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CategoryPower Management => Supervisory Circuits => System Supervisors/Reset => Reset Circuits
TitleReset Circuits
CompanyPhilips Semiconductors (Acquired by NXP)
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Product data Supersedes data of 2001 Apr 24 File under Integrated Circuits, Standard Analog 2001 Jun 19

The NE56610/11/12-XX series is a family of devices designed to generate a reset signal for a variety of microprocessor and logic systems. Accurate reset signals are generated during momentary power interruptions or when ever power supply voltages sag to intolerable levels. The NE56610/11/12 incorporates an internal timer to provide reset delay and ensure proper operating voltage has been attained. In addition, a manual reset pin (M/R) is available. An Open Collector output topology provides adaptability for a wide variety of logic and microprocessor systems. NE56610/11/12 is available in the SOT23-5 surface mount package.


12 VDC maximum operating voltage Low operating voltage (0.65 V) Manual Reset input SOT23-5 surface mount package Offered in reset thresholds of VDC Internal reset delay timer


Microcomputer systems Logic systems Battery monitoring systems Back-up power supply circuits Voltage detection circuits Mechanical reset circuits

TYPE NUMBER NE56611-XXGW NE56612-XXGW PACKAGE NAME SOT25, SO5 DESCRIPTION plastic small outline package; 5 leads (see dimensional drawing) plastic small outline package; 5 leads (see dimensional drawing) plastic small outline package; 5 leads (see dimensional drawing) TEMPERATURE RANGE +75 C TYPICAL RESET DELAY 200 ms

NOTE: Each device has six detection voltage options, indicated by the XX on the `Type number'. XX DETECT VOLTAGE (Typical) 4.5 V

Each device is marked with a four letter code. The first three letters designate the product. The fourth letter, represented by `x', is a date tracking code. For example, ACNB is device ACN (the NE56610-25 reset) produced in time period `B'. Part number NE56610-42 NE56610-45 Marking ACNx ACMx ACLx ACKx ACJx ACHx Part number NE56611-42 NE56611-45 Marking ACVx ACUx ACTx ACSx ACRx ACPx Part number NE56612-42 NE56612-45 Marking ACBx ACAx ACZx ACYx ACXx ACWx

PIN SYMBOL M/R SUB GND VOUT VCC DESCRIPTION Manual Reset input. Connect to ground when not using. Substrate pin. Connect to ground. Ground Reset HIGH output pin Positive power supply input 2 3

SYMBOL VCC VM/R Tamb Tstg P Power supply voltage Manual Reset input voltage Operating ambient temperature Storage temperature Power dissipation PARAMETER MIN. MAX. UNIT C mW


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