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The is a BTL type 3-channel driver IC, adopting a current feedback system for 2 channels, which makes it optimum for an actuator and a motor driver of CD-ROM/DVD-ROM. It can also constitute an optimum system in combination with the AN8488SB, a spindle plus loading driver IC. A surface mount-type package of good heat radiation characteristic is used.

Little phase delay due to a current feedback system (2 channels for actuator) The remaining channel is available for either traverse or loading motor drive. Wide output dynamic range (4 V/IO = 800 mA) Standby function built in (all channels can be muted.) Thermal shut-down circuit built in With thermal flag pin

HSOP042-P-0400 Note) The package of this product will be changed to lead-free type (HSOP042-P-0400D). See the new package dimensions section later of this datasheet.

PVCC1 20 TFLG 1 2 VCC 17 Reset 18 VREF reset PC2 PGND2 SGND Fin 25 19 SVCC VCC det. 7

Pin No. Description Ch. 2 first stage feedback pin Ch. 2 first stage input pin Ch. 1 first stage input pin Ch. 1 first stage feedback pin Ch. 1 current feedback input pin Ch. 1 current feedback output pin Control side power supply pin Ch. 1 & ch. 2 power side power supply pin Ch. 1 reverse direction output pin N.C. Ch. 1 & Ch. 2 mute pin Ch. 2 forward direction output pin Ch. 1 & ch. 2 power side grounding pin Ch. 2 reverse direction output pin Ch. 2 forward direction output pin Pin No. Fin Description Ch. 3 reverse direction output pin Ch. 3 power side grounding pin Ch. 3 mute pin Ch. 3 forward direction output pin TDS flag pin Ch. 3 power side power supply pin N.C. Ch. 3 reverse rotation input pin Standby input pin Ch. 3 forward rotation input pin Reference voltage input pin Ch. 2 current feedback output pin Ch. 2 current feedback input pin Control side grounding pin

Parameter Supply voltage Supply voltage range Supply current

Note) *1: Except for the operating ambient temperature and storage temperature, all ratings are for A or less for channel 1 and channel 2, respectively. *3: Use within the range mW or less = 85C, following the allowable power dissipation characteristic curve of "I Application Notes".

Parameter Supply voltage Symbol SVCC , PVCC2 Range to 13.5 Unit V

Parameter Current consumption 1 (no signal) Current consumption 2 (no signal) Current consumption 1 (standby) Current consumption 2 (standby) Driver 1, Driver 2 Output offset voltage Gain Relative gain Maximum output amplitude Maximum output amplitude Symbol ISVO IPVO ISVSB IPVSB Conditions VIN2 = VREF 2.5 V VSB VIN2 = VREF 2.5 V VSB VIN2 = VREF 2.5 V VSB VIN2 = VREF 2.5 V VSB 0 V VIN = VREF VIN = VREF 50 mV VIN = 0.5 VIN = 0.5 Min Typ Max Unit mA


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