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DescriptionP8xC592; 8-bit Microcontroller With On-chip CAN
CompanyPhilips Semiconductors (Acquired by NXP)
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Features, Applications

Product specification Supersedes data of January 1995 File under Integrated Circuits, IC18 1996 Jun 27

CONTENTS FEATURES GENERAL DESCRIPTION ORDERING INFORMATION BLOCK DIAGRAM PINNING FUNCTIONAL DESCRIPTION MEMORY ORGANIZATION Program Memory Internal Data Memory External Data Memory I/O PORT STRUCTURE PULSE WIDTH MODULATED OUTPUTS (PWM) Prescaler frequency control register (PWMP) Pulse Width Register 0 (PWM0) Pulse Width Register 1 (PWM1) ANALOG-TO-DIGITAL CONVERTER (ADC) ADC Control register (ADCON) TIMERS/COUNTERS Timer 0 and Timer 1 Timer T2 Capture and Compare Logic Watchdog Timer (T3) SERIAL I/O PORT: SIO0 (UART) SERIAL I/O PORT: SIO1 (CAN) On-chip CAN-controller CAN Features Interface between CPU and CAN Hardware blocks of the CAN-controller Control Segment and Message Buffer description CAN 2.0A Protocol description INTERRUPT SYSTEM

Interrupt Enable and Priority Registers Interrupt Vectors Interrupt Priority POWER REDUCTION MODES Power Control Register (PCON) CAN Sleep Mode Idle Mode Power-down Mode OSCILLATOR CIRCUITRY RESET CIRCUITRY Power-on Reset INSTRUCTION SET Addressing Modes Instruction Set ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS (note 1) DC CHARACTERISTICS AC CHARACTERISTICS CAN APPLICATION INFORMATION Latency time requirements Connecting to a bus line (physical layer) PACKAGE OUTLINES SOLDERING Introduction Reflow soldering Wave soldering Repairing soldered joints DEFINITIONS LIFE SUPPORT APPLICATIONS

It uses the powerful 80C51 instruction set. Figure 1 shows a block diagram of the P8xC592. The P8xC592 is manufactured in an advanced CMOS process, and is designed for use in automotive and general industrial applications. In addition to the 80C51 standard features, the device provides a number of dedicated hardware functions for these applications. Two versions of the P8xC592 will be offered: P80C592 (without ROM) P83C592 (with ROM). Hereafter these versions will be referred as P8xC592. The temperature range includes (max. fCLK = 16 MHz): +85 C version, for general applications +125 C version for automotive applications. The P8xC592 combines the functions of the P8xC552 (microcontroller) and the PCA82C200 (Philips CAN-controller) with the following enhanced features: 16 kbytes Program Memory 256 bytes Data Memory DMA between CAN Transmit/Receive Buffer and internal RAM. The main differences between P8xC592 and P8xC552 are: 16 kbytes programmable ROM (P8xC552 has 8 kbytes) Additional 256 bytes RAM A CAN-controller instead of the I2C-serial interface.

80C51 central processing unit (CPU) 16 kbytes on-chip ROM, externally expandible to 64 kbytes 256 bytes on-chip RAM, externally expandible to 64 kbytes Two standard 16-bit timers/counters One additional 16-bit timer/counter coupled to four capture and three compare registers 10-bit ADC with 8 multiplexed analog inputs Two 8-bit resolution Pulse Width Modulated outputs 15 interrupt sources with 2 priority levels to 6 external interrupt sources possible) Five 8-bit I/O ports, plus one 8-bit input port shared with analog inputs CAN-controller (CAN = Controller Area Network) with DMA data transfer facility to internal RAM 1 Mbit/s CAN-controller with bus failure management facility 1/2AVDD reference voltage Full-duplex UART compatible with the standard 80C51 On-chip Watchdog Timer (WDT) to 16 MHz clock frequency. 2 GENERAL DESCRIPTION

The is a single-chip 8-bit high-performance microcontroller with on-chip CAN-controller, derived from the 80C51 microcontroller family.


Without ROM P80C592FFA P80C592FHA With ROM P83C592FHA PLCC68 plastic leaded chip carrier; 68 leads 16 PLCC68 plastic leaded chip carrier; 68 leads to 16


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