Details, datasheet, quote on part number: FBK04A12LSA
DescriptionLocked Rotor Protection Circuits Automatically Restarts in a few Seconds Reverse Voltage Protection
CompanyPanasonic Industrial Company/Electronic Components
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Features, Applications

Housing with solid corner type are available.

Signal given when fan is running VH VL Signal given when fan is locked VH VL

available in all models. For Blowers and Crossflo fans, a locked sensor can be provided as an option. A pulse sensor that transmits

signals when the motor rotates is also available as an option. The 2 pulse per revolution sensor output is available in all FBA Series models except the 15 mm "T" versions.

If fan locks on VH, signal stays locked. If fan locks on VL, signal stays at VL for a few hundred MS, then moves to VH. (A:B A 100MS)

Lead Wire Connectors: Style: MASS TERMINATION (standard) AMP P/N 173977-3 CRIMP TYPE (this style a 2 piece assembly) AMP P/N 175778-3 (housing) AMP P/N 175102-1 (terminal) Notes:Connector style effects lead wire guage. Please refer to fan specs for further details. All axial fans except the FBA06T, FBA08T and FBKO4F versions come standard with the mass termination connector. The FBA06T, FBA08T and FBKO4F fan leads are connected directly to the PC board in the fan assembly. All FCB Crossflo models and FAL Blower fan leads are soldered directly to the PC board in the fan assembly.

High Reliability with HWB (Hydro Wave Bearing)
Figure 1: Pressure distribution in each load direction.

Panaflo's unique hydrowave bearing (HWB) addresses the traditional weakness of sleeve bearings...axial friction. By utilizing our unique HWB system, the thrust plate "floats" on a circulating film of oil, which greatly reduces the axial friction and the bearing's deterioration. The HWB pattern on the bearing virtually eliminates thrust plate contact which is depicted above. As the shaft rotates it acts as a pump constantly circulating the oil in the radial, as well as the axial direction. The sealed system and reservoirs of oil maintain the proper lubrication to minimize mechanical contact and prolong the fan's life expectancy. The radial direction analysis shown above is essentially the same as a traditional sleeve bearing. Panasonic's unique HWB reduces the axial contact.


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