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CategoryLogic => Gates => Bipolar->F Family
TitleBipolar->F Family
Description74F40; Dual 4-input NAND Buffer
CompanyPhilips Semiconductors (Acquired by NXP)
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Features, Applications

DESCRIPTION 14-pin plastic DIP 14-pin plastic SO COMMERCIAL RANGE VCC 5V 10%, Tamb N74F40N N74F40D

PINS Dna, Dnb, Dnc, Dnd Q0, Q1 Data inputs Data outputs DESCRIPTION 74F (U.L.) HIGH/LOW 1.0/2.0 750/106.7 LOAD VALUE HIGH/LOW 20A/1.2mA 15mA/64mA

NOTE: One (1.0) FAST unit load is defined as: 20A in the High state and 0.6mA in the Low state.
H NOTES: H = High voltage level L = Low voltage level X = Don't care

(Operation beyond the limits set forth in this table may impair the useful life of the device. Unless otherwise noted these limits are over the operating free-air temperature range.) SYMBOL VCC VIN IIN VOUT IOUT Tamb Tstg Supply voltage Input voltage Input current Voltage applied to output in High output state Current applied to output in Low output state Operating free-air temperature range Storage temperature range PARAMETER RATING 0.5 to VCC to +150 UNIT mA C

LIMITS SYMBOL VCC VIH VIL IIK IOH IOL Tamb Supply voltage High-level input voltage Low-level input voltage Input clamp current High-level output current Low-level output current Operating free-air temperature range 0 PARAMETER MIN NOM 5.0 MAX mA C UNIT

(Over recommended operating free-air temperature range unless otherwise noted.) SYMBOL PARAMETER TEST 0.42 0.73 LIMITS MIN V VIN = GND VIN V TYP2 MAX UNIT

Low-level output voltage Input clamp voltage Input current at maximum input voltage High-level input current Low-level input current Short-circuit output current3 Supply current (total) ICCH ICCL

NOTES: 1. For conditions shown as MIN or MAX, use the appropriate value specified under recommended operating conditions for the applicable type. 2. All typical values are at VCC = 5V, Tamb 25C. 3. Not more than one output should be shorted at a time. For testing IOS, the use of high-speed test apparatus and/or sample-and-hold techniques are preferable in order to minimize internal heating and more accurately reflect operational values. Otherwise, prolonged shorting of a High output may raise the chip temperature well above normal and thereby cause invalid readings in other parameter tests. In any sequence of parameter tests, IOS tests should be performed last.

LIMITS SYMBOL PARAMETER TEST CONDITION VCC = +5.0V Tamb = 500 MIN tPLH tPHL Propagation delay Dna, Dnb, Dnc, Dnd to Qn Waveform 2.0 1.5 TYP 4.0 3.0 MAX 6.0 5.0 VCC 10% Tamb = 500 MIN 1.5 1.0 MAX 5.5 ns UNIT

Waveform 1. Propagation Delay for Inverting Outputs NOTE: For all waveforms, = 1.5V.


Test Circuit for Totem-Pole Outputs DEFINITIONS: RL = Load resistor; see AC electrical characteristics for value. CL = Load capacitance includes jig and probe capacitance; see AC electrical characteristics for value. RT = Termination resistance should be equal to ZOUT of pulse generators.

Input Pulse Definition INPUT PULSE REQUIREMENTS family amplitude 3.0V 1.5V rep. rate tw 500ns tTLH 2.5ns tTHL 2.5ns


