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CategorySensors => Hallogic Sensors
DescriptionHallogic Sensor Hall Sensor Plastic Hall Effect Sensor
CompanyOptek Technology, Inc.
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OHN3019U Hallogic Sensor Hall Sensor Plastic Hall Effect Sensor
OHS3119U Hallogic Hall Effect Sensor

OP235W : 850nm Led 850nm Hermetic Led TO-46

OPB365N55 : Slotted Switch Slotted Switch 890mn Phototransistor Transistor

OPB842L55 : Slotted Switch Slotted Switch 890mn Phototransistor Transistor

OPB852A1 : Slotted Switch Slotted Switch 890mn Phototransistor Transistor

OPB962T51 : Slotted Switch Slotted Switch Interuptive Switch Dual Channel Encolder 890mn

OPF510 : Plastic TO-18 Plastic TO-18 Receiver 850nm Linear Amplifier

OPB900W : Photologic Slotted Optical Switches

OPF672 : Fiber Optic Transmitter

OP805TX : Hi-reliability NPN Sil icon Phototransistor

OPB725A-18Z : Long Distance Reflective Switch

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HT7610 : General Purpose PIR Controller. Stand-by current: 100A (Typ.) On-chip regulator Adjustable output duration CDS input 40 second warm-up ON/AUTO/OFF selectable by MODE pin Override function Auto-reset if the ZC signal disappears over 3 seconds Operating voltage: 5V~12V 16 pin DIP or SOP packaging Applications The is a CMOS LSI chip designed for use in automatic PIR lamp control. It can operate.

ICX406BQF : Color Image Sensor. CCD Image Sensor Diag. 8.98mm (type 1/1.8) Frame Readout CCD Image Sensor W/square Pixel For Color Cameras.

MPX2102A : Compensated. MPX2102 100 Kpa On-chip Temperature Compensated And Calibrated Silicon Pressure Sensors.

RSF34W100RF524 : Flow Sensor FSPP no 100va.

TCD1502C : B/W Image Sensor. CCD Linear Image Sensor CCD (charge Coupled Device).

XUJ-K803538 : Photo Sensor Analogue.

LIS331DL : Motion Sensors (MEMS) MEMS inertial sensor: 3-axis - 2g analog output nano accelerometer.

MP3V5100GP : Board Mount Pressure Sensors SOP W/TOP SIDE PORT 3V. » » » Pressure / Force Sensors Pressure / Force Sensors A pressure sensor transducer generates an electronic signal as a function of the pressure imposed. Pressure sensors are used for control and monitoring in thousands of everyday applications. s: Manufacturer: Freescale Semiconductor.

HIH-4021-001 : Board Mount Humidity Sensors - 40 C to + 85 C Humidity Sensors. » » » » Sensors for CPAP Sensors for CPAP CPAP stands for "Continuous positive airway pressure." The CPAP is a very beneficial treatment for those with sleep apnea, which is a medical condition where the airway closes off when an affected individual is in a relaxed.

SCA3100-D04 PWB : Board Mount Accelerometers Circuit Board for SCA3100 Demo Board. Murata MEMS Sensors are robust silicon capacitive sensors. Using Murata's 3D MEMS technology, the sensors are very sensitive to inertial forces and pressure, but are insensitive to other environmental variables. The composition of single crystal silicon and glass ensures reliability, accuracy,.

LMT89DCKT : Board Mount Temperature Sensors 2.4V,10uA,DSBGA Temp Sensor. s: Manufacturer: Texas Instruments ; Output Type: Analog ; Configuration: Local ; Accuracy: +/- 1.5 C ; Digital Output - Bus Interface: None ; Supply Voltage - Max: 5.5 V ; Supply Voltage - Min: 2.4 V ; Maximum Operating Temperature: + 130 C ; Minimum Operating Temperature: - 55 C ; Shutdown:.

LMT01LPGM : Board Mount Temperature Sensors 0.5?C Accurate 2-pin Temperature Sensor with a Pulse Train Interface 2-TO-92 -50 to 150. Texas Instruments LMT01 2-Pin Temperature Sensor is a high-accuracy, temperature sensor with an easy-to-use pulse count interface which makes it an ideal digital replacement for PTC or NTC thermistors. These are ideal for both on and off the board.

AH3775-P-B : Board Mount Hall Effect / Magnetic Sensors Hall Effect Latch Switch. Diodes Inc. AH37x Hall-Effect Sensors are high-voltage, high-sensitivity Hall Effect latch ICs designed for commutation of brushless DC motors, flow meters, linear encoders and position sensors in industrial and consumer home appliances and personal care applications. Their designs.

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