3S0680RB-TU : Fairchild Power Switch ( FPS ). Wide operatimg frequency range to (150kHz) Pulse by pulse over current limiting Over load protection Over voltage protecton (Min. 23V) Internal thermal shutdown function Under voltage lockout Internal high voltage sense FET External sync terminal Auto Restart Mode The Fairchild Power Switch(FPS) product family is specially designed for an off line SMPS.

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TPS76830 : . 1 A Low-Dropout Voltage Regulator Available 3.3-V, 5.0-V Fixed Output and Adjustable Versions Dropout Voltage Down A (TPS76850) Ultralow 85 µA Typical Quiescent Current Fast Transient Response 2% Tolerance Over Specified Conditions for Fixed-Output Versions Open Drain Power Good (See TPS767xx for Power-On Reset With 200-ms Delay Option) 8-Pin SOIC and 20-Pin.

UCC2803D : Current Mode. ti UCC2803, Low-power Bicmos Current-mode PWM. 100µA Typical Starting Supply Current 500µA Typical Operating Supply Current Operation to 1MHz Internal Soft Start Internal Fault Soft Start Internal Leading-Edge Blanking of the Current Sense Signal 1 Amp Totem-Pole Output 70ns Typical Response from Current-Sense to Gate Drive Output 1.5% Tolerance Voltage Reference Same Pinout as UC3842 and UC3842A.

LMR64010 : SIMPLE SWITCHER 40Vout, 1A Step-Up Voltage Regulator In SOT-23 The LMR64010 switching regulators is a current-mode boost converter operating at a fixed frequency of 1.6 MHz. The use of SOT-23 package, made possible by the minimal power loss of the internal 1A switch, and use of small inductors and capacitors result in the industry\'s highest power density.

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