Some Part number from the same manufacture Philips Semiconductors (Acquired by NXP)
74F455 Buffers/drivers
74F456 74F456; Octal Buffer/driver With Parity, Non-inverting (3-State);; Package: SOT137 (SO24), SOT222-1 (DIP24)
74F50109 74F50109; Synchronizing Dual J-k Positive Edge-triggered Flip-flop With Metastable Immune Characteristics;; Package: SOT109 (SO16), SOT38-4 (DIP16)
74F50728 74F50728; Synchronizing Cascaded Dual Positive Edge-triggered D-type Flip-flop;; Package: SOT108-1 (SO14), SOT27-1 (DIP14)
74F50729 74F50729; Synchronizing Dual D-type Flip-flop With Edge-triggered Set And Reset And Metastable Immune Characteristics;; Package: SOT27-1 (DIP14)
74F5074 74F5074; Synchronizing Dual D-type Flip-flop/clock Driver;; Package: SOT27-1 (DIP14)
74F51 74F51; Dual 2-wide 2-input, 2-wise 3-input And-or-invert Gate;; Package: SOT108-1 (SO14), SOT27-1 (DIP14)
74F521 74F521; 8-bit Identity Comparator;; Package: SOT146-1 (DIP20), SOT163 (SO20)
74F524 74F524; 8-bit Register Comparator (open-collector + 3-State);; Package: SOT146-1 (DIP20), SOT163 (SO20)
74F5300 74F5300; Fiber Optic Led Driver;; Package: SOT96 (SO8), SOT97-1 (DIP8)
74F5302 Fiber Optic Dual Led /clock Driver
74F534 74F534; Octal D Flip-flop, Inverting (3-State);; Package: SOT146-1 (DIP20), SOT163 (SO20)
74F537 74F537; 1-of-10 Decoder (3-State)
74F538 74F538; 1-of-8 Decoder (3-State);; Package: SOT146-1 (DIP20), SOT163 (SO20)
74F539 Dual 1-of-4 Decoder (3-state)
74F540 74F540; 74F541; Octal Inverter Buffer (3- State); Octal Buffer (3- State);; Package: SOT146-1 (DIP20), SOT163-1 (SO20)
74F543 74F543; 74F544; Octal Registered Transceiver, Non-inverting (3-State); Octal Registered Transceiver,inverting (3-State);; Package: SOT137 (SO24), SOT222-1 (DIP24), SOT340-1 (SSOP24)
74F545 74F545; Octal Bidirectional Transceiver (with 3-State Inputs/outputs);; Package: SOT146-1 (DIP20), SOT163 (SO20)
74F552 74F552; Octal Registered Transceiver With Parity And Flags (3-State);; Package: SOT117-1 (DIP28), SOT136-1 (SO28)
74F564 74F564; Octal D Flip-flop (3-State);; Package: SOT146-1 (DIP20), SOT163-1 (SO20)
74F569 74F569; 4-bit Bidirectional Binary Synchronous Counter (3-State)

BYG60SERIES : BYG60 Series; Fast Soft-recovery Controlled Avalanche Rectifiers

HEF4049BN : Hex Inverting Buffers

HEF4077BP : HEF4077B Gates; Quadruple Exclusive-nOR GATE;; Package: SOT108-1 (SO14), SOT27

MC3410 : MC3410/MC3410C; 10-Bit High-speed Multiplying D/A Converter

N8T32 :

PDIUSBP11PWDH : Universal Serial Bus Transceiver

PHW20N50E : PHW20N50E; Powermos Transistors Avalanche Energy Rated

TDA3618JR/N1 : TDA3618JR; Multiple Voltage Regulator With Switch And Ignition Buffers;; Package: SOT475-1 (DBS17P)

TDA4857PS : Deflection TDA4857PS; I²C-bus Autosync Deflection Controller For PC Monitors

Same catergory

5962-8606201RA : D-Type (3-State) Latches. ti CD54HC563, High Speed CMOS Logic Octal Inverting Transparent Latch With 3-State Outputs.

5962-86838012A : ti SN54ALS27A, Triple 3-Input Positive-nOR GATEs. Package Options Include Plastic Small-Outline (D) Packages, Ceramic Chip Carriers (FK), and Standard Plastic (N) and Ceramic (J) 300-mil DIPs These devices contain three independent 3-input positive-NOR gates. They perform the Boolean functions or in positive logic. The SN54ALS27A and SN54AS27 are characterized for operation over the full military temperature.

5962-9321901Q2A : D-Type (3-State) Latches. ti SN54ABT573, Octal Transparent D-type Latches With 3-State Outputs.

DM74LS151 : Multiplexers->Bipolar->LS Family. 1-of-8 Line Data Selector/multiplexer.

DM9328 : Bipolar->TTL Family. Dual 8-Bit Shift Register. The is a high speed serial storage element providing 16 bits of storage in the form of two 8-bit registers. The multifunctional capability of this device is provided by several : 1) additional gating is provided at the input to both shift registers so that the input is easily multiplexed between two sources; 2) the clock of each register may be provided.

HD74HCT08A : Quad. 2-input Positive And Gates. Inputs High level L : Low level X : Immaterial Output Y Item Supply voltage Input diode peak current Output diode peak current Output current VCC, GND current / pin Storage temperature Symbol VCC CC or IGND Tstg Ratings to 150 Unit mA C Item Supply voltage Input voltage Symbol VCC VIH VIL VI Output voltage Output current I OL Input rise / fall time.

HD74LV1GW53A : uni-Logic->74LV1GW-A. Regarding the change of names mentioned in the document, such as Hitachi Electric and Hitachi XX, to Renesas Technology Corp. The semiconductor operations of Mitsubishi Electric and Hitachi were transferred to Renesas Technology Corporation on April 1st 2003. These operations include microcomputer, logic, analog and discrete devices, and memory chips.

