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TitleBipolar->F Family
DescriptionDual 1-of-4 Decoder (3-state)
CompanyPhilips Semiconductors (Acquired by NXP)
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The 74F539 contains two independent decoders. Each accepts two address - A1) input signals and decodes them to select one of four mutually exclusive outputs. A Polarity control (P) input determines whether the outputs are active Low (P=H) or active High (P=L). An active-Low Enable (E) is available for data demultiplexing. Data is routed to the selected output in non-inverted or inverted form in the active-Low mode or inverted form in the active-High mode. A High signal on the Output Enable (OEn) input forces the 3-State outputs to the high impedance state. TYPICAL SUPPLY CURRENT (TOTAL) 40mA

DESCRIPTION 20-Pin Plastic DIP 20-Pin Plastic SOL COMMERCIAL RANGE VCC 5V 10%, Tamb N74F539N N74F539D

PINS - A1b Ea, Eb OEa, OEb Pa, Q0aQ3a Q0bQ3b Decoder A Address inputs Decoder B Address inputs Enable inputs (active Low) Output Enable inputs (active Low) Polarity control inputs Decoder A Data outputs Decoder A Data outputs DESCRIPTION 74F(U.L.) HIGH/LOW LOAD VALUE HIGH/LOW 20A/0.6mA 3.0mA/24mA

NOTE: One (1.0) FAST Unit Load is defined as: 20A in the High state and 0.6mA in the Low state.

INPUTS OEn Q0n Z OUTPUTS Q1n Z Qn=P Q3n Z OPERATING MODE High Impedance Disable Active High output = L)

High voltage level Low voltage level Don't care High impedance "off" state

(Operation beyond the limits set forth in this table may impair the useful life of the device. Unless otherwise noted these limits are over the operating free-air temperature range.) SYMBOL VCC VIN IIN VOUT IOUT Tamb Tstg Supply voltage Input voltage Input current Voltage applied to output in High output state Current applied to output in Low output state Operating free-air temperature range Storage temperature PARAMETER RATING 0.5 to +VCC to +150 UNIT mA C

SYMBOL VCC VIH VIL IIK IOH IOL Tamb Supply voltage High-level input voltage Low-level input voltage Input clamp current High-level output current Low-level output current Operating free-air temperature range 0 PARAMETER LIMITS MIN NOM 5.0 MAX 5.5 UNIT mA C

(Over recommended operating free-air temperature range unless otherwise noted.) SYMBOL VOH O VOL VIK II IIH IIL IOZH IOZL IOS PARAMETER High level output voltage High-level TEST CONDITIONS1 VCC = MIN, VIL = MAX, VIH = MIN, IOH = MAX VCC = MIN, VIL = MAX, VIH = MIN, IOL = MAX VCC = MIN, II = IIK VCC = MAX, = 7.0V VCC = MAX, = 2.7V VCC = MAX, = 0.5V VCC = MAX, = 2.7V VCC = MAX, = 0.5V VCC = MAX ICCH ICC Supply current ICCL VCC = MAX 10%VCC 5%VCC LIMITS MIN TYP2 MAX UNIT A mA

Low-level output voltage Input clamp voltage Input current at maximum input voltage High-level input current Low-level input current Off-state output current High-level voltage applied Off-state output current Low-level voltage applied Short-circuit output current3

ICCZ 60 mA NOTES: 1. For conditions shown as MIN or MAX, use the appropriate value under the recommended operating conditions for the applicable type. 2. All typical values are at VCC = 5V, Tamb 25C. 3. Not more than one output should be shorted at a time. For testing IOS, the use of high-speed test apparatus and/or sample-and-hold techniques are preferable in order to minimize internal heating and more accurately reflect operational values. Otherwise, prolonged shorting of a High output may raise the chip temperature well above normal and thereby cause invalid readings in other parameter tests. In any sequence of parameter tests, IOS should be performed last.


