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CompanyPanasonic Industrial Company/Electronic Components
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Head amplifier IC for CD-ROM drive (for 24 times speed or more)

The is a head amplifier IC for digital servo. It can configure an efficient CD-ROM system in combination with the MN662752, and allows a full-automatic adjustment of tracking balance-gain-offset and focus balance-gain-offset with fewer external parts. Built-in functions are a variable equalizer, wide band RF amp. and AGC which meet CAV playback with 24 times speed or more.

Variable equalizer which meets CAV playback with 24 times speed or more CAV playback. Wide band RF amp. and AGC (fC = 20 MHz or more (-3 dB)) Balance adjustment function built-in Focus error amp./tracking error amp. CD-RW playback compatible. Variable gain Focus error amp./tracking error amp. (to +16.9 dB) OFTR/BDO detection APC amp.

SSOP036-P-0450A Note) The package of this product will be changed to lead-free type (SSOP036-P-0450C). See the new package dimensions section later of this datasheet.

Pin No. Description APC amp. input pin APC amp. output pin RF addition amp. inverted input pin Power supply pin 1 RF addition amp. output pin EQ characteristics control pin Power supply pin 2 Capacitor connection pin for HPF of AGC input AGC loop filter connection pin AGC output pin Capacitor connection pin for HPF amp. 3TENV output pin Capacitor connection pin for RF dark-side envelope detection 14 15 BDO output pin Capacitor connection pin for RF right-side envelope detection 16 17 OFTR output pin NRFDET output pin Pin No. GND pin APC & masking control pin VREF1 output pin CROSS output pin VREF2 output pin Capacitor connection pin for CROSS TE amp. inverted input pin TE amp. output pin FE amp. inverted input pin FE amp. output pin GCTRL pin FBAL control pin TBAL control pin Tracking signal input pin 1 Tracking signal input pin 2 Focus signal input pin 4 Focus signal input pin 2 Focus signal input pin 3 Focus signal input pin 1 Description

Parameter Supply voltage 1 Supply voltage 2 Supply current 1 Supply current 2

Note) *1: Except for the power dissipation, operating ambient temperature and storage temperature, all ratings are for VCC2 ICC2


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HMP8170 : NTSC. Ntsc/pal Video Encoder. The HMP8171, HMP8172, and HMP8173 NTSC and PAL encoders are designed for use in systems requiring the generation of high-quality NTSC and PAL video. YCbCr digital video data drive the P0-P15 inputs. The Y data is optionally lowpass filtered to 6MHz and drives the Y analog output. Cb and Cr are each lowpass filtered to 1.3MHz, quadrature modulated, and added.

NJU26106 : Dolby Pro Logic ii / Virtual Dolby Surround Decoder. Dolby Pro Logic II / Virtual Dolby Surround Decoder The is a digital audio signal decoder that provides the function of Dolby Pro Logic II and Virtual Dolby Surround. The NJU26106 processes the stereo matrix-encoded signal into spacious sound of 5.1 channels by Dolby Pro Logic II and Bass Management System. Also non matrix-encoded audio signal can be processed.

STV0681A : Co-Processor. Dual Mode Digital Camera Chipset. STMicroelectronics Imaging Division has produced the camera co-processor STV0681 which, used with CIF/VGA sensors as part of a low cost dualmode camera chipset, allows a new line of low cost cameras or toy products to be brought to the market. is a mask ROM version of STV0680B, programmed with v3.00 Firmware. ST have maintained the standard already.

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YH-7C12 : Image Processor/Correction. For CCD Camera Module.

TAS5601 : 20-W Stereo Digital Amplifier Power Stage With Feedback The TAS5601 is a 20-W (per channel) efficient, stereo digital amplifier power stage for driving 4 single-ended speakers, 2 bridge-tied speakers, or combination of single and bridge-tied loads. The TAS5601 can drive a speaker with an impedance as low as 4. The high efficiency, >90% into 8- loads,.

NJW1222 : 4.1-channel Electronic Volume With 3 Band Equalizer The NJW1222 is a 4.1-channel electronic volume with input selector. It includes 6-input stereo audio selector, master volume, fader volume, sub-woofer volume, mix signal volume, 3 band graphic equalizer, loudness, high pass filter, low pass filter, Level Meter function.The NJW1222 performs low noise.

TLV320AIC3253IRGET : Ultra Low Power Stereo Audio Codec With Embedded MiniDSP The TLV320AIC3253 (sometimes referred to as the AIC3253) is a flexible, low-power, low-voltage stereo audio codec with digital microphone inputs and programmable outputs, PowerTune capabilities, fully-programmable miniDSP, fixed predefined and parameterizable signal processing blocks, integrated.

SM5816AF : Industry\'s First Multi-channel DSD To PCM Converter LSI For 6-channel SACD Playback DSD is the SACD signal format of a 1-bit signal stream of 64-times CD sampling-rate. By using NPC\'s dedicated signal processing technology, the SM5816AF performs a real-time conversion from a 6-channel DSD signal to a 6-channel PCM signal of 2-times or 8-times CD sampling-rate.

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