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CategoryPower Management => Protection and Isolation => Circuit Protector Elements
TitleCircuit Protector Elements
DescriptionRated Current(A) = 2.7 ;; Shut-off Current(typ.) ± 20%(A) = ;; Internal Resistance(typ.)(mw ) = 18 ;; Rated Voltage(V) = 50 ;; Operating Ambient Temperature(°C) = -55 to +125 ;; Storage Temperature(°C) = -55 to +125 ;; Package = M-B1
CompanyPanasonic Industrial Company/Electronic Components
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Features, Applications

Parameter Operating ambient temperature Storage temperature Symbol Topr Tstg Rating to +125 Unit C

Parameter Rated voltage Rated current Internal resistance Cutoff current Standard temperature rise 13.5 Min Typ Max Unit V

Package shall be overheated and dangerous for overcurrent. This device should be used only to the secondary circuit. Package will be damaged for added overpower. This device is not electrical fuse legally. Please draw a clear line between electrical fuse from this device.

Note) The part number in the parenthesis shows conventional part number.

Sharp cutoff characteristics and low voltage drop Flame retardant package and low heat generation. The package is molded with high dimensional accuracy.


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UN1110 Marking = ;; VCEO(V) = -50 ;; IC(A) = -0.1 ;; PT(W) = 0.4 ;; R1(kW ) = 47 ;; R2(kW ) = ;; Package = M-A1
UN1121 Marking = ;; VCEO(V) = -50 ;; IC(A) = -0.5 ;; PT(W) = 0.6 ;; R1(kW ) = 2.2 ;; R2(kW ) = 2.2 ;; Package = M-A1
UN1210 Marking = ;; VCEO(V) = 50 ;; IC(A) = 0.1 ;; PT(W) = 0.4 ;; R1(kW ) = 47 ;; R2(kW ) = ;; Package = M-A1
UN1221 Marking = ;; VCEO(V) = 50 ;; IC(A) = 0.5 ;; PT(W) = 0.6 ;; R1(kW ) = 2.2 ;; R2(kW ) = 2.2 ;; Package = M-A1
UN1231 Marking = ;; VCEO(V) = 20 ;; IC(A) = 0.7 ;; PT(W) = 0.01 ;; R1(kW ) = 1 ;; R2(kW ) = 0.021 ;; Package = M-A1
UN206 VCEO(V) = 18 ;; IC(A) = 1 ;; PT(W) = 0.5 ;; Package = SO10-G1
UN2110 Marking = 6L ;; VCEO(V) = -50 ;; IC(A) = -0.1 ;; PT(W) = 0.2 ;; R1(kW ) = 47 ;; R2(kW ) = ;; Package = Mini3-G1
UN2121 Marking = 7A ;; VCEO(V) = -50 ;; IC(A) = -0.5 ;; PT(W) = 0.2 ;; R1(kW ) = 2.2 ;; R2(kW ) = 2.2 ;; Package = Mini3-G1
UN2154 Marking = ev ;; VCEO(V) = -30 ;; IC(A) = -0.1 ;; PT(W) = 0.2 ;; R1(kW ) = 10 ;; R2(kW ) = 47 ;; Package = Mini3-G1
UN216 VCEO(V) = -10/10 ;; IC(A) = -3/3 ;; PT(W) = 0.5 ;; Package = SO14-G1
UN217 VCEO(V) = -10/10 ;; IC(A) = -1/1 ;; PT(W) = 0.5 ;; Package = SO10-G1
UN2210 Marking = 8L ;; VCEO(V) = 50 ;; IC(A) = 0.1 ;; PT(W) = 0.2 ;; R1(kW ) = 47 ;; R2(kW ) = ;; Package = Mini3-G1
UN222 VCEO(V) = -10/10 ;; IC(A) = -3/3 ;; PT(W) = 0.5 ;; Package = SO14-G1
UN2221 Marking = 9A ;; VCEO(V) = 50 ;; IC(A) = 0.5 ;; PT(W) = 0.2 ;; R1(kW ) = 2.2 ;; R2(kW ) = 2.2 ;; Package = Mini3-G1
UN2225 Marking = FZ ;; VCEO(V) = 20 ;; IC(A) = 0.6 ;; PT(W) = 0.2 ;; R1(kW ) = 10 ;; R2(kW ) = ;; Package = Mini3-G1
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5962-87681022A : Current Mode. ti UC1825A, High Speed PWM Controller. Improved versions of the UC3823/UC3825 PWMs Compatible with Voltage or Current-Mode Topologies Practical Operation at Switching Frequencies 1MHz 50ns Propagation Delay to Output High Current Dual Totem Pole Outputs (2A Peak) Trimmed Oscillator Discharge Current Low 100A Startup Current Pulse-by-Pulse Current Limiting Comparator Latched Overcurrent.

