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CategoryMultimedia => Audio => Receivers
DescriptionOM5610; Matchbox Global FM Tuner
CompanyPhilips Semiconductors (Acquired by NXP)
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Preliminary specification Supersedes data of 1997 Feb 07 File under Integrated Circuits, IC01 1997 Apr 25

FEATURES Local/DX switching to improve large signal handling on FM when an outdoor antenna or cable network is connected MPX-RDS signal available The module meets the "FCC regulations" Small size. GENERAL DESCRIPTION The is a global FM-radio tuner (except Japan) which includes a brand new concept in tuning techniques. The new tuning concept combines the advantages of hand tuning together with electronic facilities and features. TOP VIEW ORDERING INFORMATION UNIT OM5610 FREQUENCY (MHz) to 108

PINNING PIN ground WREN CLCK STEREO DATA supply voltage (+5 V) supply voltage (+12 V) audio right output ground audio left output MPX-RDS DESCRIPTION PRESET OPERATION

In preset mode, the microcontroller has to load information such as frequency band, frequency and mono/stereo. This information has to be sent via the bus to the tuner. The internal algorithm controls the tuning sequence as follows: 1. The information is loaded into a shift register, a last-station memory and the counter. 2. The Automatic Frequency Control (AFC) is switched-off. 3. The counter starts counting the frequency and the tuning voltage is varied until the real frequency roughly equals the desired frequency. 4. The AFC is then switched on and the real frequency is more precisely tuned to the actual IF frequency. 5. After the AFC has tuned the real frequency to the desired frequency an in-lock signal is generated; then the counter is switched off. In order to get a reliable in-lock signal, there are two parameters measured: the field strength and the S-curve. 6. The field strength indicates the strength of the station and by looking at the S-curve the system can detect an in-lock situation. In the event of fading or pulling the in-lock signal becomes logic 0 and the synthesizer will be switched on again (maintaining last station) and the algorithm will be repeated. SEARCH OPERATION During a search operation, the only action the microcontroller has to take is: sending the desired band plus the direction and the search sensitivity level to the tuner. The search operation is performed by the charge pump until an in-lock signal is generated (combination of measuring the field strength and the S-curve). By looking at the S-curve the system can distinguish false in-locks from real in-locks (false in-locks occur on the wrong slope of the S-curve). The AFC then fine tunes to the station. The frequency of the found station will be counted by the counter and written into the last-station memory and the shift register of the counter. At this time the frequency is available in the shift register and can be read by the microcontroller. The microcontroller decides whether the frequency is within the desired frequency band. If so, this frequency can be stored under a preset and if not, a new search action should be started.

FUNCTIONAL DESCRIPTION The is an integrated FM stereo radio circuit including digital tuning and control functions. The radio The radio circuit incorporates a tuned RF stage, a double balanced mixer, a one-pin oscillator and is designed for distributed IF ceramic filters. The FM quadrature detector uses a ceramic resonator. The PLL stereo decoder incorporates a signal dependent stereo-blend circuit and a soft-mute circuit. Tuning The tuning-concept of Self Tuned Radio (STR) is based on FUZZY LOGIC: it mimics hand tuning (hand tuning is a combination of coarse and fine tuning to the qualitatively best frequency position). As a consequence the tuning system is very fast. The tuning algorithm, which is controlled by a sequential circuit, is completely integrated; so there are only a few external components needed. The bus and the microcontroller can be kept very simple. The bus only consists of three wires (CLCK, DATA and WREN). The microcontroller must basically give two instructions: Preset operation Search operation.


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CA1391 : Sync/Deflection. TV Horizontal Processors. UCT OBSOLETE PROD REPLACEMENT NO RECOMMENDED ns 1-800-442-7747 Call Central Applicatio or email: centapp@ [ /Title CA139 4) /Subject (TV Horizontal Processors) /Autho r /Keywords (Harris Semiconductor, TV horizontal processor, horizontal oscillator, horizontal driver, phase detector, AFC circuit, AGC circuit, CA1391E - Positive Horizontal.

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M65845AFP : Digital Echo With Microphone Mixing Circuit. DIGITAL ECHO WITH MICROPHONE MIXING CIRCUIT The is a CMOS IC built-in Digital Echo function with microphone peripheral circuits for "Karaoke" equipment packed in a single chip. It is suitable for "Karaoke" equipments such as Video CD Player,Mini Stereo, CD-Radio cassette,TV or VCR. Being pin compatible with the M65845AFP is suitable for upgrading the series.

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SAA7780 : Thunderbird Q3D(TM) Pci Audio Accelerator. SAA7380 Error correction and host interface IC for CD-ROM (ELM) Preliminary File under Integrated Circuits, IC01 1996 Apr 25 Error correction and host interface IC for CD-ROM (ELM) CONTENTS GENERAL QUICK REFERENCE DATA ORDERING INFORMATION BLOCK DIAGRAM PINNING FUNCTIONAL CD-DSP interface and data input Error correction and EDC check Host interface.

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TDA6108 : Amplifier RGB. TDA6108JF; Triple Video Output Amplifier;; Package: SOT111-1 (DBS9MPF).

TK15326 : Switches. Audio Analog Switch. Wide Operating Voltage Range ±7 V) Low Distortion (typ. 0.003%) Wide Dynamic Range (typ. 6 VP-P) Low Output Impedance (typ. 20 ) Low Switching Noise (typ. 3 mV) APPLICATIONS The is an Analog Switch IC that was developed for audio frequency. Function is to select one output from two inputs in a device that includes two circuits, and the channel can be changed.

tk15450ml : High-speed Dual Video Amplifier.

TLV320AIC1110 : . to 3.3-V Operation D Designed for Analog and Digital Wireless Handsets and Telecommunications Applications Two Differential Microphone Inputs Differential Earphone Outputs and One Single-Ended Earphone Output Earphone and Microphone Mute Programmable Transmit, Receive, and Sidetone Paths With Extended Gain and Attenuation Ranges Programmable for 15-Bit.

W9967CF : Jepg Usb Camera Chip. Revision A1 A2 Issue Date April, 1998 February, 1999 Formal release. Removed SerialNumber string descriptor. Changed IHV-specific information support through external EEPROM uC to only Vendor ID and Product ID. Removed uC interface. Supports USB Spec. Rev. 1.1. Changed bcdUSB and bcdDevice values from to 0x0110. Added CR39_4 for JPEG clock enable. Comments.

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TPA6040A4 : The TPA6040A4 is a stereo audio power amplifier and DirectPath™ headphone amplifier in a thermally enhanced, space-saving, 32-pin QFN package. The speaker amplifier is capable of driving 2 W per channel continuously into 4- loads at 5 V. The headphone amplifier achieves a minimum of 85 mW at 1% THD+N from a 5-V supply. A built-in internal 4-step gain.

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