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CategorySensors => Hallogic Sensors
DescriptionHallogic Sensor Hall Sensor Plastic Hall Effect Sensor
CompanyOptek Technology, Inc.
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OHS3019U Hallogic Sensor Hall Sensor Plastic Hall Effect Sensor
OHS3119U Hallogic Hall Effect Sensor
OHS3120U Hallogic Sensor Hall Sensor Plastic Hall Effect Sensor

OPB962P51 : Slotted Switch Slotted Switch Interuptive Switch Dual Channel Encolder 890mn

OVTL09LGAX : 10-watt Lednium SMD Series

KT932 : Slotted Optical Switches Photo Integrated Circuit

OPB910L : Photologic Slotted Optical Switches Types Opb900l,opb910l

KT892N55 : Slotted Optical Switches Phototramsistor Output

3119U : Hallogic Hall Effect Sensors Type Ohn3119u, Ohs3119u

OVM18F4G7 : LED Lighting Fixtures Green, 525nm 4-LED Module Optek LED module strips are a flexible and scalable lighting solution that provides fast response times and low power consumption that results in low power requirements from circuit power supplies. These Optek LED light strips are available in red, amber, green, and white and are available in three

OPB992L15Z : 3.11 mm SLOT WIDTH, 1 CHANNEL SLOTTED OPTICAL SWITCH LOGIC OUTPUT Specifications: Operating Temperature: -40 to 158 F (233 to 343 K)

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ADXL202AE : 2 G Dual Axis Accelerometer The ADXL202E is a Low-cost, Low-power, Complete 2-axis Accelerometer With a Measurement Range of 2 g. The ADXL202 CAN Measure Both Dynamic Acceleration (e.g., Vibration) And Static Acceleration (e.g., Gravity). 2-Axis Acceleration Sensor on a Single ic Chip 5mm X 5mm X 2 MM Ultrasmall Chip Scale Package 2 MG Resolution at 60 HZ Low Power.

HMR4007 : Linear Position Sensor Module. Solid State Electronics Center (800) 323-8295 Page 1 The Honeywell is an electronic linear position sensing solution for use in commercial and industrial application environments. A stationary array of Honeywell's magnetoresistive (MR) sensors is utilized to quickly and accurately monitor the position of a small magnet attached.

HV7121B : 3.3 V , 15 Mhz, CMOS Image Sensor With 8-bit ADC. is a highly integrated single chip CMOS color image sensor using Hynix 0.5um CMOS process developed for image application to realize high efficiency R/G/B photo sensor. The sensor has 414X314 pixels total, and 400X300 pixels effective. Each pixel is high photo sensitive, small size active pixel element that converts photons to analog voltage signal.

QT300-D : Single Channel Charge-transfer Touch & Proximity Sensor.

TC221 : B/W Image Sensor. Small-format CCD Image Sensor. Full-Frame Operation ­ 190 (H) × 190 (V) Active Elements for ­ 285 (H) × 285 (V) Active Elements for ­ 102 (H) × 102 (V) Active Elements for TC227 Dark-Reference Pixels 9-µm Square Pixels Single-Phase Clocking Low Dark Current Dynamic Range. More Than 60 dB High Photoresponse Uniformity High Sensitivity Low-Noise Operation Solid State Reliability With.

TC650 : Fan Controllers/Fan Fault Detectors. The TC650/651 Are Integrated Temperature Sensors And Brushless DC Fan Speed Controllers.

UR7HCTS2 : PS/2, Asynchronous Serial, and SPI Interface Touch Screen Controller The UR7HCTS2 ScreenCoder® is a touch screen controller with an integrated digitizer. It works with any 4-wire, 5-wire, or 8-wire resistive touch screen, regardless of size or manufacturer. The controller interfaces to the host system via PS/2, asynchronous serial, or SPI (serial peripheral.

TMP411 : The TMP411 is a remote temperature sensor monitor with a built-in local temperature sensor. The remote temperature sensor diode-connected transistors are typically low-cost, NPN- or PNP-type transistors or diodes that are an integral part of microcontrollers, microprocessors, or FPGAs. Remote accuracy is ±1°C for multiple IC manufacturers, with no calibration.

ADXL325 : Small, Low Power, 3-Axis ±6 G Accelerometer The ADXL325 is a small, low power, complete 3-axis accelerometer with signal conditioned voltage outputs. The product measures acceleration with a minimum full-scale range of ±5 g. It can measure the static acceleration of gravity in tiltsensing applications, as well as dynamic acceleration resulting from.

MAX11810 : Advanced Touch Interface Solution With Haptic Controller Plus Driver And Proximity Sensing The MAX11810/MAX11811 low-power touch interface solutions operate from a single 1.7V to 3.6V supply, and target power-sensitive applications such as handheld equipment. The ICs include a 4-wire resistive touch-screen controller, a haptic motor controller plus.

MMA6811BKW : Dual-Axis SPI Inertial Sensor MMA68xx is a SPI-based, 2-axis, medium-g, over-damped lateral accelerometer designed for use in automotive airbag systems. • ±20g to ±120 g full-scale range, independently specified for each axis • 3.3V or 5V single supply operation • SPI-compatible serial interface.

MPVZ5004G6U : Board Mount Pressure Sensors SM OUTLINE SMT SIFEL GEL. » » » Pressure / Force Sensors Pressure / Force Sensors A pressure sensor transducer generates an electronic signal as a function of the pressure imposed. Pressure sensors are used for control and monitoring in thousands of everyday applications. s: Manufacturer: Freescale Semiconductor.

MK26-1C90C-500W : Proximity Sensors 1 Form C, SPST-NC 10W, AT 1520. » » » Proximity Sensors Proximity Sensors A photoelectric sensor, or photoeye, is a device used to detect the distance, absence, or presence of an object by using a light transmitter (often infrared) and a photoelectric receiver. They are used extensively in industrial manufacturing.

32208392 : Industrial Temperature Sensors M422 Pt 100 ClassB clad Ni- wire. s: Manufacturer: Heraeus ; Function: Resistance Temperature Detector ; Temperature Range: - 70 C to + 500 C ; Supply Current: 0.3 mA to 1 mA ; Mounting Style: Through Hole ; Packaging: Bulk ; Product: Temperature Sensors ; Resistance: 100 Ohms.

FDC2114RGHT : Proximity Sensors EMI-Resistant 12-Bit Capacitance to Digital Converter for Proximity and Level Sensing 16-WQFN -40 to 125. Texas Instruments FDC2x1x 28 or 12 Bit Capacitance-to-Digital Converters are a multi-channel family of noise- and EMI-resistant, high-resolution, high-speed capacitance-to-digital converters for implementing capacitive sensing.

KXR94-2050-FR : Accelerometers Triaxis accel 3.3V analog low noise. Kionix KXD94 accelerometers and inclinometers consist of a sensor element and an ASIC in a 5x5x1.2mm DFN package. The KXD94 provides a high signal to noise ration with excellent performance over temperature. It can accept voltages between 2.5 and 5.25V. The sensitivity is factory programmable for applications.

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