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DescriptionOM5721; STB5660 (Set-Top Box) STB Concept
CompanyPhilips Semiconductors (Acquired by NXP)
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Product specification Supersedes data of 1998 Aug 18 File under Integrated Circuits, IC02 1999 May 05

CONTENTS FEATURES SAA7214 features General SAA7214 features MPEG2 systems features External interface features SAA7215 features General SAA7215 features CPU related features MPEG2 system features MPEG2 video features MPEG2 audio features Graphics features GENERAL DESCRIPTION Introduction Reference design goal Benefits Key system benefits Key IC benefits BLOCK DIAGRAM HARDWARE IC list Main board SAA7214 SAA7215 Front-end Front panel LNB interface IR Keys SCART control Memory Non-Volatile Memory (NVM) DRAM Boot ROM Flash Video and Graphics RAM Memory options Connectors SOFTWARE DESCRIPTION Software overview General Software Resources Application layer System Control layer Platform layer I/O device drivers General software resources System Control layer Platform layer Application layer Top level menu Installation menu Tuning menu Feature demonstration menu

DEVELOPMENT ENVIRONMENT Summary of the STB5660 kit The hardware The software Documentation Test reports How to get started Hardware interface with the STB5660 Software interface with the STB5660 Running `Hello world' CONTENTS LIST FOR STB5660 DEFINITIONS LIFE SUPPORT APPLICATIONS PURCHASE OF PHILIPS I2C COMPONENTS

Internal PR3001 32-bit RISC processor running at 40.5 MHz Comprehensive driver software and development tool support A JTAG interface for board test support 1-kbyte data and 4-kbyte instruction caches (write-through style). 1.1.2 MPEG2 SYSTEMS FEATURES

An IEEE 1284 interface supporting master and slave modes. Usable as a general purpose port. 3 UART (RS232) data ports with DMA capabilities (187.5 kbits/s) including hardware flow control signals RXD, TXD, RTS, CTS for modem support Two dedicated smart-card reader interfaces (ISO 7816 compatible) with DMA capabilities Two I2C-bus master/slave transceivers supporting the standard (100 kbits/s) and fast (400 kbits/s) I2C-bus modes 32 general purpose, bidirectional I/O interface pins, which may also be used as interrupt inputs. 2 Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) outputs with 8-bit resolution. 1.2.1 SAA7215 features GENERAL SAA7215 FEATURES

Parsing of Transport Stream (TS), Philips Semiconductors hardware and proprietary software data streams. Maximum input rate is 108 Mbits/s. A Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) compliant descrambler core, incorporating storage for to 6 control word pairs Hardware section filtering based on 32 different Packet Identifiers (PIDs) with a flexible number of filter conditions or 4-byte condition plus or 4-byte mask) per PID and a total filter capacity 40 (8-byte condition checks) 80 (4-byte condition checks) filter conditions 4 Transport Stream/Packetized Elementary Stream (PES) filters for retrieval of data TS or PES level for applications such as subtitling, TXT or retrieval of private data Flexible Direct Memory Access (DMA) based storage of the 32 section substreams and 4 TS/PES data substreams in the external memory System time base management with a double counter mechanism for clock control and discontinuity handling 2 Presentation Time Stamp (PTS)/Decoding Time Stamp (DTS) timers A General Purpose/High Speed (GP/HS) filter which can serve as alternative input from e.g. IEEE 1394 devices. It can also output either scrambled or descrambled TS to IEEE 1394 devices. 1.1.3 EXTERNAL INTERFACE FEATURES

Single or double external synchronous DRAM organized 16 interfacing at 81 MHz. Due to efficient memory use in MPEG decoding, more than 1 Mbit is available for graphics in the single SDRAM configuration whereas 17 Mbits are available in the double SDRAM configuration targeted to BSkyB 3.00 and Canal+ 4.0 specifications. Dedicated input for compressed audio and video in PES or Elementary Stream (ES) in byte wide or bit serial format. Accompanying strobe signals distinguish between audio and video data. Optimum compatibility with the SAA7214 Transport Mega Instructions Per Second (TMIPS) controller Flexible memory allocation under control of the external Central Processing Unit (CPU) enables optimized partitioning of memory for different tasks. Boundary scan testing implemented. 1.2.2 CPU RELATED FEATURES

A 16-bit microcontroller extension bus supporting DRAM, Flash, (E)PROM and external memory mapped I/O devices. It also supports a synchronous interface to communicate with the integrated MPEG Audio Video Graphics (AVG) decoder at 40.5 Mbytes/s.

External SDRAM self test Asynchronous interface possible with external microcontroller


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