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CategorySensors => Hallogic Sensors
DescriptionHallogic Sensor Hall Sensor Plastic Hall Effect Sensor
CompanyOptek Technology, Inc.
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OHN3113U Hallogic Sensor Hall Sensor Plastic Hall Effect Sensor
OHS3119U Hallogic Hall Effect Sensor
OHS3120U Hallogic Sensor Hall Sensor Plastic Hall Effect Sensor

OHN3013U : Hallogic Sensor Hall Sensor Plastic Hall Effect Sensor

OP130W : 935nm Led 935nm TO-46

OP505B : Sensor Phototransistor Transistor T-1

OP508FA : Sensor Phototransistor Transistor End Looker

OP915 :

OPB982T51 : Slotted Switch Slotted Switch Interuptive Switch Dual Channel Encolder 890mn

OPL551-OCA : Totem-Pole Photologic Totem-pole Photologic Lateral Plastic Lateral

OPB350W187Z : Tube Liquid Sensor

OPB931 : Photologic˘ç Slotted Optical Switch

OP800 : NPN Silicon Phototransistors

OPB971N11Z : 3.18 mm SLOT WIDTH, 1 CHANNEL SLOTTED OPTICAL SWITCH LOGIC OUTPUT Specifications: Operating Temperature: -40 to 158 F (233 to 343 K)

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49101 : Dual Winding Surface Mount Inductors.

C4710 : . The C4710 series are PC-board mountable high voltage supplies for photomultiplier tubes. The series has six standard versions. Compact and Lightweight High Stability High Output Power Complete Fail-safe Functions Six-plane Metal Shielded S Input Voltage Input Current at Maximum with no load Output Voltage with full load Guaranteed to +1500 Output Voltage.

ICX204AL : Diagonal 6mm(Type 1/3)Progressive Scan CCD Imagesensor With Square Pixel For B/w Cameras.

K6R4004C1D-JCI10 : 1mx4 Bit High Speed Static RAM ( 5.0v Operating ) . Operated at Commercial And Industrial Temperature Ranges..

KF2002-GF71A : Printheads. Compact low voltage thick film thermal printhead (8dots / mm) These compact, lightweight printheads have low power requirements and are intended for ECR and mobile applications. Drawing 7.2V, a maximum print speed of 2 inches per second is possible. ! 1) A wide range of power supply voltage, from 4.2V-8.5V, can be used to drive the printhead. This gives.

LC9949G : 1/6 Optical Size Eia B/w Solid-state Image Sensor. The a 1/6" optical size frame transfer type CCD (charge-coupled device) solid-state image sensor developed for use in black-and-white video cameras. Effective number of pixels (total pixels): × 500V) Number of optical black pixels: Horizontal direction: Front: 5 pixels Back: 21 pixels Vertical direction: Front: 5 pixels Back: 3 pixels Dummy bits: Horizontal.

MPX2202A : Compensated. MPX2202 200 Kpa On-chip Temperature Compensated And Calibrated Pressure Sensors.

QRS11 : Micromachined Angular Rate Sensor, Bei Gyrochip(tm). ­ Satellite Communication Antennas ­ Optical Line-of-Sight Systems ­ Missile Seekers The BEI GyroChipTM Model is a "MEMS " technology, solid-state "gyro on a chip." This DC input/high-level DC output device is fully self contained, extremely small and lightweight. No external support electronics are required. Since the inertial sensing element is comprised.

S5F425NX03 : 1/4 Inch CCD Image Sensor For NTSC Camera. The is an interline transfer CCD area image sensor developed for NTSC 1/4 inch optical format video cameras, surveillance cameras, object detectors and image pattern recognizers. High sensitivity is achieved through the adoption of Ye, Cy, Mg and G complementary color mosaic filters, on-chip micro lenses and HAD (Hole Accumulated Diode) photosensors.

TC277 : B/W Image Sensor. 735-x580-pixel CCD Image Sensor. High-Resolution, Solid-State Image Sensor for PAL B/W TV Applications 8-mm Image-Area Diagonal, Compatible With 1/2" Vidicon Optics 699 (H) x 288 (V) Active Elements in Image-Sensing Area Low Dark Current Electron-Hole Recombination Antiblooming Dynamic Range. More Than 70 dB High Sensitivity High Photoresponse Uniformity High Blue Response Single-Phase.

TCD1304AP : CCD Linear Image Sensor.

MPR121QR2 : Capacitive Touch Sensors Low Voltage Touch Pad. The Freescale Semiconductor MPR121 Proximity Capacitive Touch Sensor Controller is a second generation device with advanced that provide more reliable touch detection with increased electrode count. The Freescale Semiconductor MPR121 12 electrodes with an intelligent, flexible independent calibration feature.

27928 : Board Mount Pressure Sensors 30-120 kPA Sensor VTI SCP1000. » » » Pressure / Force Sensors Pressure / Force SensorsA pressure sensor transducer generates an electronic signal as a function of the pressure imposed. Pressure sensors are used for control and monitoring in thousands of everyday applications. s: Manufacturer: Parallax ; Product.

605-00008 : Flow Sensors CH4 Gas Sensor. » » » Flow Sensors Flow SensorsA pressure sensor transducer generates an electronic signal as a function of the pressure imposed. Pressure sensors are used for control and monitoring in thousands of everyday applications. s: Manufacturer: Parallax ; Product Category: Flow Sensors ; RoHS:  Details ; Supply.

3L05-10 : Thermostats 135-175F 20F Diff. SPST Open on Rise. Stancor offers Disc Thermostats with proven reliability in a compact, versatile, cost-effective design. High speed contact separation provides long contact life and statistical process control of the manufacturing process assures high product quality levels. The Stancor Disc Thermostats provide coverage.

ADIS16488/PCBZ : Low Profile, Low Noise Ten Degrees of Freedom Inertial Sensor. Inertial Sensor 16-Pin.

AS5161-EK-AB : Position Sensor Development Tools Adapter Board. s: Manufacturer: ams ; Tool Is For Evaluation Of: AS5161 ; Operating Voltage: 5 V ; Data Bus Width: 12 bit ; Packaging: Bulk ; Series: AS5161 ; Software: Software Not Included.

AH1895-Z-7 : Board Mount Hall Effect / Magnetic Sensors Hall Effect Switch 1.6V to 3.6V 4.3uA. Diodes AH1895 is a medium sensitivity micropower Omnipolar Hall effect switch IC with internal pull up and pull down capability. Designed for portable and battery powered equipment such as cellular phones and portable PCs to home appliances and industrial applications,.

SHT20 : Board Mount Humidity Sensors Humid & Temp Sensor. Sensirion is the world's leading manufacturer of digital relative humidity and temperature sensors. By pioneering digital humidity sensors 15 years ago, Sensirion has defined an industry standard with the SHTxx series. Sensirion offers best-in-class products, unmatched experience and excellent application.

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