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CategoryAnalog & Mixed-Signal Processing => Switches & Multiplexers => Analog Switches
DescriptionSingle Supply, Quad SPST Analog Switch (NC)
CompanyPericom Semiconductor Corporation
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Cross ref.Similar parts: ISL43140IR, IDTQS4A101
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Rail-To-Rail operation Pin-compatible with 3125 Bus Switch & 74 series 125 Single-Supply operation: to 6V Low ON-resistance: 8-ohms typical @ 5V Tight match between channels: 0.9-ohm typical RON flatness: 3-ohms typical Low power consumption: 0.5-ohm typical High Speed, TON = 8ns typical High-current channel capability: >100mA Wide bandwidth: >200 MHz Instrumentation, ATE Audio Switching and Routing Telecommunications Systems Data Communications Battery-Powered Systems Replaces Mechanical Relays


Pericom is an all-purpose analog switch designed for single-supply operation from to +6V. This switch is ideal for audio, video, and data switching and routing. The is a quad SPST (single-pole, single-throw) NC (normally closed) function. When on, each switch conducts current equally well in either direction. When off, they block voltages up to the powersupply rails. The PI5A101 is fully specified with +5V and +3.3V supplies. With +5V the RON is 8 ohms typical, making it ideal for replacing mechanical relays in data communications, test equipment, and instrumentation applications. Matching between channels is better than 2 ohms. RON flatness is better than 4 ohms over the specified range. These analog switches also offer wide bandwidths (>200 MHz high speed (TON >15ns), and low charge injection (Q >10pC). The PI5A101 is available in the narrow-body 14-pin small SOIC and 16-pin QSOP packages for operation over the industrial to +85C) temperature range.

Top View Switches show for logic "0" input NIC = Not Internally Connected
Electrical Specifications - Single +5V Supply (VCC 10%, GND = 0V, VINH = 2.4V, VINL = 0.8V)

De s cription Analog Switch Analog Signal Range (3) On- Resistance On- Resistance Match Between Channels (4) On- Resistance or NC Off Leakage Current(6) COM Off Leakage Current(6) COM On Leakage Current(6) Logic Input High Voltage Input Low Voltage Input Current with Input Voltage High Input Current with Input Voltage Low VINH VINL IINH IINL Guaranteed Logic High Level Guaranteed Logic Low Level VIN =2.4V, all others = 0.8V VIN =0.8V, all others = 2.4V Full 0.8 V VANALOG RON VCC = 4.5V, ICOM - 30mA, VNO or VNC = +2.5V RON VCC = 5V, ICOM - 30mA, VNO or VNC 2.5V, 4V VCC = 0V, VNO or VNC = 5.5V, VCOM = +4.5V VNO or VNC = 0V VCC = 5.5V, VCOM = +4.5V VNO or VNC = +4.5V Full 25 Full 25 Full 25 Full 25 Full 25 Full 25 Full nA VCC ohm V Parame te r Conditions Te mp. (C) M ax.(2) Units

Electrical Specifications - Single +5V Supply (VCC 10%, GND = 0V, VINH = 2.4V, VINL = 0.8V) (continued)

Dynamic Turn- On Time tON VCC = 5V, see Figure 1 Turn- Off Time Charge Injection (3) Off Isolation Crosstalk

25 Full 25 Full = 1nF, VGEN = 0V, RGEN = 0ohm, see Figure = 10 MHz, see Figure = 10 MHz, see Figure = 1kHz, see Figure 5 25

tOFF Q OIRR ICOM(OFF) C(OFF) CCOM(OFF) CCOM(ON) = 1kHz, see Figure = 50ohm, see Figure = 10kohm

or NO Capacitance COM Off Capacitance COM On Capacitance - 3dB Bandwidth Distortion(9) Supply Power- Supply Range Positive Supply Current


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