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CategorySensors => Hallogic Sensors
DescriptionHallogic Sensor Hall Sensor Plastic Hall Effect Sensor
CompanyOptek Technology, Inc.
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OHN3020U Hallogic Sensor Hall Sensor Plastic Hall Effect Sensor
OHS3119U Hallogic Hall Effect Sensor
OHS3120U Hallogic Sensor Hall Sensor Plastic Hall Effect Sensor

OPB865T11 : Slotted Switch Slotted Switch 890mn Phototransistor Transistor

KT940L55 : Slotted Optical Switches Photo Integrated Circuit

OVSRRGBBC9 : Full-color Right-angle SMD (120ˇć Viewing Angle)

OPB846L : Slotted Optical Switches

KT882L15 : Slotted Optical Switches Phototramsistor Output

OPB350L062 : Photointerruptors Fluid in-line sensor 0.062" Tube Specifications: Manufacturer: Optek ; Product Category: Photointerruptors ; RoHS:  Details ; Sensing Method: Transmissive ; Output Collector Emitter Voltage (Detector): 30 V ; Maximum Reverse Voltage (Emitter): 2 V ; Maximum Collector Current (Detector): 50 mA ; Output Device: Phototransistor ;

OMH3150 : MAGNETIC FIELD SENSOR-HALL EFFECT, 3.5mT, 2.25-2.75V, RECTANGULAR, SURFACE MOUNT Specifications: Sensor Type: Magnetic ; Package / Mounting: CERAMIC PACKAGE-3 ; Input Voltage: 4.5 to 6 volts ; Output Voltage: 2250 to 2750 millivolts ; Operating Temperature: -40 to 150 C (-40 to 302 F) ; Standards and Certifications: RoHS

OPB962N11Z : 3.18 mm SLOT WIDTH, 1 CHANNEL SLOTTED OPTICAL SWITCH LOGIC OUTPUT Specifications: Operating Temperature: -40 to 158 F (233 to 343 K)

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AC2626J : General Purpose Temperature Probe.

C5594-44 : . The C5594 is designed as the most suitable amplifier unit for photomultiplier tubes and a non-inverting type amplifier. This unit has high gain 36 dB (voltage amplification of 63) and wide frequency bandwidth of 50 kHz to 1.5 GHz, which can accurately amplitude the PMT pulse output. Therefore it is well-matched to the application of Time Correlated.

E2E : E2E(-N) 3-Wire DC Short Barrel Inductive Prox Data Sheet. Short Barrel 3-Wire Prox Sensors Meet IP67 H Thick nickel-plated brass barrel has wrench flats for easy installation H Solid potted internal circuitry withstands shocks and water washdown IP67 H High visibility indicator H Miniature and standard sizes WHEN ORDERING, PLEASE NOTE: Omron has added the suffix "-N" to standard size E2E part numbers for ordering.

FAR-G6CS-1G8425-L250 : SAW Devices. For Mobile Communications. FUJITSU MEDIA DEVICES LIMITED DATE Apr. 04, 2001 Version 5.1 Preliminary Index Date Code Lot No. Pin No. Unit : mm Pin No. Pin name IN GND IN GND OUT GND OUT GND Filter 1 input pin Ground pin Filter 2 input pin Ground pin Filter 2 output pin Ground pin Filter 1 output pin Ground pin Filter No. 1 2 Passband(MHz) System EGSM-Rx DCS1800-Rx .

FUS5881 : Hall Effect Sensors.

HMR4001 : Linear Position Sensor. 0-10 mm Magnetic Travel (Magnet Dependent) Continuous PWM and Analog Voltage Outputs 0.2mm Accuracy (Magnet Dependent) 0.05mm Repeatability to +85°C Operating Temperature Range 1%/100°C Temperature Effect Small PCB Package to 20 volt DC Single Supply Required The Honeywell is a high-resolution single sensor module capable of measuring linear or angular.

iC-VP : Photoswitch With Adjustable Sensitivity.

ICX227AL : Diagonal 4.5mm(Type 1/4) CCD Image Sensor ForccIR B/w Video Cameras. Diagonal 4.5mm (Type 1/4) CCD Image Sensor for CCIR B/W Video Cameras The is an interline CCD solid-state image sensor suitable for CCIR B/W video cameras. Compared with the current product ICX207AL, smear charactristics are improved drastically and power consumption is reduced. High sensitivity and high saturation signal are achieved by Super HAD CCD technology.

ICX419ALB : Diagonal 8mm(Type 1/2) CCD Image Sensor ForccIR B/w Video Cameras. Diagonal 8mm (Type 1/2) CCD Image Sensor for CCIR B/W Video Cameras The is an interline CCD solid-state image sensor suitable for CCIE B/W video cameras with a diagonal 8mm (Type 1/2) system. Compared with the current product ICX039DLB, basic characteristics such as sensitivity, smear, dynamic range and S/N are improved drastically. This chip a field.

LS6505 : PIR Sensor interface. PIR Sensor Interface.

MAX6652EVKIT : MAX6652EVKIT, MAX6683EVKIT Evaluation System/evaluation Kit For The MAX6652/MAX6683.

PT480 : Narrow Acceptance Phototransistor.

ADNS-3060 : Optical Mouse Sensor performance addition to Agilent’s popular ADNS family of optical mouse sensors. The ADNS-3060 is based on a new, faster architecture with improved navigation. The sensor is capable of sensing high speed mouse motion - up to 40 inches per second and acceleration up to 15g – for increased user precision and smoothness. The ADNS-3060.

AT77C102B : Parallel Interface FingerChip Sensor, Chip-On-Board for Elastomer or Flex Cable Connection.

MC34940 : Electric Field Imaging Device The MC34940 is intended for cost-sensitive applications where non-contact sensing of objects is desired. When connected to external electrodes, an electric field is created. The MC34940 detects objects in this electric field. The IC generates a low-frequency sine wave, which is adjustable by using an external resistor and is optimized.

MMA621010AKEG : Analog Dual Axis Micromachined Accelerometer The MMA62XXAKEG series of dual axis (X and Y) silicon capacitive, micromachined accelerometers a full digital signal processing for filtering, trim and data formatting. It has been optimized for analog output and offers an over-damped transducer..

DK-RV-1.8.TRK-33 : Position Sensor Development Tools NSD-2101 Developers Kit and NSE-5310. ams SQUIGGLE RV Motor Closed-loop / Position Sensor Developer's Kit enables engineers to evaluate a tiny, closed loop motion system reference design with integrated SQUIGGLE RV (reduced voltage) micro motor, NSD-2101 piezo motor driver and NSE-5310 position sensor. The kits demonstrate.

165D6042P003 : Photoelectric Sensors Turbidity Sensor 5V 20% Tol. s: Manufacturer: Amphenol Advanced Sensors ; Product Category: Photoelectric Sensors ; Brand: Amphenol Advanced Sensors ; Maximum Operating Temperature: + 80 C ; Minimum Operating Temperature: - 30 C ; Packaging: Bulk ; Factory Pack Quantity: 1000.

MC3630 : Accelerometers Digital output 3 Axis Acceleronmeter. mCube MC3630 3-Axis Accelerometer is a low-noise, ultra-low power, integrated digital output 3-axis accelerometer that is ideal for wearables and consumer product motion sensing. Applications include wearable consumer products, IoT devices, user interface control, gaming motion input, electronic.

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