Details, datasheet, quote on part number: P8TG-1205Z21H35
CategoryPower Management => DC-DC Converters
DescriptionPower/w = 1,5 ;; Input/vdc = 9-18/18-36/36-72 ;; Output/vdc = +/-3,3/5/12/15/18Regulated ;; ISOlation = 3500V ;; Package = DIP24
CompanyPEAK electronics
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Features, Applications

(Typical 25 C, nominal input voltage, rated output current unless otherwise specified) Input Specifications Voltage range Filter Isolation Specifications Rated voltage Leakage current Resistance Capacitance Output Specifications Voltage accuracy Ripple and noise (at 20 MHz BW) Short circuit protection Line voltage regulation Load voltage regulation Temperature coefficient General Specifications Efficiency Switching frequency Environmental Specifications Operating temperature (ambient) Storage temperature Derating Humidity Cooling Physical Characteristics Dimensions Weight Case material - 18 VDC (12 VDC), - 36 VDC (24 VDC) - 72 VDC (48 VDC) Pi Network 3500 Vdc mA 109 Ohm 80 pF typ. 1 % typ. +/-2% max. 60 mV p-p, max. Continuous , restart automatic 0,5 % max. 0,5 % max. % 250 KHz, typ. 125 C See graph to 90 non condensing Free air convection x 0,40 inches 14,5 g Non conductive black plastic


Connection Dual Omitted - V Input - V Input Common Omitted - V Output Omitted + V Output Omitted Common + V Input + V Input Omitted


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P8TG-1205Z21M Power/w = 1,5 ;; Input/vdc = 9-18/18-36/36-72 ;; Output/vdc = +/-3,3/5/12/15/18Regulated ;; ISOlation = 1500V ;; Package = DIP24M
P8TG-1212E21 Power/w = 1,5 ;; Input/vdc = 9-18/18-36/36-72 ;; Output/vdc = 3,3/5/12/15/18Regulated ;; ISOlation = 1500V ;; Package = DIP24
P8TG-123R3E21H35M Input Voltage:9-18V, Output Voltage 3.3V (400mA), 3.5KV ISOlated 1.5W Regulated Single Output
P8TG-123R3E21M Power/w = 1,5 ;; Input/vdc = 9-18/18-36/36-72 ;; Output/vdc = 3,3/5/12/15/18Regulated ;; ISOlation = 1500V ;; Package = DIP24M
P8TG-123R3Z21 Power/w = 1,5 ;; Input/vdc = 9-18/18-36/36-72 ;; Output/vdc = +/-3,3/5/12/15/18Regulated ;; ISOlation = 1500V ;; Package = DIP24
P8TG-2405E21 Power/w = 1,5 ;; Input/vdc = 9-18/18-36/36-72 ;; Output/vdc = 3,3/5/12/15/18Regulated ;; ISOlation = 1500V ;; Package = DIP24
P8TG-2405E41 Power/w = 1,5 ;; Input/vdc = 9-36/18-72 ;; Output/vdc = 3,3/5/12/15/18Regulated ;; ISOlation = 1500V ;; Package = DIP24
P8TG-2405Z21 Power/w = 1,5 ;; Input/vdc = 9-18/18-36/36-72 ;; Output/vdc = +/-3,3/5/12/15/18Regulated ;; ISOlation = 1500V ;; Package = DIP24

P10TG-2405Z21H35M : Power/w = 2 ;; Input/vdc = 9-18/18-36/36-72 ;; Output/vdc = +/-3,3/5/12/15/18Regulated ;; ISOlation = 3500V ;; Package = DIP24M

P10TG-4815Z41H35 : Power/w = 2 ;; Input/vdc = 9-36/18-72 ;; Output/vdc = +/-3,3/5/12/15/18Regulated ;; ISOlation = 3500V ;; Package = DIP24

P26TG-2412E41H35 : Power/w = 6 ;; Input/vdc = 9-36/18-72 ;; Output/vdc = 3,3/5/12/15/18Regulated ;; ISOlation = 3500V ;; Package = DIP24

P26TG-4812Z41H35M : Power/w = 6 ;; Input/vdc = 9-36/18-72 ;; Output/vdc = +/-3,3/5/12/15/18 Regulated ;; ISOlation = 3500V ;; Package = DIP24M

PD6NG-1215Z21 : Power/w = 1 ;; Input/vdc = 4.5-9/9-18/18-36/36-72 ;; Output/vdc = +/- 3.3, 5, 9, 12, 15 And 24 ;; ISOlation = 1000 VDC ;; Package = Sip 8

PEN3-4815E21 : Power/w = 2 - 3 ;; Input/vdc = 9-18/18-36/36-72 ;; Output/vdc = 5/12/15 ;; ISOlation = 1500V ;; Package = DIP24

PEN5-4815Z21 : Power/w = 4 -6 ;; Input/vdc = 9-18/18-36/36-72 ;; Output/vdc = +/-5/12/15 ;; ISOlation = 1500V ;; Package = DIP24

PZ8GG-1212E : Power/w = 1,5 ;; Input/vdc = 5/12/15 ;; Output/vdc = 5/12/15Regulated ;; ISOlation = 500V ;; Package = SIP12

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UCD90124A : 12-Rail Sequencer And System Health Monitor With Fan Control And ACPI Support The UCD90124A is a 12-rail PMBus/I2C addressable power-supply sequencer and monitor. The device integrates a 12-bit ADC for monitoring up to 12 power-supply voltage inputs. Twenty-six GPIO pins can be used for power supply enables, power-on reset signals, external interrupts,.

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