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CategoryPower Management => Battery Management
DescriptionNE57600; One-cell Lithium-ion Battery Protection With Over/undercharge And Overcurrent Protection;; Package: SOT-26A (SO6)
CompanyPhilips Semiconductors (Acquired by NXP)
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NE57600 One-cell Lithium-ion battery protection with over/undercharge and overcurrent protection
Product data File under Integrated Circuits, Standard Analog 2001 Oct 03
One-cell Lithium-ion battery protection with over/undercharge and overcurrent protection

The NE57600 series is a family of small, high-precision lithium-ion battery protection devices that provide protection against the damaging effects of overcharging, overdischarging, short circuit, and excessive current consumption such as happens if the consumer uses the battery for an apparatus it was not meant to power. The is a single-cell Li-ion protection IC. The NE57600 over and under voltage accuracy is trimmed to within mV (5%) and is available to match the requirements of all lithium-ion cells manufactured in the market today.


Trimmed overvoltage trip point to within 25 mV Programmable overvoltage trip time delay Trimmed undervoltage trip point to within 25 mV Very Low undervoltage sleep quiescent current 0.05 mA Discharge overcurrent cutoff Low operating current (10 mA) Very small SOT-26A package

Protecting one-cell Li-ion battery packs for mobile phones or

PACKAGE TYPE NUMBER NE57600XD NAME SOT-26A DESCRIPTION small outline plastic surface mount, 6-pin TEMPERATURE RANGE +70 C

NOTE: The device has ten protection parameter options, indicated by the X on the order code, and defined in the following table.

Each device is marked with a four letter code. The first three letters designate the product. The fourth letter, represented by "x", is a date tracking code. Part Number NE57600WD NE57600JD Marking AFAx AFBx AFCx AFDx AFEx AFFx AFGx AFHx AFJx AFKx

PIN SYMBOL VM VCC CDLY CF GND DF DESCRIPTION Monitor pin. Detects overcurrent and the presence of a charger. Positive supply voltage input pin. Connect to positive terminal of the cell. Charge Time Delay pin. The capacitor connected to this pin sets the delay. Charge FET pin. This drives the gate of the charge control N-ch FET. Ground pin. Connect to negative terminal of the cell. Discharge detection pin. This drives the gate of the discharge N-ch FET.


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