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TitleStereo/Quad Channel
DescriptionNE/SE5560; Switched-mode Power Supply Control Circuit
CompanyPhilips Semiconductors (Acquired by NXP)
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Cross ref.Similar parts: KA5560N, TDA1060A, ULN8160N
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The is a control circuit for use in switched-mode power supplies. This single monolithic chip incorporates all the control and housekeeping (protection) functions required in switched-mode power supplies, including an internal temperature-compensated reference source, internal Zener references, sawtooth generator, pulse-width modulator, output stage and various protection circuits.



Stabilized power supply Temperature-compensated reference source Sawtooth generator Pulse-width modulator Remote on/off switching Current limiting Low supply voltage protection Loop fault protection Demagnetization/overvoltage protection Maximum duty cycle clamp Feed-forward control External synchronization

DESCRIPTION 16-Pin Plastic Dual In-Line Package (DIP) 16-Pin Plastic Small Outline Large (SOL) Package 16-Pin Plastic Dual In-Line Package (DIP) 16-Pin Cerdip Dual In-Line Package (CERDIP)

SYMBOL Supply1 VCC ICC IOUT Voltage-forced mode Current-fed mode Output transistor (at 20-30V max) Output current Collector voltage (Pin 15) Max. emitter voltage (Pin 14) TA Operating ambient temperature range SE5560 NE5560 TSTG Storage temperature range NOTES: 1. Does not include current for timing resistors or capacitors. V mA PARAMETER RATING UNIT

10 REMOTE ON/OFF NOTE: 1. See Voltage/Current fed supply characteristic curve.

TA=25C, VCC=12V, unless otherwise specified. SYMBOL Reference sections VREF Internal reference voltage Temperature coefficient of VREF VZ Internal Zener reference Temperature coefficient of VZ Oscillator section Frequency range Initial accuracy oscillator Duty cycle range Modulator Modulation input current Housekeeping function IIN` Pin 6, input current At 2V Over temperature For 50% max duty cycle of VZ Pin 1, low supply voltage protection thresholds Pin 3, feedback loop protection trip threshold At 2V Pin 3, pull-up current Pin 13, demagnetization/over-voltage protection trip on threshold IIN Pin 13, input current Pin 16, feed-forward duty cycle control *Pin 16, feed-forward input current External synchronization Pin 9 Off On Sink current Remote Pin 10 Off At 0V Sink current 25C Over temperature VZ V Voltage at Pin 9=0V, 25C Over temperature V A Over temperature 0.25V 25C Over temperature Voltage at Pin VCC=18V 25C Over temperature A original duty cycle mV of duty cycle mV A Voltage at Pin 5=2V Over temperature A Over temperature 7.8 25C Over temperature V ppm/C V ppm/C PARAMETER TEST CONDITIONS SE5560 Min Typ Max Min NE5560 Typ Max UNIT


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