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CompanyPhilips Semiconductors (Acquired by NXP)
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* Discontinued part. Please see the Discontinued Product List.
Product specification Supersedes data of 1990 Nov 26 IC15 Data Handbook

74F455 Octal Buffer/Driver with Parity, Inverting (3-State) 74F456 Octal Buffer/Driver with Parity, Non-Inverting (3-State)

High impedance NPN base inputs for reduced loading

The 74F455 and 74F456 are octal buffers and line drivers with parity generation/checking designed to be employed as memory address drivers, clock drivers and bus-oriented transmitters/receivers. These parts include parity generator/checker to improve PC board density. TYPICAL PROPAGATION DELAY 6.5ns 7.5ns

74F456 combines 74F244 and 74F280A functions in one package is a center pin version of the 74F656A 74F456 Non-Inverting 3-State outputs sink 64mA and source 15mA 24-pin plastic Slim DIP (300 mil) package Broadside pinout simplifies PC board layout

PINS O Q0­Q7 Data inputs Parity input Output Enable inputs (active Low) Parity outputs Data outputs (75F455) DESCRIPTION 74F(U.L.) HIGH/LOW LOAD VALUE HIGH/LOW 20µA/20µA 15mA/64mA

Q0­Q7 Data outputs (75F456) 750/106.7 NOTE: One (1.0) FAST Unit Load (U.L.) is defined 20µA in the High state and 0.6mA in the Low state.

* Discontinued part. Please see the Discontinued Products List. 1999 Jan 08

INPUTS Number of inputs, High (PI, - D7) Even Odd Any OEn = High voltage level Low voltage level High impedance "off" state Don't care OUTPUTS

High voltage level Low voltage level High impedance "off" state Don't care
* Discontinued part. Please see the Discontinued Products List.


Some Part number from the same manufacture Philips Semiconductors (Acquired by NXP)
74F456 74F456; Octal Buffer/driver With Parity, Non-inverting (3-State);; Package: SOT137 (SO24), SOT222-1 (DIP24)
74F50109 74F50109; Synchronizing Dual J-k Positive Edge-triggered Flip-flop With Metastable Immune Characteristics;; Package: SOT109 (SO16), SOT38-4 (DIP16)
74F50728 74F50728; Synchronizing Cascaded Dual Positive Edge-triggered D-type Flip-flop;; Package: SOT108-1 (SO14), SOT27-1 (DIP14)
74F50729 74F50729; Synchronizing Dual D-type Flip-flop With Edge-triggered Set And Reset And Metastable Immune Characteristics;; Package: SOT27-1 (DIP14)
74F5074 74F5074; Synchronizing Dual D-type Flip-flop/clock Driver;; Package: SOT27-1 (DIP14)
74F51 74F51; Dual 2-wide 2-input, 2-wise 3-input And-or-invert Gate;; Package: SOT108-1 (SO14), SOT27-1 (DIP14)
74F521 74F521; 8-bit Identity Comparator;; Package: SOT146-1 (DIP20), SOT163 (SO20)
74F524 74F524; 8-bit Register Comparator (open-collector + 3-State);; Package: SOT146-1 (DIP20), SOT163 (SO20)
74F5300 74F5300; Fiber Optic Led Driver;; Package: SOT96 (SO8), SOT97-1 (DIP8)
74F5302 Fiber Optic Dual Led /clock Driver
74F534 74F534; Octal D Flip-flop, Inverting (3-State);; Package: SOT146-1 (DIP20), SOT163 (SO20)
74F537 74F537; 1-of-10 Decoder (3-State)
74F538 74F538; 1-of-8 Decoder (3-State);; Package: SOT146-1 (DIP20), SOT163 (SO20)
74F539 Dual 1-of-4 Decoder (3-state)
74F540 74F540; 74F541; Octal Inverter Buffer (3- State); Octal Buffer (3- State);; Package: SOT146-1 (DIP20), SOT163-1 (SO20)
74F543 74F543; 74F544; Octal Registered Transceiver, Non-inverting (3-State); Octal Registered Transceiver,inverting (3-State);; Package: SOT137 (SO24), SOT222-1 (DIP24), SOT340-1 (SSOP24)
74F545 74F545; Octal Bidirectional Transceiver (with 3-State Inputs/outputs);; Package: SOT146-1 (DIP20), SOT163 (SO20)
74F552 74F552; Octal Registered Transceiver With Parity And Flags (3-State);; Package: SOT117-1 (DIP28), SOT136-1 (SO28)
74F564 74F564; Octal D Flip-flop (3-State);; Package: SOT146-1 (DIP20), SOT163-1 (SO20)
74F569 74F569; 4-bit Bidirectional Binary Synchronous Counter (3-State)
74F573 74F573; 74F574; Octal Transparent Latch (3-State); Octal Transparent Latch (3-State);; Package: SOT146-1 (DIP20), SOT163 (SO20), SOT339-1 (SSOP20)

