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CategoryInterface and Interconnect
Description4-channel Driver ic For Optical Disk Drive
CompanyPanasonic Industrial Company/Electronic Components
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Features, Applications

The a 4-channel driver IC of the BTL method. Ch.1 is used only for the loading motor with little gain dispersion.

For the loading motor channel, there are 4 modes, that is, forward rotation, reverse rotation, brake and standby modes, and you can select a mode among them. The gain it is fixed dB (0.5 dB) with a small dispersion among the products. 3.3 V supply voltage is available due to an external PNP-tr. Driver I/O gain setting is possible with an additional external resistor Since the output and input lines are separated and respectively collected together, pattern designing is relatively easy.

SVCC detector Direction detector Direction detector Direction detector Direction changeover Thermal protection circuit

Pin No. 1 Description Base control pin for an external transistor 3.3 V regulator V regulator output monitor pin N.C. pin Motor driver-4 input pin Motor driver-4 control pin 1 Motor driver-4 control pin 2 Power supply pin (SVCC) 1/2 PVCC output pin 2 Driver power supply pin 2 (PVCC2) Driver GND pin 2 (PGND2) Motor driver-4 reverse rotation output pin Motor driver-4 forward rotation output pin Motor driver-3 reverse rotation output pin Motor driver-3 forward rotation output pin

Description Motor driver-2 reverse rotation output pin Motor driver-2 forward rotation output pin Motor driver-1 reverse rotation output pin Motor driver-1 forward rotation output pin Driver GND pin 1 (PGND1) Driver power supply pin (PVCC1) 1/2 PVCC output pin 1 Op-amp. non-inverted input pin Op-amp. inverted input pin Op-amp. output pin Motor driver-1 input pin Motor driver-2 input pin Motor driver-3 input pin VREF input pin GND pin

Parameter Supply voltage Supply current Power dissipation

Note) *1: Except for the power dissipation, operating ambient temperature and storage temperature, all ratings are for = 85C. For the independent IC without a heat sink. Referring to "s Application Circuit Example", following the allowable power dissipation characteristic curve of "s Application Notes".

Parameter Supply voltage Symbol SVCC , PVCC2 Range to 14 Unit V

Parameter Current consumption with no load Motor driver 1 to motor driver 3 Input offset voltage Output offset voltage Gain Maximum output amplitude Maximum output amplitude Motor driver 4 Input bias current Forward rotation gain Reverse rotation gain Maximum output amplitude Maximum output amplitude Output leak current at standby VIOF VOOF G VL+ VL- VCC 10 k VCC 10 k VCC 10 k VCC 10 k VCC 10 k VCC 1 V, VCC 8 , VMC 1 V, VCC 8 , VMC 4 V, VCC 8 , VMC 4 V, VCC 8 , VMC 5 V Symbol ITOT Conditions VCC 1 V Min 5 Typ 10

Output offset voltage at braking VOF(BRK) 1 V, VCC 8 , VMC V MC1 pin, MC2 pin high-level threshold voltage MC1 pin, MC2 pin low-level threshold voltage Reset circuit Reset operation release supply voltage 3.3 V regulator Output voltage Output load fluctuation Supply voltage fluctuation Op-amp. Input offset voltage Input bias current VOF IBOP VCC 8 V VCC 8 V VREG VR VV VCC 8 V VCC 8 V VCC 12 V VRST IIN = 10 A, 10 k VMCH VMCL 1 V, VCC 1 V, VCC = 8


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HIP4082 : 80V/1.25A Peak Current Full Bridge Fet Driver. The is a medium frequency, medium voltage H-Bridge N-Channel MOSFET driver IC, available in 16 lead plastic SOIC (N) and DIP packages. Specifically targeted for PWM motor control and UPS applications, bridge based designs are made simple and flexible with the HIP4082 H-bridge driver. With operation to 80V, the device is best suited to applications of moderate.

IDT74FCT245AD : Fast CMOS Octal Bidirectional Transceivers. IDT54/74FCT245/640/645 equivalent to FASTTM speed and drive IDT54/74FCT245A/640A/645A 25% faster than FAST IDT54/74FCT245C/640C/645C 40% faster than FAST TTL input and output level compatible CMOS output level compatible IOL = 64mA (commercial) and 48mA (military) Input current levels only 5A max. CMOS power levels (2.5mW typical static) Direction.

INT200 : Low-side Drive And High-side Control With Simultaneous Conduction Lockout.

