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CategorySensors => Hallogic Sensors
DescriptionHallogic Sensor Hall Sensor Plastic Hall Effect Sensor
CompanyOptek Technology, Inc.
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Cross ref.Similar parts: UGN3132U
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OHN3040U Hallogic Sensor Hall Sensor Plastic Hall Effect Sensor
OHS3119U Hallogic Hall Effect Sensor
OHS3120U Hallogic Sensor Hall Sensor Plastic Hall Effect Sensor

2N6989U : Surface Mount Quad NPN Transistor

OP999 : Sensor Photodiode Diode T-1 3/4

OPB882N55 : Slotted Switch Slotted Switch 890mn Phototransistor Transistor

OPB932W55 : Slotted Switch Slotted Switch Interuptive Switch Totem-pole 890mn

OPB941W55 : Slotted Switch Slotted Switch Interuptive Switch Totem-pole 890mn

OPB961T55 : Slotted Switch Slotted Switch Interuptive Switch Dual Channel Encolder 890mn

OPB962N55 : Slotted Switch Slotted Switch Interuptive Switch Dual Channel Encolder 890mn

OPB972P51 : Slotted Switch Slotted Switch Interuptive Switch Dual Channel Encolder 890mn

KT830 : Slotted Optical Switches Phototransistor Output

KT880N11 : Slotted Optical Switches Phototramsistor Output

OBP668T : 3.18 mm SLOT WIDTH, 1 CHANNEL SLOTTED OPTICAL SWITCH LOGIC OUTPUT Specifications: Operating Temperature: -40 to 212 F (233 to 373 K)

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3046 : Hall Effect Gear-tooth Sensors-zero Speed. The A3046EU/LU, A3056EU/LU, and A3058EU/LU Hall effect gear-tooth sensors are monolithic integrated circuits that switch in response to differential magnetic fields created by ferrous targets. These devices are ideal for use in gear-tooth-based speed, position, and timing applications and operate down to zero rpm over a wide range of air gaps and temperatures.

AFS8500 : Access Control, Time & Attendance, Pos, 144-pin LQFP. Introducing The all-new FingerLoc AFS8500 is AuthenTec's latest, low-power, small form factor fingerprint identification sensor IC. The FingerLoc AFS8500 uses familiar and reliable 0.6µ CMOS technology. This product combines silicon-based image capture with proprietary sensor control and matching algorithms. AuthenTec's sensors with TruePrint® Technology.

AVIIVAM2LV0514 : Cameras (& Camera Modules). 512 Active Pixels, 14 µm Pixel, From 20 MHZ to 60 MHZ Data Rate LVDS Interface.

C3589 : . The is a prescaler which divides the ECL output pulse from photon counting head H3460 series by 10 and converts it into 5 V logic level. The C3589 makes photon counting possible with wide dynamic range without a high speed counter. S ECL balanced line C­MOS 5V 10 Depending on count rate HIROSE10A­7R­4S BNC HIROSE 124 27 Pulse Pair Resolution Output.

C7884-G : Driver Circuit For NMOS Linear Image Sensor.

DN8796MS : Package =. 3 V operation Hall IC Alternating magnetic field operation The 3 V operation Hall IC which includes a Hall element, amplifier circuit, Schmidt circuit, stabilized power supply and temperature compensation circuit which are integrated on a single chip with a fine patterning technology. The magnetic input signal is outputted by being converted to high.

MAX6655 : Dual Remote/local Temperature Sensors And Four-channel Voltage Monitors.

MPXC2011DT1 : Compensated Medical Grade. MPXC2011DT1 Chip Pak High Volume Sensor For Low Pressure Applications.

TCD2557D : CCD Linear Image Sensor.

TMP431 : +/-1°C Remote And Local Temperature Sensor With Beta, N-Factor And Series-R Correction The TMP431 and TMP432 are remote temperature sensor monitors with a built-in local temperature sensor. The remote temperature sensor diode-connected transistors are typically low-cost, NPN- or PNP-type transistors or diodes that are an integral part of microcontrollers,.

HT82V42 : CIS Analog Signal Processor The HT82V42 is a complete analog signal processor for CCD imaging applications. It a 1-channel architecture designed to sample and condition the outputs of tri-linear color CCD arrays. The channel consists of an input clamp, Correlated Double Sampler (CDS), offset DAC and Programmable Gain Amplifier (PGA) and a high performance.

MCP9804T-E/MC : Board Mount Temperature Sensors 12-bit Therm Sensor Serial Hi-Accur. » » » » Temperature Sensors for Stepper Motors Temperature Sensors for Stepper Motors Stepper motors are inexpensive and rugged because they have fewer mechanical parts. They are brushless, easy to position, and are commonly used in automation systems, although.

E2K-X4ME1 : Proximity Sensors NPN-NO M12 4mm SENSE. » » » Proximity Sensors Proximity SensorsA photoelectric sensor, or photoeye, is a device used to detect the distance, absence, or presence of an object by using a light transmitter (often infrared) and a photoelectric receiver. They are used extensively in industrial manufacturing. There are three.

AS5048B-EK-AB-STM1.0 : Magnetic Sensor Development Tools Rotary Posit. Sens. Stepper Motor Eval. s: Manufacturer: ams ; Tool Is For Evaluation Of: AS5048B ; Interface Type: I2C ; Operating Voltage: 5 V ; Packaging: Bulk ; Series: AS5048.

HDC1000EVM : Temperature Sensor Development Tools HDC1000 Eval Mod. Texas Instruments HDC1000 Humidity & Temperature Digital Sensor is an integrated humidity and temperature sensor that provides excellent measurement accuracy at very low power. The device measures humidity based on a novel capacitive sensor. The humidity and temperature sensors are factory calibrated.

AH1808-P-B : Board Mount Hall Effect / Magnetic Sensors Omni Hall Effect Snr 7V 2.5 to 5.5V 230nW. Diodes Inc. Omnipolar Hall Effect Switch ICs provide simple and reliable solutions to contactless switching. They are used in many application areas from open and close detection to rotation and flow monitoring. Diodes Omnipolar switches use core architecture based.

AH3768Q-P-B : Board Mount Hall Effect / Magnetic Sensors HV Hall Effect Latch 3 to 28V 8kV 3mA. Diodes Inc. AH376xQ Automotive Hall Effect Latch are a family of high-voltage, high-performance Hall-Effect Latches. They are AEC-Q100-qualified for automotive applications. A PPAP is available on request. The product range is specifically designed for the commutation.

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