1N5231B : 1N5225B to 1N5267B; Voltage Regulator Diodes

74HC7541U : 74HC/HCT7541; Octal Schmitt Trigger Buffer/line Driver; 3-state;; Package: SOT146-1 (DIP20), SOT163 (SO20), SOT339-1 (SSOP20)

BY559X-1500U : BY559X-1500U; Damper Diode Ultra Fast, High-voltage

P83C652FBA : CMOS Single-chip 8-bit Microcontrollers

P87C51 : 80C51 architecture 80C51/87C51/80C52/87C52; 80C51 8-bit Microcontroller Family 4 K/8 K Otp/rom Low Voltage (2.7 V-5.5 V), Low Power, High Speed (33 MHz), 128/256 B RAM;; Package: SOT129-1 (DIP40), SOT187-2 (PLCC44), SOT307-2 (QFP44)

PHB55N03T : Trenchmos (tm) Transistor Standard Level Fet

TDA6405A : TV Tuner TDA6404; TDA6405; TDA6405A; 5 V Mixer/oscillator-pll Synthesizers For Hyperband Tuners;; Package: SOT341 (SSOP28)

TDA8512J : TDA8512J; 26 W BTL 2 X 13 W se or 4 X 13 W se Power Amplifier;; Package: SOT243-1 (DBS17P)

74LVTN16244BDGG : 3.3 V 16-bit Buffer/driver; 3-state The 74LVTN16244B is a high-performance BiCMOS product designed for VCC operation at 3.3 V. This device is a 16-bit buffer and line driver featuring non-inverting 3-state bus outputs. The device can be used as four 4-bit buffers, two 8-bit buffers, or one 16-bi

Same catergory

74F153 : Multiplexers->Bipolar->F Family. Dual 4-Input Multiplexer. The is a high-speed dual 4-input multiplexer with common select inputs and individual enable inputs for each section. It can select two lines of data from four sources. The two buffered outputs present data in the true (non-inverted) form. In addition to multiplexer operation, the F153 can generate any two functions of three variables. Order Number.

AA3822K : PKG Type = 2x3 ;; Emitted Color = Orange ;; Lens Type = Clear ;; Peak Wavelength λ P (nm) = 605 ;; Luminous Intensity iv (mcd) Min = 2.0 ;; Luminous Intensity iv (mcd) TYP = 4.0 ;; Luminous Intensity iv (mcd) Max = 20 ;; Viewing Angle (2 θ 1/2) = 140.

AK16D-LLP : 4X4 Leadless Leadframe Package (4 X 4) to 16 Pin Dip. Ultra Fine Pitch DIP Adapters for Chip Scale Packages ULTRA FINE PITCH CHIP SCALE PACKAGE DIP ADAPTER MODULES ELIMINATE THE NEED TO REDESIGN MOTHERBOARDS OR MAY BE USED FOR BREADBOARD PROTOTYPING This new family of Accutek DIP Adapter Modules convert surface mount Leadless Leadframe Package (LLP) and Chip Scale Package (CSP) IC's to pin compatible DIP packages.