MAX3221CDBR : ti MAX3221, 3-V to 5.5-V Single-channel RS-232 Line Driver/receiver. TIA/EIA-232-F and ITU v.28 Standards Operates With to 5.5-V VCC Supply Operates To 250 kbit/s One Driver and One Receiver Low Standby Current. 1 A Typical External Capacitors. 0.1 F Accepts 5-V Logic Input With 3.3-V Supply Designed to Be Interchangeable With Maxim MAX3221 Alternative High-Speed Pin-Compatible Device (1 Mbit/s) SNx5C3221 RS-232 Bus-Pin.

MTM808 : Single Chip Usb 1.1 Flash Card/memory Controller With Embedded MP3 Decoder.

PCI1410GGU : CardBus Controllers. ti PCI1410, PC Card Controller.

RM3283 : Dual Arinc 429 Line Receiver. Two separate analog receiver channels Converts ARINC 429 levels to serial data Built-in TTL compatible complete channel test inputs TTL and CMOS compatible outputs Low power dissipation Internal bandgap Short circuit protected Available in 20-Lead ceramic DIP Input level shifting thin film resistors and bipolar technology allow ARINC input voltage transients.

SN65LVDS3486B : . Meets or Exceeds the Requirements of ANSI EIA/TIA-644 Standard for Signaling Rates to 400 Mbps Operates With a Single 3.3-V Supply to 4.4-V Common-Mode Input Voltage Range Differential Input Thresholds <50 mV With mV of Hysteresis Over Entire Common-Mode Input Voltage Range Integrated 110- Line Termination Resistors Offered With the LVDT Series Propagation.

SN75LBC180D : ti SN75LBC180, Low-power Differential Line Driver And Receiver Pair. SN65LBC180, SN75LBC180 LOW-POWER DIFFERENTIAL LINE DRIVER AND RECEIVER PAIRS Designed for High-Speed Multipoint Data Transmission Over Long Cables Operate With Pulse Durations as Low 30 ns Low Supply Current. 5 mA Max Meet or Exceed the Requirements of ANSI Standard RS-485 and ISO 8482:1987(E) 3-State Outputs for Party-Line Buses Common-Mode Voltage.

ST72P63BK1B1 : Low Speed Usb 8-bit MCU Family With Flash/rom, up to 512 Bytes RAM, 8-bit ADC, Wdg, Timer, Sci & i C.

TD62783AF : Package = SOP18 ;; Function = 8ch. Darlington Source Driver ;; Rating = 50V / 0.5A.

VT82C694XNORTHBRIDGE : System Controllers. Apollo Pro133a Performance Chipset. The VIA Apollo Pro133A delivers advanced performance through support for AGP 4X, 133MHz FSB, PC133 SDRAM, ATA-66 and other leading technologies. The Apollo Pro133A builds on the success of the Apollo Pro133, the industry's first available PC133 chipset. The Apollo Pro133A adds even more high-end while still maintaining its scalability and superior value.

NCN6804 : Dual Smart Card Interface The NCN6804 is a dual interface IC with serial control. It is dedicated for Smart Card/Secure Access Module (SAM) reader/writer applications. It allows the management of two external ISO/EMV cards (Class A, B or C). An SPI bus is used to control and configure the dual interface. The cards are controlled in a multiplexed mode.

SP4082E : RS-485/RS-422 Half-Duplex Transceiver * 5.0V Single Supply Operation * Receiver Failsafe on Open or Shorted Lines * 1/8th Unil Load, 256 Transceivers on Bus * Robust ESD Protection for RS-486 Pins +/-V Humanb Body Model * Controlled Driver Slew Rates- 115kbps, Low EMI * Driver Short Circuit Current Limit nd Thermal Shutdown for Overload Protection * Industry.

MAX13223E : 70V Fault-Protected, 3.0V To 5.5V, 2Tx/2Rx RS-232 Transceiver The MAX13223E is a +3.0V to +5.5V-powered EIA/TIA-232 and V.28 communications interface with fault protection on the RS-232 line interface. This allows shorts of the transmitter outputs and receiver inputs to voltages in the 70V range without adversely affecting the MAX13223E..

ISL32457EIUZ-T7A : ±60V Fault Protected, 3.3V To 5V, ±20V Common Mode Range, RS-485/RS-422 Transceivers With Cable Invert And ±15kV ESD The ISL32450E through ISL32457E are 3.3V to 5V powered, fault protected, extended common mode range differential transceivers for balanced communication. The RS-485 bus pins (driver outputs and receiver inputs) are protected against.

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