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CategoryDiscrete => Diodes & Rectifiers => Voltage Reference
DescriptionVoltage Reference Diodes
CompanyPhilips Semiconductors (Acquired by NXP)
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Some Part number from the same manufacture Philips Semiconductors (Acquired by NXP)
1N821A Voltage Reference Diodes
1N829 Voltage Reference Diodes
1N914 1N914; 1N914A; 1N914B; High-speed Diodes
1N914B 1N914; 1N914A; 1N914B; High-speed Diodes;; Package: SOD27 (DO-35, SC-40)
1N916 High-speed Diodes
1PS10SB62 1PS10SB62; Schottky Barrier Diode
1PS10SB63 1PS10SB63; Schottky Barrier Diode
1PS10SB82 1PS10SB82; Schottky Barrier Diode
1PS181 1PS181; High-speed Double Diode;; Package: SOT346 (SMT3, MPAK)
1PS184 1PS184; High-speed Double Diode;; Package: SOT346 (SMT3, MPAK)

BYD77D : BYD77 Series; Ultra Fast Low-loss Controlled Avalanche Rectifiers;; Package: SOD87 (LLDL)

BZX79-C5V1AMO : BZA800A-series; Quadruple Esd Transient Voltage Suppressor

PBYR1045B : PBYR1045B Series; Rectifier Diodes Schottky Barrier;; Package: SOT404 (D2-PAK)

PBYR4020WT : Rectifier Diodes Schottky Barrier

PHD22NQ20T : N-channel Trenchmos (tm) Standard Level Fetn-channel Enhancement Mode Field-effect Power Transistor in a Plastic Package Using Trenchmostm Technology. Features Low On-state Resistance Fast Switching. Applications Dc-to-dc Converters General P

PHD45N03LT : PHP45N03LT; PHB45N03LT; PHD45N03LT; N-channel Trenchmos Transistor

TDA2579B/N2 : Sync/Deflection Horizontal/vertical Synchronization Circuit

TDA8373C/N2 : TDA837x Family; I²C-bus Controlled Economy Pal/ntsc And NTSC Tv-processors

TEA1566J : TEA1566; GreenChip(tm); SMPS Module

74AUP1G08GM : Low-power 2-input AND gate The 74AUP1G08 is a high-performance, low-power, low-voltage, Si-gate CMOS device, superior to most advanced CMOS compatible TTL families. Schmitt-trigger action at all inputs makes the circuit tolerant to slower input rise and fall times across the entire VCC range fr

74AUP2G02 : Low-power Dual 2-input NOR Gate The 74AUP2G02 provides a dual 2-input NOR function. Schmitt-trigger action at all inputs makes the circuit tolerant to slower input rise and fall times across the entire VCCrange from 0.8 V to 3.6 V. This device ensures a very low static and dynamic power consu

BUK6240-75C : N-channel TrenchMOS FET Intermediate level gate drive N-channel enhancement mode Field-Effect Transistor (FET) in a plastic package using advanced TrenchMOS technology. This product has been designed and qualified to the appropriate AEC Q101 standard for use in high performance automotive applicati

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