MC54-74HC4016 : Quad Analog Switch/ Multiplexer/demultiplexer. The MC54/74HC4016 utilizes silicon­gate CMOS technology to achieve fast propagation delays, low ON resistances, and low OFF­channel leakage current. This bilateral switch/multiplexer/demultiplexer controls analog and digital voltages that may vary across the full power­supply range (from VCC to GND). The HC4016 is identical in pinout to the metal­gate.

BLM21A221SG : Surface Mount EMI Filters CHIP Ferrite Beads. SURFACE MOUNT EMI FILTERS CHIP FERRITE BEADS The BLM A Series ferrite beads provide outstanding electrical characteristics in packages as small as 0402. For noise applications covering a wide frequency range. s Suitable for flow and reflow soldering s Wide temperature range s High Z characteristics APPLICATIONS PACKAGING CODE PB: Bulk PT: Tape 7" Reel.

TMCME1V106 : Tantalum Electrolytic Capacitors. (Miniaturized Tantalum Chip Capacitors with Extended Capacitance Range) A model type miniaturized chip capacitor developed on the basis of TMCS production technology ideal for high density component mounting applied in AV equipment. Super compact : Reduced size 1/3 in comparison with TMCS. Operating temperature range Rated voltage Surge voltage Derated.

UCCX809-1 : Economy Primary Side Controller. User Programmable Soft Start With Active Low Shutdown User Programmable Maximum Duty Cycle Accessible 5V Reference Undervoltage Lockout Operation 0.4A Source/0.8A Sink FET Driver Low 100µA Startup Current The UCC3809 family of BCDMOS economy low power integrated circuits contains all the control and drive circuitry required for off-line and isolated.

UYF14C : High Saturation Magnetic Flux Density. Introduce UYF cores UYF core is one of Mn-Zn ferrite core, has round leg, which allows easy winding, also of strip conductors. Because of the high voltages involved, the round shape helps to prevent corona effect. U-type cores are used for power, pulse and high-voltage transformers, and UYF cores are special cores, similarly possess of the same use.

STI15NM60ND : N-channel 650V - 0.25„ų - 15.5a - To-220/fp - D2/i2pak - To-247 Second Generation Mdmesh¢ā Power Mosfet.

UPW2V2R2MPH : 2.2µF Aluminum Capacitor Radial, Can 350V; CAP ALUM 2.2UF 350V 20% RADIAL. s: Capacitance: 2.2µF ; ESR (Equivalent Series Resistance): - ; : General Purpose ; Lifetime @ Temp.: 5000 Hrs @ 105°C ; Size / Dimension: 0.394" Dia (10.00mm) ; Lead Spacing: 0.197" (5.00mm) ; Surface Mount Land Size: - ; Mounting Type: Through Hole ; Package / Case: Radial,.

AR401C105K4R : 1.0µF Ceramic Capacitor Radial 100V; CAP CER 1.0UF 100V X7R 10% RAD. s: Capacitance: 1.0µF ; Voltage - Rated: 100V ; Tolerance: ±10% ; Package / Case: Radial ; Temperature Coefficient: X7R ; Packaging: Bulk ; : - ; Lead Spacing: 0.200" (5.08mm) ; Operating Temperature: -55°C ~ 125°C ; Mounting Type: Through Hole ; Lead Free Status: Lead Free ; RoHS.

1734349-1 : Gold Through Hole, Right Angle D-sub Connectors, Interconnect Receptacle, Female Sockets; CONN DSUB RCPT R/A 25POS GOLD/FL. s: Connector Type: Receptacle, Female Sockets ; Contact Finish: Gold ; : Board Lock ; Flange Feature: Mating Side; Female Screwlock (4-40) ; Mounting Type: Through Hole, Right Angle ; Number of Positions: 25 ; Number of Rows: 2 ; Termination:.

