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DescriptionNE/SE5514; Quad High-performance Operational Amplifier
CompanyPhilips Semiconductors (Acquired by NXP)
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The NE/SE5514 family of quad operational amplifiers sets new standards in bipolar quad amplifier performance. The amplifiers feature low input bias current and low offset voltages. Pinout is identical to LM324/LM348 which facilitates direct product substitution for improved system performance in dual supply applications. Output characteristics are similar a A741 with improved slew and drive capability.


Low input bias current: < 3nA Low input offset current: < 3nA Low input offset voltage:<1mV Low supply current: 1.5mA/A 1V/s slew rate High input impedance: 100M High common-mode impedance: 10G Internal compensation for unity gain 600 drive capability (7VRMS)

AC amplifiers RC active filters Transducer amplifiers DC gain block Instrumentation amplifier

DESCRIPTION 16-Pin Plastic Small Outline Large (SOL) package 14-Pin Plastic Dual In-Line Package (DIP) 14-Pin Plastic Dual In-Line Package (DIP)

NOTE: 1. SOL - Released in 16-lead large SO package only. Pinout is different than N package.

SYMBOL VCC VDIFF VIN TSTG TSOLD TA Supply voltage Differential input voltage Input voltage Output short to ground Storage temperature range Lead soldering temperature (10sec max) Operating ambient temperature range NE5514 SE5514 PMAX Maximum power dissipation (still-air)1 N package D package NOTES: 1. The following derating factors should be applied above 25C N package 11.4mW/C D package +125 C PARAMETER RATING to 32 Continuous 300 C UNIT V

VCC = 25C unless otherwise specified. SYMBOL VOS IOS IBIAS RIN VCM Input resistance differential Input common mode range Input bias current Input offset current PARAMETER Input offset voltage TEST CONDITIONS RS=100, TA=+25C Over temp. Over temp. RS=100k, TA=+25C Over temp. Over temp. RS=100k, TA=+25C Over temp. Over temp. TA=25C Over temp. VCC=15V, CMRR Input common-mode rejection ratio VIN=13V @ Over temp. AV SR GBW M VOUT Large-signal voltage gain Slew rate Small-signal unity gain bandwidth Phase margin Output voltage swing = 10V, Over temp. RL=2k, TA=25C Over temp. RL=6001, TA=25C Over temp. RL=Open, TA=25C Over temp. 5V VCC 15V Over temp. f=1kHz, TA=25C V/mV V/s MHz Deg 13 SE5514 Min Typ Max 2 3 Min NE5514 Typ Max 5 6 UNIT mV V/C nA pA/C nA pA/C M V

Output voltage swing Power supply current Power supply rejection ratio Amplifier to amplifier coupling Total harmonic distortion Input noise voltage Short-circuit current


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