IN74ACT258D : Quad 2-1 Data Selector/Multiplexer, Inv (3-State) 16. The IN74ACT258 is identical in pinout to the LS/ALS258, HC/HCT258. The IN74ACT258 may be used as a level converter for interfacing TTL or NMOS outputs to High Speed CMOS inputs. This device selects a (4-bit) nibble from either the or B inputs as determined by the Select input. The nibble is presented at the outputs in inverted from when the Output Enable.

MC10136 : Bipolar->ECL 10 Family. Universal Hexadecimal Counter. The is a high speed synchronous counter that can count up, count down, preset, or stop count at frequencies exceeding 100 MHz. The flexibility of this device allows the designer to use one basic counter for most applications, and the synchronous count feature makes the MC10136 suitable for either computers or instrumentation. Three control lines (S1,.

MC74HC393AFEL : Dual 4-Stage Binary Ripple Counter, Package: SOEIAJ-14, Pins=14. The MC74HC393A is identical in pinout to the LS393. The device inputs are compatible with standard CMOS outputs; with pullup resistors, they are compatible with LSTTL outputs. This device consists of two independent 4bit binary ripple counters with parallel outputs from each counter stage. 256 counter can be obtained by cascading the two binary counters.

MC74LCX541 : Bus Oriented Circuits. Low-voltage CMOS Octal Buffer Flow Through Pinout With 5v-tolerant Inputs And Outputs (3-state, Non-inverting).

MC74LVX8051D : Analog Switches. Analog Multiplexer/demultiplexer , Package: Soic, Pins=16.

PTN3310 : PTN3310; PTN3311; High-speed Serial Logic Translators;; Package: SOT505-2 (TSSOP8), SOT96 (SO8).

SN54LS30FK : 8-input Positive-nand Gates. PRODUCTION DATA information is current as of publication date. Products conform to s per the terms of Texas Instruments standard warranty. Production processing does not necessarily include testing of all parameters. .

SN54LVTH541 : 3.3-v Abt Octal Buffers/drivers With 3-state Outputs. These octal buffers/drivers are designed specifically for low-voltage (3.3-V) VCC operation, but with the capability to provide a TTL interface a 5-V system environment. The 'LVTH541 devices are ideal for driving bus lines or buffer memory address registers. These devices feature inputs and outputs on opposite sides of the package that facilitate printed.

SN74ALS653 : Bus Oriented Circuits. Octal Bus Transceiver And Register With 3-state Outputs.

SN74LVCH32244A : Bipolar->F Family. 32-bit Buffer/driver With 3-state Outputs. Member of the Texas Instruments Widebus+ Family Operates From 3.6 V Inputs Accept Voltages 5.5 V Max tpd 3.3 V Typical VOLP (Output Ground Bounce) V at VCC = 25C Typical VOHV (Output VOH Undershoot) V at VCC = 25C Ioff Supports Partial-Power-Down Mode Operation Supports Mixed-Mode Signal Operation on All Ports (5-V Input/Output Voltage With 3.3-V.

NB4N316M : 3.3V Any Level Input to Open Collector CML output Buffer/ Translator w/ Input Hyst The NB4N316M is a differential Clock or Data receiver and will accept AnyLevel input signals: LVPECL, CML, LVCMOS, LVTTL, or LVDS. These signals will be translated to CML, operating up to 2.0 GHz or 2.5 Gb/s, respectively. As such, the NB4N316M is ideal for SONET, GigE,.

XC6SLX100-2CSG484C : FPGA, 667 MHz, PBGA484. s: Device Type: FPGA ; Package Type: Other, 19 X 19 MM, 0.80 MM PITCH, LEAD FREE, CSBGA-484 ; Pins: 484 ; Internal Frequency: 667 MHz ; Operating Temperature: 0 to 85 C (32 to 185 F) ; Supply Voltage: 1.2V.

935188470112 : HC/UH SERIES, ASYN NEGATIVE EDGE TRIGGERED 14-BIT UP BINARY COUNTER, PDSO16. s: Counter Type: BINARY COUNTER ; Counter Category: Asynchronous ; Counter Direction: UP ; Supply Voltage: 4.5 ; Package Type: TSSOP, PLASTIC, TSSOP-16 ; Logic Family: CMOS, HC/UH ; Number of Pins: 16 ; Number of Stages (Bits): 14 bits ; Clock Frequency: 24 MHz ; Operating.

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