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CategoryDiscrete => Transistors => Bipolar => Power
DescriptionPower 12A 400V NPN , Package: TO-220, Pins=3
CompanyON Semiconductor
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Features, Applications

The MJE13009 is designed for high­voltage, high­speed power switching inductive circuits where fall time is critical. They are particularly suited for 115 and 220 V SWITCHMODE applications such as Switching Regulators, Inverters, Motor Controls, Solenoid/Relay drivers and Deflection circuits.


VCEO(sus) 400 V and 300 V Reverse Bias SOA with Inductive Loads = 100_C Inductive Switching Matrix to 12 Amp, 25 and 100_C

120 ns (Typ). 700 V Blocking Capability SOA and Switching Applications Information.

Rating Symbol Value 700 9 Unit Vdc Adc Collector­Emitter Voltage Collector­Emitter Voltage Emitter Base Voltage VCEO(sus) VCEV VEBO IC ICM IB IBM IE IEM PD Collector Current Continuous Peak (1) Base Current Continuous Peak Emitter Current Continuous Peak 18 36 Total Power Dissipation = 25_C Derate above 2 16 Watts mW/_C Watts mW/_C _C Total Power Dissipation = 25_C Derate above 100 800 Operating and Storage Junction Temperature Range TJ, Tstg to +150

Thermal Resistance, Junction to Ambient Thermal Resistance, Junction to Case
Maximum Lead Temperature for Soldering Purposes: 1/8 from Case for 5 Seconds
(1) Pulse Test: Pulse Width = 5 ms, Duty Cycle v 10%.

Characteristic *OFF CHARACTERISTICS Symbol Min Typ Max Unit Collector­Emitter Sustaining Voltage (IC = 10 mA, = 0) VCEO(sus) ICEV 400 Vdc Collector Cutoff Current (VCEV = Rated Value, VBE(off) = 1.5 Vdc) (VCEV = Rated Value, VBE(off) = 1.5 Vdc, = 100_C) Emitter Cutoff Current (VEB = 9 Vdc, = 0) mAdc 5 1 IEBO mAdc SECOND BREAKDOWN Second Breakdown Collector Current with base forward biased Clamped Inductive SOA with Base Reverse Biased IS/b See Figure 1 See Figure 2 *ON CHARACTERISTICS DC Current Gain (IC = 5 Adc, VCE = 5 Vdc) (IC = 8 Adc, VCE = 5 Vdc) hFE Collector­Emitter Saturation Voltage (IC = 5 Adc, = 1 Adc) (IC = 8 Adc, = 1.6 Adc) (IC = 12 Adc, = 3 Adc) (IC = 8 Adc, = 1.6 Adc, = 100_C) VCE(sat) Vdc Base­Emitter Saturation Voltage (IC = 5 Adc, = 1 Adc) (IC = 8 Adc, = 1.6 Adc) (IC = 8 Adc, = 1.6 Adc, = 100_C) VBE(sat) Vdc 1.6 1.5 DYNAMIC CHARACTERISTICS Current­Gain Bandwidth Product (IC = 500 mAdc, VCE = 10 Vdc, = 1 MHz) Output Capacitance (VCB = 10 Vdc, = 0.1 MHz) fT 4 MHz pF Cob 180 SWITCHING CHARACTERISTICS Resistive Load (Table 1) Delay Time Rise Time tr µs Storage Time Fall Time (VCC = 125 Vdc, = 25 µs, s Duty Cycle tf 0.7 Inductive Load, Clamped (Table 1, Figure 13) Voltage Storage Time Crossover Time (IC 8 A, Vclamp clam = 300 Vdc, 1.6 A, VBE(off) = 5 Vdc, = 100_C) tsv tc µs *Pulse Test: Pulse Width = 300 µs, Duty Cycle = 2%.


Figure 1. Forward Bias Safe Operating Area
Figure 2. Reverse Bias Switching Safe Operating Area

The Safe Operating Area figures shown in Figures 1 and 2 are specified ratings for these devices under the test conditions shown. THERMAL DERATING SECOND BREAK DOWN DERATING

There are two limitations on the power handling ability of a transistor: average junction temperature and second breakdown. Safe operating area curves indicate IC ­ VCE limits of the transistor that must be observed for reliable operation; i.e., the transistor must not be subjected to greater dissipation than the curves indicate. The data of Figure 1 is based 25_C; T J(pk) is variable depending on power level. Second breakdown pulse limits are valid for duty cycles to 10% but must be derated when TC 25_C. Second breakdown limitations do not derate the same as thermal limitations. Allowable current at the voltages shown on Figure 1 may be found at any case temperature by using the appropriate curve on Figure 3. T J(pk) may be calculated from the data in Figure 4. At high case temperatures, thermal limitations will reduce the power that can be handled to values less than the limitations imposed by second breakdown. Use of reverse biased safe operating area data (Figure 2) is discussed in the applications information section.



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