6595 : . POWER GROUND LOGIC SUPPLY SERIAL DATA IN OUT 0 OUT 1 OUT 2 OUT 3 REGISTER CLEAR OUTPUT ENABLE POWER GROUND POWER GROUND LOGIC GROUND SERIAL DATA OUT 7 OUT 6 OUT 5 OUT 4 CLOCK STROBE POWER GROUND The A6595KA and A6595KLW combine an 8-bit CMOS shift register and accompanying data latches, control circuitry, and DMOS power driver outputs. Power driver.

CMPR300 : 500ma Smartor(tm) Dual Regulator With V(aux) Switch.

CS5150GD16 : Controllers. Cpu 4-Bit Synchronous Buck Controller , Package: Soic, Pins=16.


EDB101 : Glass Passivated Super Fast Silicon Surface Mount Bridge Rectifier. GLASS PASSIVATED SUPER FAST SILICON SURFACE MOUNT BRIDGE RECTIFIER Good for automatic insertion Surge overloading rating - 50 amperes peak Ideal for printed circuit board Reliable low cost construction utilizing molded Glass passivated device Polarity symbols molded on body Mounting position: Any Weight: 1.0 gram * UL listed the recognized component.

FM1233ED : 2.72V, Active Low Precision Reset Generator Circuit. The is a supervisor circuit that monitors a microprocessor power supply or other system voltage and issues a reset pulse when a fault condition exists. Several different threshold voltages are offered to accommodate 3V systems with different tolerances. The device a precision temperature-compensated voltage reference and comparator. When VCC falls to the threshold.

IRU1502 : Micropower 1A Fixed LDO Linear Regulator. MICROPOWER 1A LOW DROPOUT PMOS VOLTAGE REGULATOR Stable with Ceramic Capacitor Small, Space Saving MLPM 6-Pin Package Guaranteed < 1V Dropout at Full Load Current Fast Transient Response Ultra-Low Ground Current Output Current Limiting Built-In Thermal Shutdown The is a PMOS low dropout, linear regulator and it is capable of supplying 1A of continuous.

LT1087CK : Adjustable Low Dropout Regulator With Kelvin-sense Inputs.

LT1776 : Step-Down. LT1776, 40V, High Efficiency, Step-down Switching Regulator.

PT3100-24V : 15 Watt 24v to 5v/12v/15v ISOlated DC-DC Converter. Application Notes Mechanical Outline Product Selector Guide Power Density 15 Watts/in3 Wide Input Voltage Range 40V 81% Efficiency 500 VDC Isolation Small Footprint No External Components Required Power Trends' PT3105A (12V) and PT3106A (15V) Isolated DC-DC Converters advance the state-of-the-art for board-mounted converters by employing high switching.

TPS76701 : . 1 A Low-Dropout Voltage Regulator Available 3.3-V, 5.0-V Fixed Output and Adjustable Versions Dropout Voltage Down A (TPS76750) Ultralow 85 A Typical Quiescent Current Fast Transient Response 2% Tolerance Over Specified Conditions for Fixed-Output Versions Open Drain Power-On Reset With 200-ms Delay (See TPS768xx for PG Option) 8-Pin SOIC and 20-Pin.

X25323 : Programmable Watchdog Timer & V CC Supervisory Circuit W/serial E2 Prom.

ZXCP330E6 : 3.3 V, Switched Capacitor DC-DC Converter. The ZXCP330 is the first in a series of switched capacitor to DC converters, converting an input voltage from between 2 volts and 4.4 volts to a regulated output voltage of 3.3V with a maximum load current of 40mA. The device operates with one flying capacitor and two small bypass capacitors at input and output making for a very small solution. Very.

IR3802AMPBF : 6A 300KHz High Freq Sync Buck Regulator With Over Current Protection And Temperature Shutdown 6A 300KHz High Freq Sync Buck Regulator with Over Current Protection and Temperature Shutdown.

DS2711 : Loose Cell NiMH Chargers The DS2711 and DS2712 are ideal for in-system or stand-alone charging of 1 or 2 AA or AAA NiMH \"loose\" cells. Temperature, voltage, and charge time are monitored to provide proper fast charging control algorithms for nickel metal hydride (NiMH) batteries. Battery tests are included to detect defective or inappropriate cells.

INA199A2 : Voltage Output, High Or Low Side Measurement, Bi-Directional Zero-Drift Series The INA199Ax series of voltage output current shunt monitors can sense drops across shunts at common-mode voltages from 0.3V to 26V, independent of the supply voltage. Three fixed gains are available: 50V/V, 100V/V, and 200V/V. The low offset of the Zer-Drift architecture.

MCP1623 : Low-Voltage Input Boost Regulator For PIC MCUs The MCP1624/3 are compact, high-efficiency, fixed frequency, synchronous step-up DC-DC converters. Both provide an easy-to-use power supply solution for applications powered by either one/two/three-cell alkaline, NiCd, NiMH, one-cell Li-Ion or Li-Polymer batteries. The MCP1624/3 can be paired with any PIC.

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