1586970-1 : Tin Through Hole Rectangular - Headers, Male Pin Connectors, Interconnect Header, Shrouded; CONN PIN HEADER 5POS STR U-MNL. s: Color: Natural ; Connector Type: Header, Shrouded ; Contact Finish: Tin ; Contact Mating Length: - ; : Board Guide ; Mounting Type: Through Hole ; Number of Positions Loaded: All ; Number of Rows: 1 ; Pitch: 0.250" (6.35mm).

CMD93-21VYC/TR8 : LEDs -; LED YELLOW CLEAR GULL WING SMD. s: Color: Yellow ; Lens Style/Size: Rectangle with Flat Top, 2.5mm x 1.7mm ; Millicandela Rating: 12mcd ; Voltage - Forward (Vf) Typ: 2V ; Wavelength - Dominant: - ; Wavelength - Peak: 585nm ; Current - Test: 20mA ; Viewing Angle: 125° ; Lens Type: Clear ; Luminous Flux @ Current - Test: - ; Package / Case: 1208.

ADS8364M-EVM : Eval Board - Analog To Digital Converter (adcs) Programmers, Development System; MODULE EVAL FOR ADS8364. s: Number of ADC's: 6 ; Lead Free Status: Contains Lead ; RoHS Status: RoHS Non-Compliant.

MKS2PIN AC12 : Power, Over 2 Amps Relay; RELAY GEN PURPOSE DPDT 10A 12V. s: Relay Type: General Purpose ; Contact Form: DPDT (2 Form C) ; Contact Rating (Current): 10A ; Switching Voltage: 250VAC, 30VDC - Max ; Coil Type: Non Latching ; Coil Current: 193mA ; Coil Voltage: 12VAC ; Turn On Voltage (Max): 9.6 VAC ; Turn Off Voltage (Min): 3.6 VAC ; Mounting Type: Socketable.

BZX384-B47,115 : Diode - Zener - Single Discrete Semiconductor Product 50nA @ 32.9V 47V 300mW Surface Mount; DIODE ZENER 47V 300MW SOD323. s: Voltage - Zener (Nom) (Vz): 47V ; Power - Max: 300mW ; Impedance (Max) (Zzt): 170 Ohm ; Voltage - Forward (Vf) (Max) @ If: 1.1V @ 100mA ; Current - Reverse Leakage @ Vr: 50nA @ 32.9V ; Tolerance: ±2% ; Mounting Type: Surface Mount.

1-103686-5 : Gold Free Hanging (In-Line) Rectangular - Free Hanging, Panel Mount Connectors, Interconnect Receptacle; 16 MTE RCPT SR PLAIN .100CL. s: Color: Black ; Connector Type: Receptacle ; Contact Finish: Gold ; : Closed End ; Mounting Type: Free Hanging (In-Line) ; Number of Rows: 1 ; Pitch: 0.100" (2.54mm) ; Row Spacing: - ; Packaging: Tube ; Fastening Type:.

03028BR103AKZC : CAPACITOR, CERAMIC, MULTILAYER, 50 V, BR, 0.01 uF, SURFACE MOUNT, 0603. s: Configuration / Form Factor: Chip Capacitor ; Technology: Multilayer ; Applications: General Purpose ; Electrostatic Capacitors: Ceramic Composition ; Capacitance Range: 0.0100 microF ; Capacitance Tolerance: 10 (+/- %) ; WVDC: 50 volts ; Mounting Style: Surface Mount Technology.

2N5052R1 : 2 A, 200 V, NPN, Si, POWER TRANSISTOR, TO-213AA. s: Polarity: NPN ; Package Type: HERMETIC SEALED, METAL, TO-66, 2 PIN.

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