Some Part number from the same manufacture Philips Semiconductors (Acquired by NXP)
74F540 74F540; 74F541; Octal Inverter Buffer (3- State); Octal Buffer (3- State);; Package: SOT146-1 (DIP20), SOT163-1 (SO20)
74F543 74F543; 74F544; Octal Registered Transceiver, Non-inverting (3-State); Octal Registered Transceiver,inverting (3-State);; Package: SOT137 (SO24), SOT222-1 (DIP24), SOT340-1 (SSOP24)
74F545 74F545; Octal Bidirectional Transceiver (with 3-State Inputs/outputs);; Package: SOT146-1 (DIP20), SOT163 (SO20)
74F552 74F552; Octal Registered Transceiver With Parity And Flags (3-State);; Package: SOT117-1 (DIP28), SOT136-1 (SO28)
74F564 74F564; Octal D Flip-flop (3-State);; Package: SOT146-1 (DIP20), SOT163-1 (SO20)
74F569 74F569; 4-bit Bidirectional Binary Synchronous Counter (3-State)
74F573 74F573; 74F574; Octal Transparent Latch (3-State); Octal Transparent Latch (3-State);; Package: SOT146-1 (DIP20), SOT163 (SO20), SOT339-1 (SSOP20)
74F579 74F579; 8-bit Bidirectional Binary Counter (3-State);; Package: SOT146-1 (DIP20), SOT163 (SO20)
74F583 74F583; 4-bit BCD Adder;; Package: SOT162-1 (SO16), SOT38-1 (DIP16)
74F595 74F595; 8-bit Shift Register With Output Latches (3-State);; Package: SOT109 (SO16), SOT38-4 (DIP16)
74F597 74F597; 8-bit Shift Register With Input Storage Registers;; Package: SOT109 (SO16), SOT38-4 (DIP16)
74F598 74F598; 8-bit Shift Register With Input Storage Registers (3-State);; Package: SOT146-1 (DIP20), SOT163 (SO20)
74F604 74F604; Dual Octal Latch (3-State)
74F620 74F620; 74F623; Octal Bus Transceiver, Inverting (3tate); Octal Bus Transceiver, Non Inverting (3tate);; Package: SOT146-1 (DIP20), SOT163 (SO20)
74F621 74F621; Octal Bus Transceiver, Non-inverting (open Collector);; Package: SOT146-1 (DIP20), SOT163 (SO20)
74F623 74F620; 74F623; Octal Bus Transceiver, Inverting (3tate); Octal Bus Transceiver, Non Inverting (3tate);; Package: SOT146-1 (DIP20), SOT163 (SO20)
74F64 74F64; 4-2-3-2-input And-or-invert Gate
74F640 74F640; Octal Bus Transceiver, Inverting (3-State);; Package: SOT146-1 (DIP20), SOT163 (SO20)
74F641 74F641; Octal Bus Transceiver With Common Output Enable, Non-inverting (open Collector);; Package: SOT146-1 (DIP20), SOT163 (SO20)
74F642 Transceivers

74HC652D : Registered transceivers 74HC/HCT652; Octal Bus Transceiver/register; 3-state;; Package: SOT101-1 (DIP24), SOT137 (SO24), SOT340-1 (SSOP24), SOT355-1 (TSSOP24)

74HCT4053U : Analog Switches 74HC/HCT4053; Triple 2-channel Analog Multiplexer/demultiplexer;; Package: SOT109-1 (SO16), SOT338-1 (SSOP16), SOT38-4 (DIP16), SOT403-1 (TSSOP16)

80C51 : CISC->8051/80C51 Family->ROMless 80C51/87C51/80C52/87C52; 80C51 8-bit Microcontroller Family 4 K/8 K Otp/rom Low Voltage (2.7 V-5.5 V), Low Power, High Speed (33 MHz), 128/256 B RAM

BUK102-50DL : Powermos Transistor Logic Level TopFET

P80C552IFB : 80C51 architecture 80C552/83C552; Single-chip 8-bit Microcontroller With 10-bit A/D, Capture/compare Timer, High-speed Outputs, PWM;; Package: SOT188-2 (PLCC68), SOT318-2 (QFP80)

PBSS4540X : 40 V, 5 a NPN Low Vcesat (BISS) Transistor NPN Low Vcesat Transistor in a Medium Power SOT89 (SC-62) Package.

PCF1174C : 4-digit Static LCD Car Clock

PCF8535U/2 : B/W LCD graphic drivers PCF8535; 65 X 133 Pixel Matrix Driver;; Package: Uncased Die

PXT2222A : PXT2222A; NPN Switching Transistor;; Package: SOT89 (MPT3, UPAK)

PSMN4R6-100XS : N-channel 100V 4.6 M? Standard Level MOSFET In TO220F (SOT186A) Standard level N-channel MOSFET in TO220F (SOT186A) package qualified to 175C. This product is designed and qualified for use in a wide range of industrial, communications and domestic equipment.

Same catergory

5962-9558101QJA : Multiplexers. ti SN54154, 4-Line to 16-Line Decoders/demultiplexers.

74ABT823 : 74ABT823; 9-bit D-type Flip-flop With Reset And Enable (3-State);; Package: SOT222-1 (DIP24), SOT340-1 (SSOP24), SOT355-1 (TSSOP24).

