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DescriptionHigh-speed Low Power Consumption 10-bit D/A Converter
CompanyPanasonic Industrial Company/Electronic Components
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Features, Applications

The a 10-bit D/A converter for image processing which has realized low power comsumption by using the Bi-CMOS process.

10-bit resolution High speed : maximum conversion rate of 50MSPS Low power comsumption : 150mW TTL compatible input level Single 5V power supply Built-in reference power supply

Image equipment such as hi-vision device OA equipment such as image scanner Measuring equipment such as digital oscilloscope

Parameter Resolution Linearity error Differential linearity error Maximum conversion rate RREF = 75 VREFO ­VREFI = 1.4V Condition

Paremeter Supply voltage Digital input voltage Analogue output current Reference input voltage Power dissipation Operating ambient temperature Storage temperature Symbol VCC VIN IO VREFI PD Topr Tstg Rating 0.3 to DVCC 0.3 to AVCC to +150 Unit mW °C

Parameter Supply current Digital input leak current REFI input leak current Reference output voltage Linearty error Differential linearty error Maximum conversion rate Full-scale output voltage Zero-scale output voltage Settling time Symbol ICC ILK1 ILK2 VREFO ED FC VFS VZS tST RREF= 470 RO= 75 VREF0 ­VREFI= 1.4V VIN= 0V, 5V VIN= 0V, 5V IREFO= 3.0mA Rating min typ 30 max Unit µA V LSB MSPS V ns

Parameter Supply voltage Regerence voltage vREFO = 2.7V Output load resistance Digital input voltage Clock input pulse width Setting-up time Holding time *1 : Refer to the timing chart. : tWH+tWL20ns Symbol VCC VREFI RO VIH VIL tWH tWL = 75, RREF = 470 Conditions min 4.75 typ 1.3 75 max 5.25 Unit ns

Pin No. Symbol NC DGND AGND OUT REFO REFI VIB COMP IREF AVCC Digital GND Analogue GND Analogue GND Analogue output Reference voltage output Reference voltage input Stabilized capacitive pin Compensation capacitive pin Reference current pin Analogue power supply Analogue power supply Pin name No connection pin Pin No. Symbol DVCC CLK D1 D0 Clock input Digital input 1-bit (MSB) Digital input 2-bit Digital input 3-bit Digital input 4-bit Digital input 5-bit Digital input 6-bit Digital input 7-bit Digital input 8-bit Digital input 9-bit Digital input 10-bit (LSB) Pin name Digital power supply


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S1A2402C01 : = S1A2402C01 DC Motor Speed Controller ;; Function = Tape eq Amp ;; = Vcc=4V~12V,low Reference Voltage,low Quiscent Current(1.3mA),high Output Current ;; Package = TO92L ;; Production Status = Mass Production.

TA2068N : System Preamplifier For Single Cassette Deck.

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TDA1526 : Switch/Controls. TDA1526; Stereo-tone/volume Control Circuit. Product File under Integrated Circuits, IC01 May 1992 GENERAL The device is designed as an active stereo-tone/volume control for car radios, TV receivers and mains-fed equipment. It includes functions for bass and treble control, volume control with built-in contour (can be switched off) and balance. All these functions can be controlled by DC voltages.

TDA8261 : TV Tuner. TDA8261TW; Satellite Zero-if QPSK/8PSK Downconverter With PLL Synthesizer;; Package: SOT549-1 (HTSSOP32).

TLV320AIC1107 : . Handsets, Voice-Enabled Terminals, and Telecommunications Applications to 3.3-V Operation Selectable 13-Bit Linear or 8-Bit A-Law Companded Conversion Differential Microphone Input With External Gain Setting Differential Earphone Output Capable of Driving to 8- Load Programmable Volume Control in Linear Mode Microphone (MIC) and Earphone (EAR) Mute.

TMC57253 : Tc255 Driver. TTL-Compatible Inputs CCD-Compatible Outputs Adjustable Clock Levels High-Speed Clear Serial-Gate Midlevel for CDS Operation Solid-State Reliability The is a monolithic CMOS integrated circuit designed to drive image-area gates (IAG1, IAG2), antiblooming gate (ABG), storage-area gate (SAG), and serial-register gate (SRG) of the Texas Instruments (TITM).

XDR9828 : Image Processor/Correction. 10-bit Linear Cis/ccd Sensor Signal Processor With Parallel Interface.

LOG114 : The LOG114 is specifically designed for measuring low-level and wide dynamic range currents in communications, lasers, medical, and industrial systems. The device computes the logarithm or log-ratio of an input current or voltage relative to a reference current or voltage (logarithmic transimpedance amplifier). High precision is ensured over a wide.

MAX13301 : 4-Channel, Automotive Class D Audio Amplifier The MAX13301 combines four high-efficiency Class D amplifiers with integrated diagnostic hardware for reliable automotive audio systems, and delivers up to 80W at 10% THD+N per channel into 4? when operating from a 24V supply. The internal diagnostics evaluate each channel\'s output impedance to check for shorts.

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