Details, datasheet, quote on part number: NE56632-28D
DescriptionNE56632-XX; Active-low System Reset With Adjustable Delay Time
CompanyPhilips Semiconductors (Acquired by NXP)
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NE56632-XX Active-LOW system reset with adjustable delay time
Active-LOW system reset with adjustable delay time

The is a family of Active-LOW, power-on reset that offers precision threshold voltage detection within 1.5% and super low operating supply current of typically 3.0 A. It includes a reset delay that is user adjustable with an external capacitor. Several detection threshold voltages are available 4.5 V, and 4.6 V. Other thresholds are offered upon request 100 mV steps from 4.6 V. With its ultra low supply current and high precision voltage threshold detection capability, the NE56632-XX is well suited for various battery powered applications such as reset circuits for logic and microprocessors, voltage check, and level detecting. It is available in the SOT23-5 package.


High precision threshold detection voltage: VS 1.5% Super low operating supply current: 3 A typ. Built-in hysteresis voltage: 50 mV typ. Detection threshold voltage: 2.9 V,


Reset for microprocessor and logic circuits Voltage level detection circuit Battery voltage check circuit Detection circuit for battery back-up

Reset Output: Active-LOW, open collector Other detection threshold voltages available upon request at

Large low reset output current: 30 mA typ. Power-on reset delay time adjustable with external capacitor:

TYPE NUMBER NE56632-XXD PACKAGE NAME SOT25 (SO5) DESCRIPTION plastic small outline package; 5 leads (see dimensional drawing) TEMPERATURE RANGE +75 C

NOTE: The device has 12 voltage output options, indicated by the XX on the `Type number'. XX VOLTAGE (Typical) 4.6 V

The package is marked with a four letter code. The first three letters designate the product. The fourth letter, represented by `x', is a date tracking code. Part Number NE56632-45D NE56632-46D Marking AKZx ALAx ALBx ALCx ALDx ALEx ALFx ALGx ALHx ALJx ALKx ALLx

PIN SYMBOL TC SUB GND VOUT VCC DESCRIPTION Delay time control; set with external capacitor. Substrate. Connect to ground (GND). Ground. Negative supply. Reset output voltage. Active-LOW. Positive supply voltage; detection threshold voltage input. 2 3

SYMBOL VCC Tamb Tstg P Supply voltage Ambient operating temperature Storage temperature Power dissipation PARAMETER MIN. MAX. UNIT C mW


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