8404801CA : ti CD54HC11, High Speed CMOS Logic Triple 3-Input And Gates. Data sheet acquired from Harris Semiconductor SCHS273E The 'HC11 and 'HCT11 logic gates utilize silicon gate CMOS technology to achieve operating speeds similar to LSTTL gates with the low power consumption of standard CMOS integrated circuits. All devices have the ability to drive 10 LSTTL loads. The HCT logic family is functionally pin compatible.

CD54HCT241 : Bus Oriented Circuits. High Speed CMOS Logic Octal Buffer/ Line Drivers, Three-state.

DG201ACK : Quad SPST CMOS Analog Switches.

IDT74FCT163373 : CMOS/BiCMOS->FCT/FCT-T Family. 3.3v CMOS 16-bit Transparent Latch. MICRON CMOS Technology Typical tSK(o) (Output Skew) < 250ps ESD > 2000V per MIL-STD-883, Method > 200V using machine model 0) 25 mil pitch SSOP, 19.6 mil pitch TSSOP and 15.7 mil pitch TVSOP Packages Extended commercial range to +85C VCC 3.3V 0.3V, Normal Range or VCC to 3.6V, Extended Range CMOS power levels (0.4 W typ. static) Rail-to-Rail.

IN74AC623DW : Octal Bidirectional Bus Transceiver, Ninv 20. The IN74AC623 is identical in pinout to the LS/ALS623, HC/HCT623. The device inputs are compatible with standard CMOS outputs; with pullup resistors, they are compatible with LS/ALS outputs. The a 3-state noninverting transceiver that is used for 2-way communication between data buses. Two separate enables are available. The enable for bus B is active-high,.

LF10D1 : Passive Delay Lines. 500 ns delays available. n Temperature coefficient: 100 ppm/oC maximum. n Typical distortion: + 10% maximum (preshoot and overshoot only). n Standard impedance 100 ohms. Also available with 50 ohms, 200 ohms, and other impedances. n Insultation resistance: 10k meg. ohms minimum at 50 Vdc. n Military temperature range +125oC. n Minimum input pulse width.

MC100EP16D : 3.3V / 5V Ecl Differential Receiver/driver , Package: Soic, Pins=8. The is a worldclass differential receiver/driver. The device is functionally equivalent to the EL16 and LVEL16 devices with higher performance capabilities. With output transition times significantly faster than the EL16 and LVEL16, the EP16 is ideally suited for interfacing with high frequency sources. The VBB pin, an internally generated voltage.

MM74C86 : CMOS/BiCMOS->4000 Family. Quad 2-Input Exclusive-OR GATE. The MM74C86 employs complementary MOS (CMOS) transistors to achieve wide power supply operating range, low power consumption and high noise margin these gates provide basic functions used in the implementation of digital integrated circuit systems. The N- and P-channel enhancement mode transistors provide a symmetrical circuit with output swing essentially.

SN74HC378D : D-Type Flip-Flops. ti SN74HC378, 6-Bit D-type Flip-flops With Clock Enable.

SY100S391 : Bipolar->ECL 100 Family. SY100S391 Low-power Hex Ttl-to-pecl Translator.

NC7SU04CW : AHC SERIES, 1-INPUT INVERT GATE, UUC4. s: Gate Type: NOT ; Logic Family: CMOS ; Inputs: 1 ; Propagation Delay: 100 ns ; Pin Count: 4.

SN74LS112AN8 : LS SERIES, DUAL NEGATIVE EDGE TRIGGERED J-K FLIP-FLOP, COMPLEMENTARY OUTPUT, PDIP16. s: Flip-Flop Type: J-K ; Triggering: Negative-edge Triggered ; Supply Voltage: 5V ; Output Characteristics: Complementary Output ; Propagation Delay: 20 ns ; fMAX: 45 MHz ; Operating Temperature: 0 to 70 C (32 to 158 F) ; Package Type: DIP, PLASTIC, DIP-16 ; Logic Family:.

935007600602 : F/FAST SERIES, DUAL POSITIVE EDGE TRIGGERED D FLIP-FLOP, COMPLEMENTARY OUTPUT, PDIP14. s: Flip-Flop Type: D ; Triggering: Positive-edge Triggered ; Supply Voltage: 5V ; Output Characteristics: Complementary Output ; Propagation Delay: 6.5 ns ; fMAX: 90 MHz ; Operating Temperature: 0 to 70 C (32 to 158 F) ; Package Type: DIP, 0.300 INCH, PLASTIC, MO-001AA,.

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