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Details, datasheet, quote on part number: MCR265-006
Part numberMCR265-006
CategoryDiscrete => Thyristors => SCR (Silicon Controlled Rectifiers)
DescriptionSilicon Controlled Rectifier, Package: TO-220, Pins=3
CompanyON Semiconductor
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Specifications, Features, Applications

Designed for inverse parallel SCR output devices for solid state relays, welders, battery chargers, motor controls or applications requiring high surge operation.· Photo Glass Passivated Blocking Junctions for High Temperature Stability, Center Gate for Uniform Parameters· 550 Amperes Surge Capability· Blocking Voltage to 800 Volts· Device Marking: Logo, Device Type, e.g., MCR265­4, Date Code

Rating Peak Repetitive Off­State Voltage(1) (TJ to 125°C, Sine Wave, to 60 Hz, Gate Open) MCR265­8 MCR265­10 On-State RMS Current (180° Conduction Angles; = 70°C) Average On-State Current (180° Conduction Angles; = 70°C) Peak Non-Repetitive Surge Current (1/2 Cycle, Sine Wave, 60 Hz, = 70°C) Forward Peak Gate Power (Pulse Width 1.0 µs, = 70°C) Forward Average Gate Power = 8.3 ms, = 70°C) Forward Peak Gate Current (Pulse Width 1.0 µs, = 70°C) Operating Junction Temperature Range Storage Temperature Range Symbol VDRM, VRRM IT(RMS) IT(AV) ITSM 35 550 Amps 1 Value Unit Volts

Watt Amps °C Cathode Anode Gate Anode

(1) VDRM and VRRM for all types can be applied on a continuous basis. Ratings apply for zero or negative gate voltage; however, positive gate voltage shall not be applied concurrent with negative potential on the anode. Blocking voltages shall not be tested with a constant current source such that the voltage ratings of the devices are exceeded. These devices are rated for use in applications subject to high surge conditions. Care must be taken to insure proper heat sinking when the device to be used at high sustained currents.

Preferred devices are recommended choices for future use and best overall value.

Characteristic Thermal Resistance, Junction to Case Thermal Resistance, Junction to Ambient Maximum Lead Temperature for Soldering Purposes 1/8 from Case for 10 Seconds Symbol RJC RJA TL Max 60 260 Unit °C/W °C

Peak Repetitive Forward or Reverse Blocking Current (VAK = Rated VDRM or VRRM, Gate Open) = 125°C IDRM, IRRM µA mA

Peak Forward On­State Voltage(1) (ITM 110 A) Gate Trigger Current (Continuous dc) (VAK = 12 Vdc, = 100 Ohms) (TC = ­40°C) Gate Trigger Voltage (Continuous dc) (VAK = 12 Vdc, = 100 Ohms) Gate Non-Trigger Voltage (VAK = 12 Vdc, = 100 Ohms, = 125°C) Holding Current (VAK = 12 Vdc, Initiating Current = 200 mA, Gate Open) Turn-On Time (ITM 55 A, IGT = 200 mAdc) VTM IGT VGT VGD IH tgt Volts 1.5 1.9 Volts mA

Critical Rate-of-Rise of Off-State Voltage (Gate Open, VD = Rated VDRM, Exponential Waveform) (1) Pulse Width dv/dt 50 V/µs

Peak Repetitive Off State Forward Voltage Peak Forward Blocking Current Peak Repetitive Off State Reverse Voltage Peak Reverse Blocking Current Peak On State Voltage Holding Current Reverse Blocking Region (off state) Reverse Avalanche Region Anode ­

+ Voltage IDRM at VDRM Forward Blocking Region (off state)

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