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CategoryAnalog & Mixed-Signal Processing
DescriptionCd-da Head Amplifier ic For 3-beam System Optical Pick-up
CompanyPanasonic Industrial Company/Electronic Components
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Features, Applications

CD-DA head amplifier IC for 3-beam system optical pick-up

The is a head amplifier IC for digital servo. It can configure an efficient CD system in combination with the MN6627XX series, and allows a fullautomatic adjustment of tracking balance-gain-offset and focus balance-gain-offset with fewer external parts.

Operating supply voltage VCC 5.5 V Balance adjustment function built-in Focus error amp./tracking error amp. OFTR/BDO detection Standby function built in APC amp.

Pin No. Description Tracking signal input pin 1 Tracking signal input pin 2 Power supply pin Focus signal input pin 1 Focus signal input pin 2 APC amp. input pin APC amp. output pin RF adding output pin Input pin for the detection circuits Capacitor connection pin for OFTR Capacitor connection pin for HPF amp. BDO output pin APC control pin GND pin Pin No.

Description NRFDET output pin Power-down input pin OFTR output pin N.C. 3TENV output pin N.C TE amp. input pin TE amp. output pin FE amp. output pin FE amp. input pin VREF output pin TBAL control pin FBAL control pin

Parameter Supply voltage Supply current Power dissipation Operating ambient temperature Storage temperature

Note) Except for the operating ambient temperature and storage temperature, all ratings are for = 25C.

Parameter Supply voltage Symbol VCC Range to 5.5 Unit V


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