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CategoryPower Management => Regulators => Linear Voltage Regulators => LDO (Low Drop Out) => Low Drop Regulater with standby
TitleLow Drop Regulater with standby
DescriptionV<SUB>CC</SUB>(V) = 14.4 ;; P<SUB>D</SUB>(W) = 0.255 ;; V<SUB>O</SUB>(V) = 1.8 ;; I<SUB>O(Peak)</SUB>(A) = ;; V<SUB>DIF</SUB>(V) = 0.45 ;; Package =
CompanyPanasonic Industrial Company/Electronic Components
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Features, Applications

5-pin, low dropout voltage regulator with standby function (500 mA type)

The AN80MxxRSP series 0.5 A, low dropout voltage regulator IC with standby function, featuring low current consumption and low noise.

Standby consumption current: max. 3 A Dropout voltage: 0.25 V Output voltage accuracy: 3% 5-pin surface mounting package Ripple rejection ratio: = 500 kHz) Output voltage: 5.3 V

Note) The package of this product will be changed to lead-free type (SP-5SUA). See the new package dimensions section later of this datasheet.

Overcurrent limitter Inrush current protection Thermal protection R2 R1

Pin No. Input voltage pin (VIN) Control pin (Cont.) High: operation, Low: stop Electrically in common with radiation fin Open when the noise reduction function is not used Description

Noise reduction pin (N.R.) Output voltage pin (VOUT)
Parameter Supply voltage Supply current Power dissipation

Note) 1. The output voltage may exceed the rated value 150C in no-load condition. Set Tj is likely to exceed 150C. 2. This IC is not suitable for automobile equipment use. 3. *1: The above power dissipation shows the value of an independent IC without heat sink = 85C. For details, refer to "2. Power dissipation of SP-5SU package" in the Application Notes. *2: Except for the operating ambient temperature and storage temperature, all ratings are for = 25C.

Part No. AN80M52RSP AN80M53RSP Output voltage Operating supply voltage range (VCC) to 14.0 Unit


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