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DescriptionLow Capacitance TVS
CompanyON Semiconductor
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Cross ref.Similar parts: ESD5V0S2U-06, MMBZ6V2AL, PSOT05LC
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Features, Applications
SL05T1 Series 300 Watt, SOT-23 Low Capacitance TVS for High Speed Line Protections

This new family of TVS offers transient overvoltage protection with significantly reduced capacitance. The capacitance is lowered by integrating a compensating diode in series. This integrated solution offers ESD protection for high speed interfaces such as communication systems, computers, and computer peripherals.

TVS Diode in Series with a Compensating Diode Offers <5 pF

Capacitance ESD Protection Meeting IEC 44, 45 Peak Power Rating of 300 Watts, 20 ms BiDirection Protection Can Be Achieved By Using Two Devices Flammability Rating 94 V0

Mechanical Characteristics: CASE: Void-free, transfer-molded, thermosetting plastic case FINISH: Corrosion resistant finish, easily solderable MAXIMUM CASE TEMPERATURE FOR SOLDERING PURPOSES:

260C for 10 Seconds Package designed for optimal automated board assembly Small package size for high density applications Available 8 mm Tape and Reel Use the Device Number to order the 7 inch/3,000 unit reel. Replace the "T1" with "T3" in the Device Number to order the 13 inch/10,000 unit reel.

Device SL15T3 SL24T3 Package SOT23 Shipping 3000/Tape & Reel 3000/Tape & Reel 3000/Tape & Reel 10,000/Tape & Reel 10,000/Tape & Reel 10,000/Tape & Reel

See specific marking information in the device marking column of the table on page 3 of this data sheet.

Rating Peak Power Dissipation @ 8x20 usec (Note TL 25C IEC 6100042 Level 4 Contact Discharge Air Discharge IEC 6100044 EFT IEC 6100045 Lightning Total Power Dissipation on FR5 Board (Note = 25C Derate above 25C Thermal Resistance Junction to Ambient Total Power Dissipation on Alumina Substrate (Note = 25C Derate above 25C Thermal Resistance Junction to Ambient Junction and Storage Temperature Range Lead Solder Temperature Maximum (10 Second Duration) 1. Nonrepetitive current pulse per Figure x 0.62 in. 3. Alumina x 0.024 in., 99.5% alumina Symbol Ppk Vpp Value 300 Unit W

kV Amps mW mW/C C/W mW mW/C C/W C

(TA = 25C unless otherwise noted) UNIDIRECTIONAL (Circuit tied to Pins 1 and or 2 and 3) Symbol IPP VC VRWM IR VBR IT QVBR IF VF ZZT IZK ZZK Parameter Maximum Reverse Peak Pulse Current Clamping Voltage @ IPP Working Peak Reverse Voltage Maximum Reverse Leakage Current @ VRWM Breakdown Voltage @ IT Test Current Maximum Temperature Coefficient of VBR Forward Current Forward Voltage @ IF Maximum Zener Impedance @ IZT Reverse Current Maximum Zener Impedance @ IZK VC VBR VRWM IF

4. VBR measured at pulse test current at an ambient temperature 25C 5. Surge current waveform per Figure 2



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