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TitleBus Oriented Circuits
DescriptionOctal Transceiver/register
CompanyPhilips Semiconductors (Acquired by NXP)
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Features, Applications

74F647 Octal transceiver/register, non-inverting (open-collector) 74F649 Octal transceiver/register, inverting (open-collector)

74F647 Octal Transceiver/Register, Non-inverting (Open Collector) 74F649 Octal Transceiver/Register, Inverting (Open Collector)

High impedance NPN base inputs for reduced loading

Independent registers for A and B buses Multiplexed real-time and stored data Choice of non-inverting and inverting data paths Open Collector outputs 300 mil wide 24-pin Slim Dip package


The 74F647 and 74F649 Transceivers/Registers consist of bus transceiver circuits with open-collector outputs, D-type flip-flops, and control circuitry arranged for multiplexed transmission of data directly from the input bus or from the internal registers. Data on the or B bus will be clocked into the registers as the appropriate clock pin goes to a High logic level. Output Enable (OE) and DIR pins are provided to control the transceiver function. In the transceiver mode, data present at the high impedance port may be stored in either the or B register or both. The select (SAB, SBA) controls can multiplex stored and real-time (transparent mode) data. The DIR determines which bus will receive

data when the Output Enable, OE is active Low. In the isolation mode (Output Enable, OE = High), data from Bus A may be stored in the B register and/or data from Bus B may be stored in the A register. When an output function is disabled, the input function is still enabled and may be used to store and transmit data. Only one of the two buses, or B, may be driven at a time. The following examples demonstrate the four fundamental bus-management functions that can be performed with the 74F647 and 74F649. TYPICAL fmax 65MHz TYPICAL SUPPLY CURRENT (TOTAL) 125mA

DESCRIPTION 24-pin plastic Slim DIP (300mil) 24-pin plastic SOL COMMERCIAL RANGE VCC 5V 10%, Tamb N74F647D, N74F649D PKG DWG SOT222-1 SOT137-1


Some Part number from the same manufacture Philips Semiconductors (Acquired by NXP)
74F651A 74F651A/74F652A; Transceivers/registers;; Package: SOT137 (SO24), SOT222-1 (DIP24)
74F655A Octal Buffer/driver With Parity, Non-inverting 3-state
74F656A 74F656A; Octal Buffer/driver With Parity, Non-inverting (3-State);; Package: SOT137 (SO24), SOT222-1 (DIP24)
74F657 74F657; Octal Transceiver With 8-bit Parity Generator/checker;; Package: SOT137-1 (SO24), SOT222-1 (DIP24)
74F670 74F670; 4 X 4 Register File (3-State);; Package: SOT162-1 (SO16), SOT38-1 (DIP16)
74F674 74F674; 16-bit Serial/parallel-in, Serial-out Shift Register (3-State)
74F676 74F676; 16-bit Serial/parallel-in, Serial-out Shift Register (3-State);; Package: SOT137 (SO24), SOT222-1 (DIP24)
74F7111 74F711A; 74F711-1; 74F712A; 74F712-1; Multiplexers;; Package: SOT146-1 (DIP20), SOT163 (SO20)
74F723-1 74F723A; 74F723-1; 74F725A; 74F725-1; Various Quad Data Selector Multiplexers (3-State)
74F74 74F74; Dual D-type Flip-flop;; Package: SOT27-1 (DIP14)
74F756 74F756; 74F757; 74F760; Octal Inverter Buffer (open-collector); Octal Buffer (open-collector); Octal Buffer (open-collector);; Package: SOT146-1 (DIP20), SOT163 (SO20)
74F764-1 DRAM Dual-ported Controller
74F776 74F776; Pi-bus Transceiver;; Package: SOT117-1 (DIP28), SOT261-2 (PLCC28)
74F777 74F777; Triple Bidirectional Latched Bus Transceiver (3-State + Open Collector);; Package: SOT146-1 (DIP20), SOT380-1 (PLCC20)
74F779 74F779; 8-bit Bidirectional Binary Counter (3-State);; Package: SOT38-1 (DIP16)
74F786 74F786; 4-bit Asynchronous Bus Arbiter;; Package: SOT109 (SO16), SOT38-4 (DIP16)
74F804 74F804; 74F1804; Hex 2-input NAND Drivers;; Package: SOT146-1 (DIP20), SOT163 (SO20)
74F805 74F805; 74F1805; Hex 2-input Nor Drivers;; Package: SOT146-1 (DIP20), SOT163 (SO20)
74F808 74F808; 74F1808; Hex 2-input And Drivers;; Package: SOT146-1 (DIP20), SOT163 (SO20)
74F821 74F821; 74F822; 74F823; 74F824; 74F825; 74F826; Bus Interface Registers;; Package: SOT222-1 (DIP24)
74F827 74F827; 74F828; 10-bit Buffer/line Driver, Non-inverting (3-State); 10-bit Buffer/line Driver, Inverting (3-State);; Package: SOT137 (SO24), SOT222-1 (DIP24), SOT340-1 (SSOP24)

74LVC16244ADGG : 74LVC16244A; 74LVCH16244A; 16-bit Buffer/line Driver; 5 V Input/output Tolerant (3-State);; Package: SOT362-1 (TSSOP48), SOT370-1 (SSOP48), SOT702-1 (VFBGA56)

HEF40175BN : Quadruple D-type Flip-flop

MAX8878-28UK : MAX8877/MAX8878-XX; Very Low Noise, Very Low Dropout, 150 ma Linear Regulator, CMOS Process Technology

P80C592FHA/00 : 80C51 architecture P8xC592; 8-bit Microcontroller With On-chip CAN;; Package: SOT188-2 (PLCC68)

PZM4.7NB1 :

TEA1118M/C1 : TEA1118; TEA1118A; Versatile Cordless Transmisssion Circuit

BAV99 : High-speed Switching Diodes High-speed switching diodes, encapsulated in small Surface-Mounted Device (SMD) plastic packages.

CBT3861 : 10-bit Bus Switch With Output Enable The CBT3861 provides ten bits of high-speed TTL-compatible bus switching. The low ON resistance of the switch allows connections to be made with minimal propagation delay. The CBT3861 device is organized as one 10-bit bus switches with one output enable (OE)

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