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The is a serial digital temperature sensor suited for low cost applications. Temperature data is converted from the integrated thermal sensing element and made available an 8­bit serial digital word. Communication with the MC74 is accomplished via 2­wire SMBus/I2C­compatible serial port. Temperature resolution is 1°C. Conversion rate is a nominal 8 samples/sec. Power consumption is only (5.0 µA Standby).


Temperature Range: to +125°C Outputs Temperature an 8­Bit Digital Word Simple Serial Port Interface Solid State Temperature Sensing: ±2°C Accuracy from +85°C ±3°C Accuracy from 3.3 V and 5.5 V Operating Range Low Power 200 µA Operations 5.0 µA Standby Mode

Typical Applications

Thermal Protection for Hard Disk Drives and Other PC Peripherals Low­Cost Thermostat Controls Power Supplies

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Pin No. Symbol NC SDA GND SCL VDD Type None Bi­directional Power Input Power Not Connected SMBus Serial Data System Ground SMBus Serial Clock Power Supply Input Description

Pin No. Symbol NC GND VDD SCL SDA Type None Power Input Bi­directional Not Connected System Ground Power Supply Input SMBus Serial Clock SMBus Serial Data Description

SMBus Serial Clock Input. Clocks data into and out of the MC74. See System Management Bus Specification, rev. 1.0, for timing diagrams.

Bi­directional Input/Output. Serial data is transferred on the SMBus in both directions using this pin. See System Management Bus Specification rev. 1.0 for timing diagrams.

Rating Power Supply Voltage on Any Pin Operating Temperature Range Storage Temperature Range Current on Any Pin Package Thermal Resistance Symbol VDD ­ TA Tstg ­ RJA Value 6.0 (GND V) to (VDD ±50 330 Unit °C mA °C/W

*Maximum Ratings are those values beyond which damage to the device may occur. *Static­sensitive device. Unused devices must be stored in conductive material. Protect devices from static discharge and static fields. Stresses above those listed under Absolute Maximum Ratings may cause permanent damage to the device. These are stress ratings only and functional operation of the device at these or any other conditions above those indicated in the operational sections of the specifications is not implied. Exposure to Absolute Maximum Rating Conditions for extended periods may affect device reliability.

DC ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (VDD 5.0 V (Note TA 125°C, unless otherwise noted.)

Characteristic Power Supply Power­On Reset Threshold (VDD Falling Edge or Rising Edge) Operating Current (VDD = 5.5V, Serial Port Inactive) (Note 1.) Standby Supply Current (VDD 3.3 V, Serial Port Inactive) (Note 4.) Temperature­to­Bits Converter Temperature Accuracy TA 0°C Conversion Rate (Note 2.) Serial Port Interface Logic Input High Logic Input Low SDA Output Low IOL 3 mA (Note 3.) IOL 6 mA (Note 3.) Input Capacitance SDA, SCL I/O Leakage VIH VIL VOL ­ CIN ILEAK 0.8 x VDD x VDD V TERR ­ CR sa/sec °C VPOR 1.2 IDD ­ IDD­STANDBY mA V Symbol Min Typ Max Unit

SERIAL PORT AC TIMING (VDD 5.0 V (Note 5.), ­40°C (TA = TJ) 80 pF unless otherwise noted.)

Characteristic SMBus Clock Frequency Low Clock Period to 10%) High Clock Period to 90%) SMBus Rise Time to 90%) SMBus Fall Time to 10%) Start Condition Setup Time (90% SCL to 10% SDA) (for Repeated Start Condition) Start Condition Hold Time Data in Setup Time Data in Hold Time Stop Condition Setup Time Bus Free Time Prior to New Transition Power­On Reset Delay (VDD VPOR (Rising Edge)) Symbol fSMB tLOW tHIGH tR tF tSU(START) tH(START) tSU­DATA tH­DATA tSU(STOP) tIDLE tPOR Min Typ Max Unit kHz msec nsec msec nsec msec

1. Operating current is an average value integrated over multiple conversion cycles. Transient current may exceed this specification. 2. Maximum guaranteed conversion time after Power­On RESET (POR to DATA_RDY) is 250 msec. 3. Output current should be minimized for best temperature accuracy. Power dissipation within the MC74 will cause self­heating and temperature drift error. 4. SDA and SCL must be connected to VDD or GND. 5. VDD 3.3 V for MC74­33SNTR. VDD 5.0 V for MC74­50T. All part types of the MC74 will operate properly over the wider power supply range 5.5 V. Each part type is tested and specified for rated accuracy at its nominal supply voltage. As VDD varies from the nominal value, accuracy will degrade 1°C/V of VDD change.


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